Difference Between Rebonding and Smoothing


Main Difference

The main difference between the terms rebonding and smoothing is that the rebonding gives more good results for thick, curly and untamable hair and smoothing is more wavy or frizzy hair.

Rebonding vs. Smoothing

Rebonding is a technique that refers to straighten the hair of those who have wavy and curly hair and desire to have straight hair. Smoothing is a procedure which is designed to make hair soft and smooth to make it more silky and manageable. Rebonding is the process of relaxing the hair chemically, making it look sleek soft and straight. Smoothing is the process of making hair soft, smooth, straight and manageable while removing frizz from the hair. Smoothing also makes use of chemicals, but that is different from those used in Rebonding. The name rebonding refers to the process of rearranging the natural bonds of hair as these bonds are restructured using neutralizers in it. The different chemicals break the natural bonds along with softeners or relaxers. Keratin treatment and Protein treatment are two ways of smoothing hair. Rebonding is a long lasting technique, and its effects last longer for about 6 to 7 months. The results of smoothing last for a short duration and this duration is about 3 to 4 months. Rebonding is a permanent treatment as it affects the structure of the hair. Its effect lasts on the hair on which chemicals were applied but not on the hair that grows later and has not undergone the rebonding process. Smoothing is a temporary hair treatment and is ideal for the people having wavy or frizzy hair. Also, the people with straight hair like to do this treatment as it smoothes the frizz from the hair.


Comparison Chart

Process of hair straightening by the use of certain chemicalsProcess of hair smoothing by removing the frizz from hair
The Lasting Effect on Hair
ExpensiveLess expensive
Make hair straightMake hair smooth
Procedure Time
9 to 10 hours3 to 4 hours

What is Rebonding?

Rebonding is a special technique of hair straightening by the use of certain chemicals. In this process, the chemicals seep inside the hair cuticles, breaking the chemical bonds in the hair strand that is responsible for making it wavy or curly. During the procedure, the altered chemical bonds are rearranged in such a manner to make the hair structure altered to become straight and smooth. Only trained hair stylists can deal with this process properly. The entire process takes about 9-10 hours. The straightening effect produced as a result of rebonding lasts for 6-7 months until new hair grows out. The effect on the new hair disappears because the technique was only applied on the hair strands where the chemical had been fed. This technique of hair straightening is also known as ‘Japanese straightening.’ This method of rebonding mainly depends on chemicals that straighten the hair. It can be done for any hair type though it is more preferred by people with curly, wavy and unmanageable hair. This treatment needs to be done very carefully since the chemicals can cause damage to the hair and scalp. The hair which are rebonded needs a lot of hair care as compared to the normal hair due to the chemical processes it has undergone.



  • Permanent hair solution
  • The chemicals used to nourish the hair
  • Gives natural straight and full hair
  • Gives shine to hair
  • Increase hair in length about an inch or so

What is Smoothing?

Smoothing is a procedure of sealing the hair strands with a protein product and keratin. Along with applying these products, a preservative solution is applied onto the hair, and then a hot iron is used. As a result, a change of the structure of the hair, with a smoother appearance appears. One thing needs to be clear that smoothening the hair does not mean to straight them. Smoothing only iron out the unruliness and frizz in the hair by making it more manageable. There is a Brazilian process Blowout that is the same as smoothing. The use of keratin on hair is common in all smoothing procedures. It is considered a milder and a natural version which doesn’t look fake on hair. It is recommended for the people having wavy, frizzy or damaged hair. Smoothening is preferred when someone wants a smooth and silky look but not artificially straightened. It is a semi-permanent procedure which does not alter hair structure completely and gives you relief from your bad hair days. The chemicals used in smoothing saturate the hair first. The effects of smoothing are better on thin hair than the dense hair.


  • Produces a more natural-looking effect
  • Less damaging to hair.
  • Does not look artificially straightened,
  • Improve the texture of hair without causing any changes to the natural hair structure
  • The cheaper hair treatment process
  • Takes less time
  • Involves fewer chemicals since cause fewer damages

Key Differences

  1. Rebonding is the process of relaxing the hair chemically, making it look sleek soft, and straight whereas smoothing is the process of making hair soft, smooth, straight and manageable while removing frizz from it.
  2. Rebonding makes the hair straight or pin straight on the other hand smoothing gives a shiny and smooth look to hair.
  3. Rebonding is an expensive hair treatment conversely smoothing is less expensive hair treatment process.
  4. Rebonding is a long procedure and takes place within 9 to 10 hours on the flip side smoothing is a short procedure of 3 to 4 hours.
  5. Rebonding is a permanent process on the hair (other than those that grows later) while smoothing is a temporary process.


Rebonding and smoothing both are the hair treatment procedures that make hair look straight, soft and sleek. Although, they are different processes to in many ways depending on the difference in the amount and strength of chemical agents used.

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