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Computer File vs. Manual File

Manual files are hand-written whether it’s on paper or computer regarding anything whereas computer files are made through typing. When it comes to storage, manual files are always stored in hard copy in the form of files or papers in different places while on the other hand computer files are stored in soft copy. Moreover, as we know that manual files are stored in the form of different tangible files so if we want to transport them physically from one place to another they are difficult to transfer and in case of more number of files they are even more difficult to transfer as we have to carry them everywhere. But in the case of computer files, they can be easily transferred through e-mail and through many other forms electronically whether they are less number of files or more so the feasibility factor is more here. Additionally, it would take time to transfer files manually than through a computer. Due to the tangible nature of the manual files there maintenance is also hard as we have to take care of them regarding many external environmental factors but it is not that difficult in the case of computer files. As humans, we tend to make many errors during writing a file and sometimes we are unable to identify them which later may affect our work but in case of a computer file, we don’t face such problems as it is a well-designed machine which corrects them itself and tells us by highlighting the incorrect words. So, the chances of making a mistake while working on a computer are comparatively less than a manual file. Another benefit seen while making a computer file is that we can gather lots of information for writing in a quick way but while writing manual file we have to go through different sources such as books, journals, research papers and other sorts of database which requires a lot of time and can delay our work. Usually, we have secret manual files that are not to be seen by unauthorized people but due to their tangibility factor they can be accessed by them and can be destroyed by fire, etc. but not in computer files as they can be secured through passwords and other ways. Plus manual files can’t be destroyed that easily.

Key Differences

Manual files can be transported through physical means; computer files are transferred electronically.
Computer files are difficult to destroy; manual files are easy to destroy.
Manual files are easily accessible; computer files are not.
A large amount of information can be stored and transferred in a computer file; it is difficult to store a hefty amount of information manually.
Harlon Moss
Sep 10, 2016
Manual files are not convenient to carry; computer files are convenient to carry.
Samantha Walker
Sep 10, 2016

Comparison Chart


Computer files are transferred electronically.
Manual files can be transported through physical means


Computer files are difficult to destroy and can last for a long time.
Manual files can warn off and can be depleted easily by hand.


Difficult to access at all times
Easy to access whenever required


A large amount of information can be stored and transferred
It is difficult to store a hefty amount of information manually.

What is Manual File?

These files are hand-written and are always present in an intangible form. Moreover, they can be stored in different areas like shelves, cupboards and in a file room, etc. if a person wants to transfer them then he has to carry them along his way which is quite difficult. Also, they are always present in hardcopy. The maintenance of the manual files is also an issue and they can be destroyed easily as well. Similarly, chances of making errors are quite a lot in manual files as we are human beings and we tend to make many mistakes. Even when we do mistakes erasing them is not done that neatly, so the overall look of the formal document is affected. Moreover, the gathering of information is quite difficult and time-consuming. Additionally, when it comes to the accessibility factor they can be accessed quite easily by the people who are allowed to see them and also by the people who are not which is a threat. So they are not that safe.

What is Computer File?

Computer files are the type of files that are made on a computer and are stored in the form of a soft copy. These types of files have a lot of protection as they are secured by different passwords and codes. Moreover while making these files one can get automatic error-correction facilities. And while writing something whether it’s a research paper or anything which requires information from multiple sources than work is done quite easily here as the information can be gathered by varies websites in less time. Destroying computer files is not that easy. Such types of files can be transferred in no time through emails etc. and a large amount of information can be transferred as well as sent. Furthermore, computers have multiple file systems like MS windows computer, MS-DOS, and NTFS file system, etc.

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