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Soft Silk vs. Pure Silk: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 12, 2024
Soft silk refers to silk with a particularly smooth and fine texture, while pure silk denotes silk made entirely from natural silk fibers without any synthetic blends.

Key Differences

Soft silk is a term often used to describe silk fabrics that have an exceptionally smooth, fine, and soft texture. It's a qualitative description of the feel of the fabric. Pure silk refers to the purity of the material, meaning it's made entirely from natural silk fibers, without any synthetic or artificial fibers mixed in.
The softness in soft silk is usually achieved through specific weaving techniques or finishing processes, giving it a distinctive luxurious feel. Pure silk, on the other hand, emphasizes the authenticity and natural origin of the silk fibers, ensuring the material is free from synthetic blends.
Soft silk is highly valued for its comfort and is often used in high-end fashion and luxury garments. The softness enhances the fabric's drapability and elegance. Pure silk is prized for its natural luster, strength, and hypoallergenic properties, making it a premium material in the textile industry.
Garments made from soft silk are sought after for their exceptional comfort and aesthetic appeal, often found in delicate clothing items like lingerie or evening dresses. Pure silk garments are known for their durability, natural sheen, and quality, often used in traditional wear, formal attire, and quality bedding.
When selecting silk products, soft silk is often chosen for its tactile quality and luxurious feel, whereas pure silk is preferred for its natural characteristics, longevity, and overall quality.

Comparison Chart


Silk with a very smooth and fine texture
Silk made entirely from natural silk fibers

Main Quality

Exceptional softness and smoothness
Natural and unblended fiber purity


Typically finer and softer to the touch
Varies, but maintains a natural sheen and texture


High-end fashion, luxury garments
Traditional wear, formal attire, quality bedding


Tactile comfort and drapability
Durability, natural luster, hypoallergenic properties

Soft Silk and Pure Silk Definitions

Soft Silk

Often used in high-end garments due to its luxurious feel and drapability.
The designer's evening gown collection featured intricate designs in soft silk.

Pure Silk

Used in traditional and formal wear for its durability and sheen.
For the gala, he chose a classic black suit with a pure silk shirt.

Soft Silk

A type of silk characterized by its exceptionally smooth and fine texture.
The soft silk scarf felt luxurious against her skin.

Pure Silk

Silk made exclusively from 100% natural silk fibers, without synthetic blends.
The label assured that the tie was made of pure silk.

Soft Silk

Silk that is especially fine and smooth, ideal for delicate clothing.
The bridal lingerie was crafted from the finest soft silk for its delicate appearance.

Pure Silk

Silk fabric that maintains the integrity of natural silk fibers.
The luxury bedding set was made from pure silk, offering both comfort and elegance.

Soft Silk

Silk fabric known for its superior softness and comfort.
She preferred soft silk blouses for their comfort and elegance.

Pure Silk

Known for its natural luster, strength, and hypoallergenic properties.
Her pure silk dress not only looked stunning but was also gentle on her skin.

Soft Silk

Preferred for its tactile quality in fashion and luxury textiles.
Soft silk bed linens are highly coveted for their smoothness and comfort.

Pure Silk

Prized in the textile industry for its quality and natural characteristics.
The heirloom saree was made from pure silk, showcasing traditional craftsmanship.


Can pure silk also be soft silk?

Yes, pure silk can also be soft, depending on the weave and finish, but not all pure silk is necessarily "soft silk."

What is soft silk?

Soft silk is silk fabric known for its exceptionally smooth and fine texture.

How is soft silk different in feel from pure silk?

Soft silk emphasizes a finer and smoother texture, while pure silk focuses on natural sheen and texture.

What is pure silk?

Pure silk is silk made entirely from natural silk fibers, free from synthetic blends.

Is soft silk more expensive than regular silk?

Soft silk can be more expensive due to its fine quality and the intricate process involved in its production.

Is pure silk better than blended silk?

Pure silk is generally considered superior in terms of quality and natural properties compared to blended silk.

What are the common uses of soft silk?

Soft silk is often used in luxury garments, delicate clothing like lingerie, and high-end fashion accessories.

Why do people prefer soft silk?

People prefer soft silk for its exceptional softness, comfort, and luxurious feel.

Are there any special care instructions for pure silk?

Pure silk requires gentle handling, often hand washing or dry cleaning, and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals.

Is pure silk durable?

Yes, pure silk is surprisingly durable and can last a long time with proper care.

Is soft silk suitable for everyday wear?

While soft silk is luxurious, it may not be practical for everyday wear due to its delicate nature.

Can soft silk be machine washed?

Generally, it is recommended to hand wash or dry clean soft silk to maintain its texture.

Can pure silk be hypoallergenic?

Yes, pure silk is naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

How do you identify pure silk?

Pure silk can be identified by its natural sheen, smooth texture, and through burn tests for fiber purity.

What makes soft silk so comfortable?

The fine, smooth fibers and the way soft silk drapes make it exceptionally comfortable.

Why is pure silk preferred in traditional wear?

Its natural luster, elegance, and quality make pure silk preferred in traditional and formal wear.

Does soft silk lose its texture over time?

With proper care, soft silk can maintain its texture, but it may become less soft with rough handling.

Are there different grades of pure silk?

Yes, pure silk comes in various grades, which determine its quality and price.

How is pure silk produced?

Pure silk is produced by harvesting and processing natural silk fibers from silkworms.

Does pure silk shrink?

Pure silk can shrink if not handled properly, especially in hot water or high heat drying.
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