Difference Between Boarding and Lodging


Main Difference

The main difference between the boarding and lodging is that the boarding refers to the provision of both meals and accommodation and lodging refers to the provision of accommodation only.

Boarding vs. Lodging

Boarding is a place where one gets accommodation as well as regular meals upon payment. Lodging is a place which gives accommodation for a short period without the facility of food. Boarding has a long duration of residence. It is permanent as is reflected by the use of the word in boarding schools. Lodging is comparatively temporary and for a short duration only. Boarding is a facility that is more used by the students. Lodging is more used by tourists and travelers, and those who are staying away from home for a short while. If you are in boarding, you get meals provided by the place. If you are in lodging, they provide you a safe room for rest, sleep, shelter, comfort and safe storage of your luggage. Boarding consists of lodging with a facility for the food. Lodging is the facility of providing accommodation along with food to the guests. Boarding refers to a relatively longer stay. Lodging is usually related to a short stay. Lodging can be mainly hotels or any other accommodation. Boarding can be schools or other disciplinary institutions. Boarding is mainly for discipline purposes so that students can get a place for correct guidance and shelter. Lodging is typically for entertainment or accommodation if economic interest lies nearby. The examples of boarding are hostels and boarding schools. The examples of lodging are hotels and lodges that are providing a short duration stay.


Comparison Chart

A place which gives accommodation as well as regular meals upon paymentA place which gives accommodation without the facility of food upon payment
Accommodation and mealAccommodation
Boarding schools, hostelsHotels at tourist places

What is Boarding?

Boarding is a place where one gets accommodation as well as regular meals for a payment. This place is generally used by students, as they need both food and accommodation when they are staying away from home. Boarding is best as a stay house for the students as it provides stay for a long period. It is the arrangement according to which pupils can live in school during term time. The phrase, “boarding a plane” also directs to the accommodation and meals provided on the plane. In general, boarding refers to a permanent kind of lodging. This term is typically associated with the students and their stay because students require to stay in a place for a long time, for the sake of continuity of their studies. Boarding charges include the lodging charges also as it contains food and accommodation both. A boarding house is a guest house in which the guests are provided with meals and lodging.



  • Hostel
  • Boarding School

What is Lodging?

Lodging is a facility that provides accommodation and certain other basic facilities. Lodging refers to a shorter stay. In lodgings, meals are excluded from the accommodation the facilities provided. Lodging is the provision of accommodation to the travelers and the people who are staying away from home for more than a single night. We need lodging to get shelter sleep, rest, from harsh weather conditions or to store our luggage safely. If you prefer to try meals at different local places, then you should find lodging. Lodging is a facility which is provided for the accommodation. Many hotels have the signboards stating ‘lodging facility available.’ Thus the visitors come to know that this hotel provides the accommodation facility. Lodging offer people to stay for a certain time, though the stay is not for a longer period. Lodgings are located mostly at the tourist places as the tourists come for the vacation and need to stay. Lodging provides them with the necessities of accommodation and additional facilities depending upon the budget.


  • Hotels
  • Hotels near tourist places

Key Differences

  1. Boarding implies both accommodation and food whereas lodging pertains to accommodation only.
  2. Boarding implies a long period stay at a place such as a boarding school on the other hand lodging implies a short stay at a guest house or a hotel.
  3. Boarding is a place more used by students on the flip side lodging is typically used by tourists and those who are staying away from home for a short while.
  4. Boarding refers to a permanent stay conversely lodging refers to a temporary stay.


Both boarding and lodging implies the term accommodation with an addition of food and meal associated only with the term boarding. These two terms boarding and lodging are used interchangeably.

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