Difference Between Humans and Aliens


Primary Difference

Aliens and humans are two different species, humans are considered as species having two arms, two legs, maintained facial features, emotions and expressions they are divided in male and female categories that are further divided into sub-categories as infants, kids, youngsters and adults. While aliens are considered as, lizard people or grey people having bigger heads and unusual bulgy eyes. Generally, humans live on planet earth and eat, drink, excrete and breath however aliens comes from other planets and are not defined as people who could eat or drink or excrete. In humans females are responsible for giving birth to their generations whereas, the reproductive system or phenomenon is not defined or ever been discussed by biologist.

Comparison Chart

Planet EarthLive on other realms
YesStill undiscovered
In the same planetCan come and go from one realm to another without any difficulty

Definition of Aliens

Aliens are sometimes declared as Grey man, Lizard Men or Nordics. As a civilization a person thinks and believes on the concept of Aliens because of the Hollywood movies and madness. There are many believes related to aliens because most of the time happenstances with aliens occur in bed, a period when sleeping mode in on and even intense fantasizing for the reason that geomagnetic tornados could be showing. Nearly 50% of population considers aliens are from other globes. There is a conception that man will turn into aliens in the future because mankind is relying on machines and technology, and to handle it human beings will need larger brains as aliens have. Aliens are also known as Shadow people, Cryptids and they are trusted that they are parallel or dimensional inhabitants that can come and go, back and forth from this world to other globes. This concept is created because people think that they are souls and can reach everywhere and anywhere.


Definition of Humans

Humans are a species that are living on the sphere called as Earth. They have four limbs, which is a pair of hands and legs and a pair of eyes and nostrils including with a set of teeth and a pair of lips. Humans their bodies are encompassed of a upper body with a skull and four limbs joint to it. The higher limbs, or arms, completed in hands which have fingers attached to each. The lower limbs are called as legs which each have foot attached to it. The humanoid fingers have numerous plugs of articulation, and one is the opposable that enable fine management. Humans are made up of a structure known as Skeleton. Humans have minute hair on their physiques. Most of it are presented on the groin and scalp, also on the inferior areas of the façades of most men. Human have various skin colors, skin tones ranged from dark brown, and goes on to lighter brown color with further moving towards pale skin tone. The skin color varies with the regions; the basic factor of having different shades of skin is geographical location. Humans live on Earth only. The eyes of human beings have multi shades like blue, brown , hazel, grey, black green and colored. The eye color is inherited that is transference of genes from one generation to other. The average height of human beings is a little lower than 1.85 meters. Humans are force sensitive, their bodies can easily get hurt or can feel meek due to weather or body conditions.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Aliens are species with bulgy eyes, humans have normal size eyes.
  2. Aliens have big head and known as Cryptids, or grey men, whereas, humans have head attached to their upper body and are called a Humanoids or Human beings.
  3. Aliens live on other realms, whereas, human beings are from the planet Earth.
  4. Aliens are stronger species whereas, humans are considered as force sensitive and weather sensitive species.
  5. Aliens can reproduce or not it’s still undiscovered whereas, human beings can have offsprings.
  6. Aliens are considered as souls while, humans have bodies.
  7. Aliens are regarded as shadows however, humans have structure called skeleton.
  8. Aliens don’t have specific or various skin tones or colors while humans have different color tones depending on their geographical locations.
  9. Aliens can come and go from one realm to another without any difficulty while, humans are not able to travel from one planet to another.
  10. Aliens do not have different eye colors or even they don’t have body hair like coverings or anything, but, humans have different eye colors from black and blue to hazel and grey and even red also which they inherited from their parents. They also have soft coverings of bodily hair which a sheet of protection for them.

Comparison Video

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Although these two terms are very different from each other which is obvious just by the name. We all are humans and we all have one way or the other heard about Aliens which exist in the other world. This article helps in clearing some misconceptions about the two terms and related the differences between them in a proper way so that you know what you are talking about.

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