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Quick Oats vs. Rolled Oats: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 7, 2024
Quick Oats are oats that have been steamed and flattened into thinner flakes for faster cooking; Rolled Oats are whole oat groats steamed and rolled into thicker flakes, taking longer to cook.

Key Differences

Quick oats are processed more than rolled oats, steamed and pressed thinner, resulting in a softer texture when cooked. Rolled oats undergo a similar process but are rolled thicker, retaining more of their shape and texture, offering a chewier mouthfeel.
The thinner flakes of quick oats allow for faster cooking times, ideal for quick meals. Rolled oats, with their thicker flakes, require longer cooking times, making them less convenient for rapid meal preparation but preferred for recipes needing prolonged cooking.
Both quick oats and rolled oats are nutritious, high in fiber and protein, but quick oats have a higher glycemic index due to their finer texture. Rolled oats provide a more sustained energy release, beneficial for blood sugar management.
Quick oats are well-suited for instant oatmeal, baking, or as a thickening agent due to their finer texture. Rolled oats are versatile in baking, ideal for oatmeal cookies, granola, and as a topping for various dishes due to their texture and shape retention.
Both quick oats and rolled oats have a similar shelf life when stored properly, but quick oats, due to their finer size, might lose their quality slightly faster than the sturdier rolled oats.

Comparison Chart


Steamed and thinly pressed
Steamed and rolled thicker

Cooking Time

Cook quickly, ideal for instant meals
Take longer to cook

Texture when Cooked

Softer, mushier texture
Chewier, retain more shape

Nutritional Difference

Higher glycemic index
Lower glycemic index, slower energy release

Common Uses

Instant oatmeal, baking, thickening agent
Baking, oatmeal cookies, granola, toppings

Quick Oats and Rolled Oats Definitions

Quick Oats

Soft Texture Oats.
Quick oats create a creamy texture in recipes.

Rolled Oats

Chewy Texture Oats.
Rolled oats provide a chewy bite in cookies.

Quick Oats

Fast Cooking Oats.
I use quick oats for a speedy breakfast.

Rolled Oats

Versatile Cooking Oats.
Rolled oats are great for both baking and cooking.

Quick Oats

Thinly Processed Oats.
Quick oats blend easily into smoothies.

Rolled Oats

Thicker Flaked Oats.
Rolled oats add texture to my granola.

Quick Oats

Instant Oatmeal Ingredient.
Quick oats are perfect for instant oatmeal packets.

Rolled Oats

Whole Grain Oats.
Rolled oats make a hearty breakfast.

Quick Oats

Convenient Oat Option.
Quick oats are my go-to for fast meal prep.

Rolled Oats

Traditional Oatmeal Base.
Rolled oats are ideal for slow-cooked oatmeal.


Are rolled oats healthier than quick oats?

Both are healthy, but rolled oats have a lower glycemic index.

Do quick oats cook faster than rolled oats?

Yes, quick oats cook faster due to their thinner size.

What are quick oats?

Quick oats are oats that have been steamed and rolled thin for faster cooking.

Are quick oats good for baking?

Yes, they are commonly used in baking for a softer texture.

Can I use rolled oats for instant oatmeal?

Yes, but they will take longer to cook than quick oats.

Can rolled oats be used for smoothies?

Yes, but they may not blend as smoothly as quick oats.

Do quick oats have the same nutrients as rolled oats?

Yes, but the glycemic index is higher in quick oats.

Can rolled oats be made into quick oats?

Technically yes, by further processing them, but it's not practical at home.

Do quick oats and rolled oats taste different?

The taste is similar, but the texture differs.

How are rolled oats different?

Rolled oats are thicker and take longer to cook, offering a chewier texture.

Can quick oats replace rolled oats in recipes?

Yes, but the texture and cooking time will differ.

Which is better for weight loss, quick oats or rolled oats?

Both are good options, but rolled oats may be more filling due to their lower glycemic index.

Is there a taste difference between quick and rolled oats?

The taste is similar, but the texture and cooking time vary.

Do rolled oats need to be cooked?

They are best when cooked, but can also be eaten raw like in overnight oats.

Can quick oats help in digestion?

Yes, they are high in fiber and aid in digestion.

Are quick oats suitable for a diabetic diet?

They can be, but rolled oats are a better option due to the lower glycemic index.

Are quick oats gluten-free?

They are naturally gluten-free but check for cross-contamination if you're sensitive.

Are rolled oats good for heart health?

Yes, they are known to be beneficial for heart health.

How long do quick oats last?

They last about 6-12 months if stored properly.

Can I make overnight oats with rolled oats?

Yes, rolled oats are excellent for overnight oats.
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