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A4 Size Paper vs. A3 Size Paper: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 3, 2024
A4 size paper is standard for everyday printing (210 x 297 mm), while A3 is larger (297 x 420 mm), often used for presentations and larger documents.

Key Differences

A4 size paper, measuring 210 x 297 mm, is widely used for documents, letters, and standard printing tasks. A3 size paper, at 297 x 420 mm, offers a larger canvas, ideal for detailed diagrams, large tables, and graphics.
A4 is the go-to choice for most office and academic printing needs, compatible with standard printers. A3, being larger, is suited for posters, architectural plans, and spreadsheets requiring more space.
In terms of handling, A4 paper is more manageable and convenient for everyday use and storage. A3 paper, due to its larger size, requires more storage space and is less commonly used in standard office settings.
For double-sided printing and brochures, A4 provides a compact and professional appearance. A3, on the other hand, is preferred for presentation materials and displays where larger visuals are necessary.
A4's popularity stems from its practical size for most printing needs, while A3's larger dimensions make it suitable for specialized purposes requiring more visual impact.

Comparison Chart


210 x 297 mm
297 x 420 mm

Common Uses

Documents, letters
Posters, large diagrams

Printer Compatibility

Fits standard printers
Requires larger printer

Storage Ease

More convenient
Requires more space

Visual Impact

Standard visibility
Greater for presentations

A4 Size Paper and A3 Size Paper Definitions

A4 Size Paper

Letter Printing.
I always use A4 size paper for my letters.

A3 Size Paper

Spreadsheet Printing.
Use A3 size paper to print the entire spreadsheet.

A4 Size Paper

Academic Use.
All essays must be submitted on A4 size paper.

A3 Size Paper

Large Format Printing.
We need to print the poster on A3 size paper.

A4 Size Paper

Everyday Printing.
Could you photocopy this document on A4 size paper?

A3 Size Paper

Art Projects.
The art students are required to use A3 size paper.

A4 Size Paper

Office Standard.
Our office exclusively uses A4 size paper for printing.

A3 Size Paper

Presentation Material.
The charts will be more visible on A3 size paper.

A4 Size Paper

Standard Document Size.
Please print the report on A4 size paper.

A3 Size Paper

Architectural Plans.
Architects often use A3 size paper for detailed plans.


Is A3 size paper double the size of A4?

Yes, A3 is twice the size of A4.

Can standard printers use A3 size paper?

No, larger printers are needed for A3.

What is A3 size paper commonly used for?

It's often used for posters and large-format prints.

What are the dimensions of A4 size paper?

A4 measures 210 x 297 mm.

What makes A3 size paper suitable for presentations?

Its larger size allows for more detailed and visible displays.

Is A4 size paper good for everyday printing?

Yes, it's ideal for most printing tasks.

Is A4 size paper suitable for resumes?

Yes, A4 is standard for resumes.

Is A4 size paper preferred for academic submissions?

Yes, it's the standard in academia.

Are A4 and A3 sizes used globally?

Yes, but less so in North America.

Can A3 size paper be easily stored in standard filing cabinets?

No, it requires larger storage space.

Does A4 size paper require special printers?

No, it fits in standard printers.

Why is A4 size paper popular in offices?

Its size is practical for most office documents.

Is A3 size paper ideal for art projects?

Yes, its larger size is great for artistic works.

Are A4 and A3 sizes internationally recognized?

Yes, they are part of the international ISO 216 standard.

Can A3 size paper be folded to fit in an A4 binder?

Yes, it can be folded in half.

How is A3 size paper beneficial for architects?

Its size allows for detailed architectural drawings.

Can A3 size paper be used for booklets?

Yes, especially for large, visual-heavy booklets.

Do schools commonly use A4 size paper?

Yes, it's widely used in education.

Can A4 size paper be used for legal documents?

Yes, it's appropriate for most legal documents.

Is A3 size paper more expensive than A4?

Generally, yes, due to its larger size.
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