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Samsung T5 EVO vs. Samsung 870 EVO: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 18, 2024
The Samsung T5 EVO is a portable solid-state drive (SSD) known for its compactness and speed, while the Samsung 870 EVO is an internal SSD recognized for its high performance and reliability in desktops and laptops.

Key Differences

The Samsung T5 EVO is a portable external SSD, offering mobility and ease of use for data transfer on the go. In contrast, the Samsung 870 EVO is an internal SSD, designed for installation within a desktop or laptop to enhance the system's overall performance. Both drives offer the speed and reliability of SSD technology but serve different use cases.
In terms of storage capacity, the Samsung T5 EVO provides a range of options suitable for external storage needs. The Samsung 870 EVO, on the other hand, offers higher capacities, catering to users who need extensive internal storage for demanding applications. Both models are part of Samsung's commitment to versatile and high-capacity storage solutions.
The Samsung T5 EVO stands out for its lightweight and compact design, making it highly portable. The Samsung 870 EVO, being an internal SSD, focuses on delivering faster read/write speeds and improved system responsiveness. Each model optimizes its design to suit its intended environment, whether portable or internal.
Connectivity is a key difference: the Samsung T5 EVO connects via USB, making it universally compatible with many devices. The Samsung 870 EVO uses a SATA interface, requiring installation in a compatible computer system. Both models ensure ease of use and compatibility with modern technology standards.
Durability is another aspect where these models differ. The Samsung T5 EVO is built to withstand the rigors of travel, with a sturdy external casing. The Samsung 870 EVO, while also durable, is protected by the host computer's casing, focusing more on sustained performance under continuous operation.

Comparison Chart


Portable external SSD
Internal SSD

Intended Use

Mobile storage, easy data transfer
Enhancing desktop/laptop performance

Storage Capacity

Moderate, various options
Higher, more options for extensive use


USB connection for versatility
SATA interface for internal installation

Design Focus

Compactness and portability
Speed and system responsiveness

Samsung T5 EVO and Samsung 870 EVO Definitions

Samsung T5 EVO

Designed to be durable for travel.
The sturdy build of the Samsung T5 EVO withstands daily wear.

Samsung 870 EVO

An internal solid-state drive for desktops and laptops.
Installing the Samsung 870 EVO boosted my computer's speed.

Samsung T5 EVO

Connects via USB for universal compatibility.
I can use the Samsung T5 EVO with any USB-equipped device.

Samsung 870 EVO

Designed for high performance and reliability.
The Samsung 870 EVO handles intensive applications smoothly.

Samsung T5 EVO

Ideal for external storage needs.
The Samsung T5 EVO provides extra storage for my laptop.

Samsung 870 EVO

Uses a SATA interface for internal installation.
The Samsung 870 EVO connects easily to the SATA port in my PC.

Samsung T5 EVO

A compact and portable solid-state drive.
The Samsung T5 EVO fits easily in my pocket for travel.

Samsung 870 EVO

Enhances overall system responsiveness.
Upgrading to the Samsung 870 EVO made my laptop faster.

Samsung T5 EVO

Optimized for quick and easy data transfer.
Transferring files is fast with the Samsung T5 EVO.

Samsung 870 EVO

Offers large storage capacities.
I store all my games on the Samsung 870 EVO.


How does the Samsung T5 EVO connect to devices?

Via USB.

Is the Samsung T5 EVO suitable for travel?

Yes, it's designed for portability.

What is the Samsung 870 EVO?

An internal solid-state drive for computers.

How does the Samsung 870 EVO connect to a computer?

Through a SATA interface.

Is the Samsung 870 EVO good for gaming PCs?

Yes, it's great for performance enhancement.

Does the Samsung 870 EVO improve system speed?

Yes, it enhances system performance.

What is the Samsung T5 EVO?

A portable external solid-state drive.

Can the Samsung T5 EVO withstand rough handling?

Yes, it's built to be durable.

Can the Samsung 870 EVO be used in laptops?

Yes, if the laptop has a SATA connection.

Does the Samsung T5 EVO require external power?

No, it's powered via the USB connection.

What storage capacities does the Samsung 870 EVO offer?

It offers higher capacities for extensive use.

Can the Samsung 870 EVO be used in older PCs?

Yes, if they have a compatible SATA port.

Does the Samsung 870 EVO support TRIM?

Yes, it supports TRIM for better SSD performance.

What storage capacities are available for the Samsung T5 EVO?

Various options, catering to different storage needs.

Is the Samsung 870 EVO easy to install?

Yes, for those familiar with computer hardware.

Is the Samsung T5 EVO shock-resistant?

Yes, it has shock-resistant features.

What is the main benefit of the Samsung 870 EVO?

Improved read/write speeds and reliability.

What's the warranty for the Samsung T5 EVO?

Typically comes with a manufacturer's warranty (varies by region).

Is the Samsung T5 EVO compatible with Mac and Windows?

Yes, it's universally compatible.

How fast is data transfer on the Samsung T5 EVO?

It offers fast transfer speeds, suitable for large files.
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