Difference Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates


Primary Difference

Steve Jobs and Bill Gate, both are extremely big name in this era of technology; they both are responsible for bringing revolutionary changes and advancement in science and technology. Their contribution to the world of inventions has made life easier for the whole population which people could never have imagined that these two will create such luxurious inventions. In 1976 Steve Jobs founded and invented Apple, he was the visionary behind this invention and had a very futuristic approach towards his invention. Bill Gates was the creator and inventor of Microsoft computers in 1975. Bill Gates had a very realistic approach towards Microsoft and he preferred thinking about the present unlike Steve Jobs who thought for the future. According to Forbes these two products Apple and Microsoft are the most popular among all.

Comparison Chart

Steve JobsBill Gates
FounderThe founder of Apple in 1976The founder of Microsoft in 1975.
ApproachVery futuristic approach towards his inventions and thought about the futureA very realistic approach and thought about the present.
Initial StruggleCould not incur much profits and went in debts because of his futuristic inventionsGained a pool of profits and became one of the richest man in the world

Definition of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on 24th February, 1955. He was brought up in a modest way and did not attend that much school. Steve Jobs was the founder of the Apple in 1976 and also created the first apple computer. He had a vision in mind and that was to develop a computer which was affordable and also user friendly. He had a very autocratic style which also made people think he was arrogant and always thought what he did was right. He had a very futuristic approach, he was a hardware expert and he wanted to create something like he did a personal computer which the elite and mediocre alike could purchase and use it on everyday basis. Steve Jobs vision was so innovative that he used to think about inventions that would be desired by men in the future years. He wanted to make a better future and for that purpose, he worked hard in the present. He was known for being a hardworking man and also very demanding of his employees. The reason he could not incur and reap many profits was because the products he invented were not required by the people in the present and they could not accept it properly. When Apple built the Macintosh, it was not up to the people’s expectation because it was too ahead of time and hence could not generate the expected profits. But after some years Macintosh became the most amazing invention. His major achievements were iPod, iPad, Tablets, music players and iPhone. He introduced the technology that no one could ever think of. The youth are very much inspired by his inventions as he has used current technologies. He was diagnosed cancer and was prescribed rest by the doctors but he still continued to work more vigorously and as a result his cancer increased leading him to death. His death was a big loss to the world of technology.


Definition of Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on the 28th October, 1955. He was a middle class person who wanted to study hard and hence went to Howard for further studies. He was very intelligent by nature. He was the inventor and founder of Microsoft in 1975. Microsoft was more pragmatic and sophisticated of course. His approach of inventions was more directed on the products which were needed at the present moment. He didn’t think ahead of time or was concerned about the future. His opinions were very realistic and he wanted to invent products to fulfill the needs of the present rather than the future. He wanted to give people what they could use and want in the present because he understood the fact that futuristic inventions would not interest people in the present and hence they would not use which will not make any profits. He wanted to build a company that would give him profit in the present and He did not believe in huge investments for future profits. He was more ecstatic in making money out of business, he was good at it and knew all the tactics required. A large sum of his money goes to many charitable organizations which makes him a great man. He is now the chairman of the Microsoft company and is one of the most richest and powerful men in the whole wide world.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple in 1976 while Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft in 1975.
  2. Steve Jobs had a very futuristic approach towards his inventions and thought about the future whereas Bill Gates had a very realistic approach and thought about the present.
  3. Steve Jobs could not incur much profits and also went in debts because of his futuristic inventions while Bill Gates gained a pool of profits and became one of the richest man in the world and the chairman of Microsoft.
  4. Steve Jobs thought about long term profits while Bill Gates thought about short term profits.


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