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Shop vs. Store: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 7, 2024
A shop is a small retail establishment selling items or services, while a store is generally larger, offering a wider range of goods.

Key Differences

A shop is typically a small-scale retail space, often specialized in a particular type of product or service. In contrast, a store usually refers to a larger retail establishment that offers a broader range of goods, often including various categories.
The term shop is often used to denote a more personal, intimate retail experience, possibly with a focus on specialty items or services. On the other hand, a store might imply a more impersonal, larger-scale operation, possibly part of a chain or franchise.
Shops are often found in community settings or neighborhoods, catering to local clientele with specific needs. Stores, however, are usually larger and can be found in shopping malls or commercial areas, serving a wider customer base.
In a shop, the emphasis might be on the expertise of the staff and the uniqueness of the products. In a store, the variety and quantity of products might be more prominent, with less emphasis on specialized knowledge.
The cultural context can also influence the use of these terms; for instance, in the UK, 'shop' is commonly used for all retail outlets, while in the US, 'store' is more frequently used, especially for larger retail spaces.

Comparison Chart


Generally smaller, more intimate
Larger, often part of a chain

Product Range

Specialized, limited variety
Broad range, extensive variety


Often in local neighborhoods
Usually in commercial areas, shopping malls

Customer Experience

More personal, specialized service
More general, self-service oriented

Cultural Usage

More common in UK English
More common in US English

Shop and Store Definitions


A shop is a small retail establishment selling specific types of goods or services.
She visited the flower shop to buy roses.


Store can also refer to a place where items are kept for future use.
Food is stored in the pantry.


Shop can refer to a place where manual work is done, like a workshop.
He spends hours in his woodworking shop.


A store is a large establishment that sells a wide range of goods to consumers.
They went to the department store to buy a new TV.


In a broader sense, shop can denote any place of business.
The tattoo shop downtown is highly recommended.


In digital terms, a store can be a platform for purchasing software or digital products.
I downloaded the app from the online store.


Shop is also used as a verb meaning to visit stores to buy goods.
I plan to shop for new shoes this weekend.


Store is also used as a verb meaning to keep or deposit in a specified place.
We store our holiday decorations in the attic.


In informal usage, 'shop' can refer to the act of considering or exploring options.
We're shopping around for a new car.


In nautical terms, 'store' refers to provisions or supplies on a ship.
The ship's store had enough supplies for the voyage.


Also shoppe A small retail store or a specialty department in a large store.


A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop.


An atelier; a studio.


A stock or supply reserved for future use
A squirrel's store of acorns.


Is 'store' more American and 'shop' more British?

Generally, yes. 'Store' is more common in American English, while 'shop' is favored in British English.

What is a 'department store'?

A large store divided into sections selling different types of goods.

What is a 'store'?

A store is a larger retail establishment, often part of a chain, offering a wide variety of goods.

What does 'shopping' mean?

Shopping refers to the act of browsing or purchasing goods or services from shops or stores.

What does 'out of stock' mean?

It means an item is currently unavailable for purchase in a store.

What is a 'workshop'?

A workshop is a space for manufacturing or repairing items, not typically a retail outlet.

What is an 'online store'?

A website where customers can purchase goods or services over the Internet.

Can 'shop' mean 'to buy'?

Yes, in informal usage, 'shop' can mean the act of buying, as in "I need to shop for groceries."

What is a 'shop'?

A shop is a small retail establishment selling items or services to the public.

Can 'shop' and 'store' be used interchangeably?

In many contexts, they can, but 'shop' often implies a smaller, more specialized place.

What does 'in-store' mean?

'In-store' refers to something available or happening inside a physical retail location.

What is a 'pop-up shop'?

A temporary retail space that opens for a short period to sell specific or seasonal goods.

Can 'store' refer to storage?

Yes, 'store' can also mean to keep or put away something for future use.

What does 'store away' mean?

It means to put something in a place where it is kept until it is needed.

What does 'convenience store' mean?

A small store selling everyday items, often open for extended hours.

Is 'store' ever a verb?

Yes, 'store' can be a verb meaning to reserve or put away items.

What is a 'thrift shop'?

A retail outlet selling second-hand goods, often for charity.

Is 'shop' used in any idioms?

Yes, for example, "talk shop" means to talk about work-related matters.

What is a 'gift shop'?

A store specializing in gifts, souvenirs, and novelties.

What is a 'chain store'?

A store that is part of a series of stores owned by the same company.
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