Difference Between Emigrate and Immigrate


Main Difference

Emigrate and Immigrate are the two simultaneously used words that are often confused with each other. Both these words refer the movement from one geographical area or region to another area or region. The key difference between these two terms is that Emigrate refers towards the exit from a specific geographical region or area or country, whereas immigrate refers towards the entrance in other specific geographical region or area. Emigrate moreover depicts departure from an area whereas immigrate depicts arrival in another region.

Comparison Chart

Emigrate is a term that refers towards leaving a particular geographical area or exiting from a place.Immigrate is a term that refers towards entering a particular geographical area permanently or for living for some time.
It depicts departure from a specific area or place.It depicts arrival into specific area or place.
Emigrate is derived from Latin word emigrants, which means “moving away.”Immigrate is also derived from a Latin word immigrants, which means “moving into.”
The Chinese family emigrated from China to Thailand.The Chinese family immigrated to Thailand from China.

What is Emigrate?

Emigrate is the word that is often mixed and confused with Immigrate as they both are simultaneously used quite often. The term emigrates derived from a Latin word emigratus, which means “moving away.” Emigrate refer towards the exit movement of a person from a particular geographical area or place for living for some time or settling down permanently. Emigration is defined as an act of moving from residents place to another new place with the intentions of permanently settling down. Whenever a person leaves his or her country or homeland for settling in any other place or country, this act is known as emigration, and the person is termed as an emigrant of that particular country as he or she is exiting from that area.


What is Immigrate?

Immigrate is the term that is derived from a Latin word immigratus, which means “moving into.” The term immigrate depicts towards the act of arriving a new geographical area or place, leaving the homeland with the intent of settling permanently. Immigrate opposite to emigrate depicts the arrival at new place whereas emigrate depicts departure from the old place.

Emigrate vs. Immigrate

  • The term Emigrate is derived from a Latin term emigratus, which stands for “moving away.”
  • The term Immigrate is derived from a Latin term immigratus, which stands for “moving into.”
  • Emigrate depicts departure from a place.
  • Immigrate depicts arrival to a place.
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