Difference Between Sales and Revenue


Main Difference

The main difference between Sales and Revenue is that Sales is the trading of money of merchandise and facilities that are providing by the company throughout a specific financial year, whereas Revenue is the money receiving by the company from beside of its various actions.

Sales vs. Revenue

Sales is the procedure to trade goods and to provide services from the actual company to the consumer with exchanging of money during a financial year of an organization. In contrast, revenue is the entire amount of profits that is producing by a business by selling their goods or by providing their services by it’s all resources. Sales indicate to such earnings that is receiving after the trading of things and providing amenities to the clients. At the same time, revenue points out the entire volume of money-making by the corporation after its miscellaneous collection of actions.


Sales shows the settlement among the purchaser and vender that comprises allocation of name of goods in exchange of conventional consideration, whereas revenue outlines the proceeds receive from vending things, dealing out services or spending wealth in any other way, income is associating to the elementary activities of the business, before giving result to the expenditures and costs.

Sales are one of the critical sources of the company’s proceeds, whereas revenue is the consequence of sales. There is no presence of sales without revenue, while revenue is producing from sources other than sales. Therefore, it can say that revenue consumes a separable existence. Sales show the competence of a company to sell significant products and services to create profits. In contrast, revenue shows the ability of a company to devote and assign its capital to make profits.


Overall sales are computing by increasing the total amount of sold goods with the value of the products, whereas total revenue is calculating by the addition of total profits from trades and additional incomes.

Comparison Chart

Sales are the exchanging of money against providing goods and services.Revenue is the total amount of income-generating by the company.
It is a foundation of the firm’s revenueOutcome of sales
Operating revenueTotal revenue
Sales cannot exist without revenue.Revenue without sales is possible
Related To
The contract between buyer and sellerRelate to necessary activities to business
It shows the ability to sell primary products and services to make profitIt proves to invest and allocate its resources to make profit
Calculating By
Multiplying the total number of sold goods with the price of the goodsAdding total income from sales and other royalties

What is Sales?

A sale stands for the interchange of cash for goods, services, or other possessions, and companies develop required profits by selling their products or services. Sales is the total financial worth of the productivity that is selling by the industry during a specific fiscal time. Sales is gaining by reproducing the number of elements supplying by the corporation throughout the year with the marketing value of the merchandise.

A sale is a contract concerning two or more parties in which the purchaser accepts material or elusive things, amenities, and assets in exchange for a specific amount of money. There is both sales, including in the whole process, that is cash sales and credit sales. If transactions is processing against cash, that is a cash sale, and if selling is in operation by such customers who do not pay full in stock at the time of purchase, this is credit sales.

To complete a sale, the buyer and the seller both have to contemplate to experience to create the contract. Sales work is the most common and one of the most profitable occupations following by almost every person.


  • Transnational Selling: It is the preliminary idea of a sales profession.
  • Feature Selling: Feature selling is also the best way to bore an overlook before an individual converts into a customer.
  • Value Selling: It is the high point of sales. People who can worth sell are successful and closed businesses naturally.
  • Consultative Selling: C onsultative sellers are not trying to introduce their products but also trying to act as the right consultant to their prospects.

What is Revenue?

Revenue is entire profits that is producing by the corporation through operating as well as obsolete actions in a fiscal year. Revenue is the gross total before creating any kind of expenditures or subtracting any sort of cost. It states to the group of such amount that is acceptable by the corporation, throughout a precise time.

Revenue brakes down into two ways first is gross revenue, and second is net revenue, when the total amount of sales is identifying for a recording period, previous to any assumptions is calling gross revenue. This amount shows the capability of a business to sell goods and services, but no ability to produce proceeds. Net revenue is the total sum of money you make from sales deduct your direct costs. Net revenue helps you to know what concessions are functioning in your business.

Revenue is different for the goods and service industry; a developed firm makes an extreme amount of its income from the sale of products, but in the service industry like a beauty salon receives the determined part of their revenue from supplying services to customers.


  • Operating Revenue: This revenue you receive from the main activities of your business, like sales, if you own a reforming company, your business’s operational revenue is consequent from your services.
  • Non-Operating Revenue: This type of revenue is money earning revenue from a side movement that is separate from daily activities of your business, like bonus income or profits from investments. Non-operating revenue is recording later operating revenue in the income statement.

Key Differences

  1. Sales refer to goods and services, whereas revenue means the total amount of income.
  2. Sales is the crucial foundation of the company’s revenue; on the other hand, revenue is the conclusion of purchase.
  3. Sales represent the operating revenue; conversely, revenue represents both operating and non-operating revenue.
  4. Sales have no existence without revenue on the flip side; revenue has an individual presence.
  5. Sales is the contract between buyer and seller; on the other hand, revenue is the necessary activities of the business.
  6. Sales calculate by multiplication of total sales and price of goods, whereas revenue calculates by adding total income and other income.


Sales and revenue are two familiar terms. Uncertainty, selling is an essential and most prominent source of the company’s revenue. Sales are only a part of revenue, while revenue is the outcome of sales.