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Microsoft OneDrive vs. Microsoft SkyDrive: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 18, 2024
Microsoft OneDrive, formerly known as Microsoft SkyDrive, is a cloud storage service for file hosting, sharing, and synchronization.

Key Differences

Microsoft OneDrive, the rebranded version of Microsoft SkyDrive, offers cloud storage and file synchronization services. Microsoft SkyDrive was the original name for the service before it was rebranded to OneDrive due to a trademark dispute.
OneDrive is integrated with Windows 10 and Office 365, offering seamless access to files across devices. In contrast, SkyDrive was initially a standalone service but eventually became more integrated with Windows and Office products.
Microsoft OneDrive provides advanced collaboration features and security updates. Whereas, Microsoft SkyDrive laid the foundation for these features, which were further enhanced in OneDrive.
OneDrive offers features like Personal Vault for sensitive files and automatic photo backup. SkyDrive, during its time, introduced many users to the concept of cloud storage, but with fewer features compared to OneDrive.
OneDrive continues to evolve with new features and integrations, reflecting Microsoft's commitment to cloud services. SkyDrive was the precursor to these advancements, representing an early stage in Microsoft's cloud storage solutions.

Comparison Chart

Name and Branding

Rebranded to OneDrive in 2014
Originally launched as SkyDrive


Deeply integrated with Windows 10 and Office 365
Initial integration with Windows and Office

Features and Updates

Advanced collaboration features, regular updates
Laid the foundation for future features

Additional Functionalities

Includes Personal Vault, automatic photo backup
Fewer features compared to OneDrive

Current Status

Continuously evolving with new integrations
Discontinued and replaced by OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SkyDrive Definitions

Microsoft OneDrive

Allows access and sharing of files across multiple devices.
With Microsoft OneDrive, I can access my files from any device.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Integrated with earlier versions of Windows and Office.
Microsoft SkyDrive worked well with Windows 8 for file access.

Microsoft OneDrive

Provides automatic photo and video backup from devices.
My phone automatically uploads photos to Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Laid the groundwork for Microsoft's cloud storage evolution.
Microsoft SkyDrive set the stage for the advanced features in OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud storage service for hosting and synchronizing files.
I use Microsoft OneDrive to back up my important documents.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Predecessor to Microsoft OneDrive with essential cloud features.
SkyDrive was my first introduction to cloud storage services.

Microsoft OneDrive

Offers secure storage options like Personal Vault.
I store my sensitive files in OneDrive's Personal Vault for extra security.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Early cloud storage service by Microsoft for file hosting.
I used to store my college assignments on Microsoft SkyDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive

Integrated with Microsoft Office for collaborative work.
Our team shares files through Microsoft OneDrive for seamless collaboration.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Offered basic file synchronization and sharing capabilities.
Microsoft SkyDrive allowed me to share project files with my classmates.


What is Microsoft OneDrive?

It's Microsoft's cloud storage service for file hosting and synchronization.

Did SkyDrive offer automatic photo backup?

This feature was more limited in SkyDrive and expanded in OneDrive.

Can I access OneDrive from any device?

Yes, OneDrive allows file access and synchronization across multiple devices.

Does OneDrive offer a Personal Vault?

Yes, OneDrive includes Personal Vault for extra secure storage.

Did SkyDrive become OneDrive automatically?

Yes, Microsoft transitioned SkyDrive to OneDrive automatically for users.

What was Microsoft SkyDrive?

SkyDrive was the former name of Microsoft's cloud storage service, now known as OneDrive.

What type of files can I store in OneDrive?

You can store any type of file, including documents, photos, and videos.

Why was SkyDrive rebranded to OneDrive?

It was rebranded due to a trademark dispute.

Is OneDrive integrated with Office 365?

Yes, OneDrive is deeply integrated with Office 365 for collaborative work.

Can I edit documents directly in OneDrive?

Yes, with integration with Office Online, you can edit documents directly.

Were there mobile apps for SkyDrive?

Yes, SkyDrive had mobile apps, which have been updated and rebranded to OneDrive.

Is there a storage limit for OneDrive?

Yes, storage limits depend on your subscription plan.

How secure is OneDrive?

OneDrive offers strong security features, including encryption and secure sharing options.

Did SkyDrive support version history?

This feature was limited in SkyDrive and enhanced in OneDrive.

Can I recover deleted files in OneDrive?

Yes, OneDrive has a feature to recover deleted files.

Is OneDrive continually updated?

Yes, Microsoft regularly updates OneDrive with new features and improvements.

Was SkyDrive integrated with Windows?

Yes, it was initially integrated with Windows and Office, but less extensively than OneDrive.

Can I use OneDrive for business purposes?

Yes, OneDrive for Business offers features tailored for enterprise use.

Was SkyDrive's functionality different from OneDrive?

SkyDrive had basic functionalities which have been significantly expanded in OneDrive.

Can I share files using OneDrive?

Yes, OneDrive allows you to share files and collaborate with others.
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