Difference Between Since and From


Main Difference

The main difference between Since and From is that we use Since with a particular time, date or age, whereas From shows the point in time at which a specific action starts.

Since vs. From

Since usually comes before a sentence, on the other hand, From rarely comes before a sentence. Since indicates when the action starts, while From is a time in the future. When we talk about the since we meant that action starts in the past and going to happen in the present, we can also use From to point out the difference between something.

Since also indicate the continuous flow of action. You can use From to point out a source, cause, agent, tool, and constituent material, etc. As an adverb, Since used for a particular time in the past. As a preposition, From is used before the place, thing, person, and time.


Comparison Chart

Since indicate the starting point of an activity.From is a preposition in Ablative case to refer to the distance or place.
Late Middle EnglishOld English
It used no other preposition.It uses ‘to, till, and until’ prepositions.
As an adverb, preposition, and conjunctionIn phrases like ‘from day to day, from time to time.’

What is Since?

Usually, ‘Since’ comes with present perfect, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses. It indicates the duration up to the present. To indicate a duration form point in the past, we use past perfect tense.

It indicates the duration of continued action. Since also means ‘from then until now.’ We also use Since to point out a reason for something. Since is a special instant in time. We cannot use Since with the future tense.


As conjunction, we use it to refer ‘from the time that.’ As conjunction, we use it at the meaning of ‘because.’ We also use to indicate an action that has happened after that time.

We also use it to refer to the situation of the past, and at the same time, for another event later in time. It is also used to explain things or situations.


  • I have been reading this book at 4 o’clock.
  • It has been six months since I last wrote this Colum.
  • I have been studying in this college since 2002.
  • He has been married since last February.
  • She reached Monday and has been there ever since.
  • I’ve gone to school since I was six.

What is From?

It also points out the real event and place. Its use with gerund point out the ban, and limitation. When we say about the person who has written us a letter, then we say that the letter if ‘From’ that person.

It is also the best indication of a ‘period of time.’ It refers that from which a thing or a person comes. From Middle English, it is taken as ‘From,’ but in old English, it is taken from ‘Fram’ means ‘Forward, from.’

From is the condition of being away from someone or something. It also performs to point out physical separation or deletion, abstention, exclusion, release, subtraction, or differentiation.


  • I will go there from 6 o’clock tomorrow.
  • From the 1880s until his father’s death, he lived in London.
  • He plays from 6 to 7.
  • He lived in America from 1887 to 1890.
  • Aslam and Akram wen to the station from the hospital.
  • The school is two miles away from our home.
  • He came to meet me from the Midwest.
  • Dust was rising from the room.

Key Differences

  1. Since indicates an incomplete action, whereas From indicates a completed action.
  2. Since used just for perfect tense, on the other hand, From can be used with any tense.
  3. Since point out a continued action, conversely, From indicated to action in the future.
  4. Since generally not followed by other prepositions; on the flip side, From followed by other prepositions.
  5. Since is the point of time, while From is the period of time.
  6. Since is the time under consideration, on the other side, From is the source of someone or something.
  7. Since is the indication from when the action starts, whereas From indicates how many actions have been done.
  8. Since is the reason for something, on the other hand, From is the shortage of something.


Since and From someway have the confusing meaning. But when we study them deeply, we came to know a lot of differences between these two terms.

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