Difference Between To and Too


Main Difference

To, and Too are English language words that have the same pronunciation, but they all possess totally different meaning. These words are homonym or homophones of each other. The word ‘To’ is preposition that is used before a noun and points out the direction towards something. ‘Too’ is an adverb that shows the high degree of something or excessiveness. It is also used as a synonym of as well and also.

Comparison Chart

‘To’ is used as a preposition, it points towards the direction.‘Too’ is the adverb that indicates the excessiveness or high degree. It is also used as a synonym of also.
I am going to the office.


I would love to accompany you.

You have to work hard.

I am going to the shop, too.

You look too odd in this outfit.

I ate too much in the morning.

Used As

What is To?

The word “To” is one of the most common English language words that is used on and off in various situations. Most of the time “To” is used as a preposition, which means it combines to different sentences or we can say connect them. “To” is used for pointing out at something or indicating the direction towards someone. For example, he will go to school tomorrow, in this particular sentence the word “To” refer towards the direction indicating where the person will go.


What is Too?

The word “Too” is used as an adverb in the English language. It demonstrates the excessiveness of something. It can be feeling or anything else that exceeds the normal limit. To represent the high degree, the word “Too” is used. Another use of “Too” is that it is a synonym of the words “also” and “as well.” , Which means that it is used differently at different places according to the demand of the situation in which it is going to be used. For example, I too like a horror movie, and I ate too much in the morning. In the above two sentences, the word “Too” is used differently, in the first sentence, it is used as a synonym to also and in the second sentence it is used to show the intensive degree.

To vs. Too

  • To is preposition used to point towards a direction or indicate at something or someone.
  • Too is an adverb used to demonstrate excessiveness of something. It is used as a synonym of also.
  • To, and Too are the homonyms or the homophones words in the English
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