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Granulated Garlic vs. Garlic Powder: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 16, 2023
Granulated garlic is coarser, resembling cornmeal, while garlic powder is finely ground like flour.

Key Differences

Granulated garlic is made by dehydrating garlic cloves and grinding them to a texture similar to cornmeal. It retains much of the flavor of fresh garlic, making it a favorite for many cooks. Garlic powder, in contrast, goes through a similar dehydration process but is ground to a very fine consistency, much like flour.
Granulated garlic tends to have a slightly stronger flavor compared to garlic powder. Its coarser texture can provide a bit of crunch when used as a finishing touch in recipes. Garlic powder, with its finer texture, blends more easily into liquids, making it an ideal choice for sauces and dressings.
When it comes to measurements in recipes, granulated garlic and garlic powder are not always interchangeable in a one-to-one ratio due to their differing densities. A teaspoon of granulated garlic packs less garlic flavor than a teaspoon of garlic powder because of its coarser texture.
Granulated garlic's larger granules make it less prone to clumping compared to garlic powder. However, garlic powder's fine consistency allows it to dissolve more readily, making it a better choice for recipes requiring a smooth texture. Both these forms of garlic are convenient and shelf-stable, offering a longer-lasting alternative to fresh garlic.

Comparison Chart


Coarse, similar to cornmeal.
Fine, similar to flour.

Flavor Intensity

Slightly stronger than garlic powder.
Milder and blends easily.

Best Used For

Recipes needing texture.
Liquids, sauces, and dressings.

Measurement in Recipes

Less dense, so less potent in equal measurements.
Denser and more potent in equal measurements.

Clumping Tendency

Less prone to clumping.
More likely to clump due to fine texture.

Granulated Garlic and Garlic Powder Definitions

Granulated Garlic

A versatile seasoning with a noticeable texture.
She opted for granulated garlic to add a bit of crunch to the bread topping.

Garlic Powder

Dehydrated garlic ground to a fine powder.
He whisked garlic powder into the dressing for a hint of garlic.

Granulated Garlic

Dehydrated garlic cloves ground to a coarse texture.
She sprinkled granulated garlic over the roast for added flavor.

Garlic Powder

A pantry must-have for quick and even flavor distribution.
The dip's creamy texture was maintained with the use of garlic powder.

Granulated Garlic

A dehydrated garlic product offering strong garlic flavor.
The sauce was enhanced with granulated garlic.

Garlic Powder

A kitchen essential resembling flour in texture.
A dash of garlic powder gave the soup an aromatic boost.

Granulated Garlic

A kitchen staple resembling cornmeal in consistency.
The recipe called for a pinch of granulated garlic.

Garlic Powder

Easily dissolved seasoning perfect for liquids.
The marinade included garlic powder for smooth consistency.

Granulated Garlic

A flavorful addition to spice blends.
She mixed granulated garlic into the herb rub.

Garlic Powder

A milder, finely-ground form of dehydrated garlic.
She preferred garlic powder for her homemade spice blend.


How fine is the consistency of garlic powder?

It's very fine, similar to flour.

Does granulated garlic have a strong flavor?

It has a slightly stronger flavor than garlic powder.

What is granulated garlic made from?

Dehydrated garlic cloves ground to a coarse texture.

Can I substitute granulated garlic for garlic powder in recipes?

Yes, but adjust measurements as granulated garlic is less dense.

Is garlic powder a good fit for liquid recipes?

Yes, its fine texture allows it to blend easily into liquids.

Can granulated garlic replace garlic cloves in recipes?

Yes, though adjust for the difference in potency and texture.

Does granulated garlic dissolve well in liquids?

Its coarser texture means it doesn't dissolve as easily as garlic powder.

Does granulated garlic clump easily?

It's less prone to clumping than garlic powder due to its coarser texture.

How is garlic powder made?

By dehydrating garlic cloves and grinding them to a fine powder.

How should garlic powder be stored for optimal freshness?

In a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry place.

How should I store garlic powder to prevent clumping?

In a cool, dry place, and consider adding rice grains to absorb moisture.

Which is better for a spice rub: granulated garlic or garlic powder?

Both work, but granulated garlic offers a coarser texture.

Can I make granulated garlic at home?

Yes, by dehydrating garlic cloves and grinding them to a coarse texture.

Is garlic powder the same as garlic salt?

No, garlic salt contains salt, whereas garlic powder is pure garlic.

Which is better for a crunchy garlic bread topping?

Granulated garlic, due to its coarser texture.

Why might chefs choose garlic powder over fresh garlic?

It's convenient, shelf-stable, and offers consistent flavor.

Which has a longer shelf life: granulated garlic or fresh garlic?

Granulated garlic, as it's dehydrated and shelf-stable.

Can garlic powder be used in baking?

Yes, it can add a mild garlic flavor to baked goods.

Are there any additives in garlic powder?

Pure garlic powder contains no additives, but always check labels.

How is the flavor of garlic powder compared to fresh garlic?

It's milder and consistent, without the sharpness of fresh garlic.
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