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AA Battery vs. AAA Battery: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 7, 2024
AA batteries are larger and generally have a higher capacity than AAA batteries, both being common types of cylindrical dry batteries.

Key Differences

An AA battery is a standard size of dry cell battery, commonly used in portable electronic devices. The AAA battery, while similar in function, is smaller in size compared to the AA battery, making it suitable for smaller devices.
The AA battery typically offers a higher energy capacity due to its larger size, providing longer usage for devices. Conversely, the AAA battery, being smaller, has a lower energy capacity but is ideal for compact devices where space is limited.
Both AA and AAA batteries can be either single-use or rechargeable, with the former being disposed of after use, and the latter can be recharged and used multiple times. The AA battery, due to its size, often has a longer lifespan in both single-use and rechargeable forms compared to the AAA battery.
AA batteries are often used in devices like remote controls, wall clocks, and digital cameras, which require more power. On the other hand, AAA batteries are commonly found in smaller devices like TV remotes, wireless mice, and portable audio players.
In terms of voltage, both AA and AAA batteries typically provide 1.5 volts, but the AA battery can deliver more current due to its larger size. The AAA battery, while delivering the same voltage, is more suitable for devices that require less current.

Comparison Chart



Energy Capacity

Higher due to larger size
Lower due to smaller size

Common Usage

In larger devices needing more power
In compact devices needing less power


Longer lifespan in both types
Shorter lifespan compared to AA

Current Delivery

Can deliver more current
Suitable for devices needing less current

AA Battery and AAA Battery Definitions

AA Battery

An AA battery is a standard size dry cell commonly used in electronic devices.
The remote control required two AA batteries to operate.

AAA Battery

Like AA, AAA batteries also come in single-use and rechargeable variants.
For my portable radio, I use rechargeable AAA batteries.

AA Battery

AA batteries are larger cylindrical batteries offering higher energy capacity.
He replaced the AA batteries in his flashlight for the camping trip.

AAA Battery

AAA batteries are commonly found in devices where space is limited.
The small flashlight operates on a single AAA battery.

AA Battery

AA batteries are essential for many household and electronic devices.
We always keep a pack of AA batteries at home for emergencies.

AAA Battery

A AAA battery is a smaller-sized dry cell used in compact electronic devices.
My TV remote needs two AAA batteries to work.

AA Battery

AA batteries typically provide 1.5 volts of electrical power.
The wall clock requires a 1.5-volt AA battery to function.

AAA Battery

AAA batteries are smaller than AA batteries, suitable for smaller devices.
I replaced the AAA batteries in my wireless mouse.

AA Battery

AA batteries come in both single-use and rechargeable forms.
I prefer using rechargeable AA batteries for environmental reasons.

AAA Battery

AAA batteries provide the same voltage as AA batteries but are smaller.
Despite its size, the AAA battery in my alarm clock provides 1.5 volts.


What are AAA batteries?

AAA batteries are smaller than AA batteries, used in compact electronic devices.

Do AA and AAA batteries have the same voltage?

Yes, both typically provide 1.5 volts.

Are AA batteries bigger than AAA batteries?

Yes, AA batteries are larger in size compared to AAA batteries.

Can I substitute AA batteries with AAA batteries?

Generally, no, as they differ in size and may not fit properly in devices designed for the other.

Which type of battery lasts longer, AA or AAA?

AA batteries usually last longer due to their larger size and higher energy capacity.

What are common uses for AAA batteries?

They are often used in TV remotes, wireless mice, and portable audio players.

Can I mix AA and AAA batteries in a device?

It's not recommended as they are designed for different capacities and sizes.

How can I tell if my battery is AA or AAA?

You can tell by comparing the size; AA batteries are larger and thicker than AAA batteries.

Are there rechargeable AA and AAA batteries?

Yes, both come in rechargeable forms.

What are AA batteries?

AA batteries are standard-sized cylindrical batteries used in various electronic devices.

How do I dispose of AA and AAA batteries?

They should be recycled or disposed of according to local regulations, especially rechargeable ones.

Do AA and AAA batteries degrade over time?

Yes, both types will lose charge over time, especially if not stored properly.

What are common uses for AA batteries?

Common uses include remote controls, wall clocks, and digital cameras.

Can AA and AAA batteries leak?

Yes, especially if they are old or damaged, they can leak corrosive materials.

Do AA and AAA batteries have the same chemical composition?

They can have similar compositions, such as alkaline or lithium, regardless of size.

How should I store AA and AAA batteries?

Store them in a cool, dry place and avoid contact with metal objects.

What's the shelf life of AA and AAA batteries?

It varies but can be several years, especially for lithium and alkaline batteries.

Are AA batteries more expensive than AAA batteries?

The price can vary, but AA batteries may be slightly more expensive due to their larger size.

Can I recharge a single-use AA or AAA battery?

No, only batteries specifically labeled as rechargeable should be recharged.

Are there environmentally friendly AA and AAA batteries?

Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly than single-use ones.
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