Difference Between Asian Lady Beetle and Ladybug


Main Difference

Ladybug or Lady Beetle is one of the most common sorts of insect that belongs to the Beetle family and is found all around the globe. It is further classified by species and geographical area in which they are particularly found and possess a variety of different physical traits. Ladybug is a common sort of beetle that is usually of red color and possesses small black colored head. Asian Lady Beetle is a kind of ladybug that was naturally found in Eastern Asia but now is artificially present in various parts of the world. It differs in size, color, and head shape in contrast to the normal kind of beetles.

Comparison Chart

Asian Lady BeetleLadybug
FamilyCoccinellidaeCoccinellidae latreille, 1807
AboutAsian Lady Beetle is kind of ladybug that is specifically found in East Asia. It is larger in size than regular beetles and differs in shape of body, patterns, and markings on the body.Ladybugs or ladybeetles are the common sorts of insects that belong to the beetle family. They possess small black head and H-shaped red colored body with black dots on them.
Markings and PatternsAsian lady beetles are usually of large size as compared to common sort of beetles. They possess a big head on which they have a pattern written like W or M. The large white marks of Asia Lady beetle are regarded as its cheeks.Common sort of ladybugs has small blackheads as compare to the large heads of Asian lady beetles. Some of them possess white cheek marks which are quite small as compared to Asian lady beetles.
Regions Found InAsian Lady Beetle is naturally found in Eastern Asia only. But it is carried to Europe and North America as well as a resistance to other insects such as aphids etc.Ladybugs are found in almost every part of the world and are given different name everywhere. In UK Australia, India, Pakistan, Ireland, South Africa it is called Ladybird, whereas in North America as lady beetles, etc.

What is Asian Lady Beetle?

Asian Lady Beetle is a famous kind of ladybugs that is naturally found in Eastern Asia. Asian Lady Beetle differs in its size, shape, colors, markings and body patterns from regular sort of common ladybug beetle found in the world. Asian Lady Beetle due to their larger size and aggressive attacking nature unlike to regular small sized ladybugs are now artificially carried to North America and Europe as well to give tough resistance to other small insects that are affecting the fields or plants like aphids etc. Asian Lady Beetle possesses large giant sort of heads as compared to common ladybugs. Their head is usually of black color with a pattern of M or W on it. They possess white marks which are referred as white cheeks of the Asian Lady Beetle, and they too are of large size and visible contrary to regular sized common ladybugs. Asian lady beetles possess an immense diversity of different colors as well.


What is Ladybug?

Ladybug, ladybird or lady beetle all these names are used all around the globe for one of the most common kinds of insect that belongs to the beetle family. Common sort of ladybugs or ladybirds are quite small and possess a shy behavior. Their body is usually of red color with a small black head as compared to other giant ladybugs such as Asian lady beetle. Ladybugs are found in almost every part of the globe including UK, India, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, North America, and Pakistan and in various European countries as well.

Asian Lady Beetle vs. Ladybug

  • Asian Lady Beetle is naturally found only in Eastern Asia.
  • Ladybugs are commonly found in every part of the world.
  • Asian Lady Beetles are of a larger size as compare to common ladybugs.
  • Asian Lady Beetles are of different colors as compare to the single colored common ladybugs.
  • Asian Lady Beetles possess large white cheeks contrary to which common ladybugs possess small white marks as cheeks.
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