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Research Method vs. Research Methodology

The main difference between Research Method and Research Methodology is that the Research Method is using to describe the topics of the investigation, whereas Research Methodology is an organized method to gather the data for the research process.

Key Differences

The research method is using to express the matters of the consideration, whereas the research methodology is an organized system to get the
The research method is lying on different survey systems, whereas the research methodology consistently approaches to get a clear purpose.
The research method is using to discover the solution of research; on the other hand, the research methodology is using to apply the exact way to get the result.
The research method is using in future research platforms; on the flip side, the research methodology is using in the starting platform.
Samantha Walker
Apr 29, 2020
The scope of the research method is narrow; conversely, the range of research methodology is much broader.
The research method aims to determine the result of the problem; on the other side, research methodology decides to apply appropriate procedures.
Janet White
Apr 29, 2020

Comparison Chart


A research method is using to define the issues of the exploration
A research methodology is a systematized method to get the data for the research process.


To discover the solution of research
To apply the correct procedure


Diverse research method
Reaching of object


It expresses the theme of the research
It shows the logical style of calculating


Much broader
Samantha Walker
Apr 29, 2020

Using For

Future platform
Starting platform
Janet White
Apr 29, 2020


Very small
Harlon Moss
Apr 29, 2020

Research Method vs. Research Methodology

The Research method is using to express the theme of the research and to create a more in-depth consideration of it, whereas, the research methodology is a logical style to assemble and calculate the data in the research process. The main objective of the research method is to determine the resolutions of the research problems, while the main aim of the research methodology is to practice the fundamental processes to learn the recommendations of the research problems. The research method has a narrow scope of exercise, whereas the research methodology has a much broader range of activity.

The research method is using during the future platforms of the research process, while the research methodology is using during the starting platforms of the research process. The Research methods are containing numerous techniques such as different pieces of training and various trials, and after using to bear these methods, it is probable to get a suitable decision, whereas the research methodologies are applying to describe the determination of selected procedures, and then they serve its function.

A research method is consisting of different exploration systems, while the research methodology is a logical approach to attain the apparent objective. The research method is a tiny portion of the research methodology, whereas the research methodology has various aspects. The research method covers the carrying out of a trial, review, experiment, and so on, while the research methodology covers the dissimilar performances that are using throughout the presentation of the test, report, analysis, etc.

What is the Research Method?

A research method is a processor type of policy that is applying to accumulate the data for investigation and to expose new information to make a better accepting of the topic. It is defining as gadgets that are using to achieve the aims and elements of learning. The research method initiates by requesting valid requests and picking a suitable way to explore the problem. The research method is using to generate keen conclusions about the marketing approaches to focus your business excellently.

Research methods are using numerous techniques and systems. All the procedures of research methods are using by an investigator during an investigation. Research methods support collecting data and find a solution to a problem. The research method is accepting only those descriptions which are proving by experiments. It is constructing on the realities, quantities, and data collecting. Research methods are dividing into three groups, first is such means that is using when the current data is not satisfactory, to get the result, second is classifying the forms and create a connection between data and beginners, and the third is the type of methods which are using to form the correctness to get the acquired consequences.

There are three primary forms of research method, first is qualitative research that gets the data about surviving experience and also shows how and why things describe actions, second is a quantitative research that gets the arithmetical data and also helps to find how much how many and how often to an extent, and the third is mixed-method research that incorporates both inquiries qualitative and quantitative.

What is the Research Methodology?

The research methodology is an organized approach to solve a research problem, it is a learning of reviewing how research is performing thoroughly, and In other words, research methodology is the learning of the techniques that are using analytically to explain research problems. Research methodology indicates the problematic consideration of the systems that are applying in the stream of research. The research methodology division in any research supports the purpose of explaining how results are finding. The investigator takes an impression of numerous stages that are picking to understanding the problems.

The research methodology is declaring to the preparation of some approaches and creating an appreciative why of these methods that are using for the research. Research methodology delivers consistent clarification after the steps are taking in the study. A distinct way describes why a specific research methodological style is using for the research and describes the data investigation and processes systematically. A research methodology provides a comprehensive concept and logical structure that is used at the opening of an assignment as well as to guide the research process.

More prominently, the research methodology of any exploring scheme is essential to maintain reliable research methods and results, which enhances to the worth of the findings and to explain reasons for the overall methodological approach using for investigation, it also shows how the research methodologies are appropriate to the study, and as well as Define the exact data collection methods. Furthermore, researchers require to know how and when to use particular research procedures.

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