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Supermarket vs. Discount Store: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 7, 2024
A supermarket is a large retail store offering a wide variety of food and household items, while a discount store focuses on selling goods at lower prices, often with a limited range of products.

Key Differences

Supermarkets are expansive retail establishments that provide a comprehensive range of food products, household goods, and often additional services like pharmacies. Discount stores, in contrast, prioritize affordability, offering a more limited selection of items at reduced prices, typically with a focus on essentials and generic brands.
The layout of a supermarket is designed to enhance the shopping experience, featuring organized aisles and sections for different types of products, from fresh produce to electronics. Discount stores, on the other hand, may have a more straightforward layout, aimed at efficient shopping with an emphasis on cost-saving.
Supermarkets often offer a variety of brands for each product, including premium and organic options, catering to diverse consumer needs. Discount stores usually limit their stock to cost-effective brands, focusing on basic necessities rather than a wide range of choices.
Customer services in supermarkets can include deli counters, bakeries, and butchers, providing fresh and specialized products. Discount stores typically forgo these additional services, focusing on pre-packaged goods to maintain low costs.
Loyalty programs and promotions are common in supermarkets, offering customers discounts and rewards on a wide range of products. Discount stores, while already providing low prices, may have fewer promotional deals, relying on their everyday low pricing strategy.

Comparison Chart

Product Variety

Wide range of food and household items
Limited, focusing on essentials


Regular market prices, with promotions
Generally lower prices


Additional services like delis, bakeries
Basic, with few extra services


Organized aisles for different products
Simple, cost-effective setup

Brand Variety

Multiple brands, including premium options
Mostly generic or store brands

Supermarket and Discount Store Definitions


A large retail store offering a variety of food and household items.
I'm going to the supermarket to buy groceries for the week.

Discount Store

A retail outlet focusing on budget-friendly goods.
They opened a new discount store that's really easy on the wallet.


A market offering non-food items like clothing and electronics.
Our local supermarket also sells electronic gadgets.

Discount Store

A store with a no-frills approach to retail.
If you don't mind the lack of luxury, the discount store has great prices.


A self-service store with wide aisles and departments.
The new supermarket in town has a fantastic bakery section.

Discount Store

A store specializing in overstocked or discontinued items.
The discount store is my go-to for affordable home goods.


A retail establishment providing fresh produce, meats, and dairy products.
She prefers the supermarket for its fresh produce section.

Discount Store

A shop offering limited variety but at reduced prices.
For basic necessities, the discount store is the most economical choice.


A store with a large selection of packaged and processed foods.
The supermarket has a wide range of international foods.

Discount Store

A retail store that sells products at lower than typical prices.
I found great deals at the discount store downtown.


A large self-service retail market that sells food and household goods.


A large self-service store that sells groceries and, usually, medications, household goods, and/or clothing.
I went to the supermarket to buy some food.


A chain of such stores.


(figurative) A one-stop shop; a place offering a range of products or services.


A large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods


Are discount stores smaller than supermarkets?

Typically, yes, discount stores are smaller with a more limited selection.

Do supermarkets provide home delivery services?

Many supermarkets offer home delivery or online shopping options.

Do supermarkets sell fresh food?

Yes, supermarkets typically have sections for fresh produce, meat, and dairy.

Can you find brand-name products in discount stores?

Discount stores mostly stock generic or store brands, but some may carry brand-name products.

Are discount stores good for bulk purchases?

Discount stores may not always offer bulk purchasing options like some supermarkets do.

What is a supermarket?

A large retail store offering a wide range of food and household products.

Are discount stores always cheaper than supermarkets?

Generally, yes, discount stores focus on lower prices, but supermarkets may have competitive deals and promotions.

Do discount stores have fresh produce sections?

Discount stores may have a limited fresh produce section, unlike the extensive offerings in supermarkets.

What is a discount store?

A retail establishment that sells goods at lower prices, often with a limited range of products.

Do supermarkets offer organic products?

Many supermarkets have a range of organic food options.

Do supermarkets have in-store bakeries or delis?

Many supermarkets feature in-store bakeries, delis, and even seafood counters.

Are discount stores good for quick shopping trips?

Yes, due to their smaller size and focused inventory, discount stores are convenient for quick trips.

Can I find health and beauty products in supermarkets?

Supermarkets often have a dedicated section for health and beauty products.

Can I purchase pet supplies at supermarkets?

Yes, supermarkets often have a pet supplies section.

Are there frozen food options in both store types?

Yes, both supermarkets and discount stores typically offer a range of frozen foods.

Can I find household cleaning products in both?

Yes, both supermarkets and discount stores usually stock household cleaning products.

Are there membership programs in supermarkets?

Many supermarkets offer loyalty or membership programs with benefits.

Do discount stores sell electronics?

Discount stores typically focus on essentials and may have a limited electronics section, if at all.

Do supermarkets sell clothing?

Some large supermarkets may have a clothing section.

Is it common to find furniture in discount stores?

Discount stores may carry a small selection of furniture items.
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