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Public Administration vs. Private Administration: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 6, 2023
Public Administration concerns governing and implementing policies in government sectors, while Private Administration involves managing businesses or non-governmental organizations.

Key Differences

Public Administration and Private Administration are two distinct modes of administration, each having unique characteristics and objectives. Public Administration relates to the activities undertaken by governmental entities. Its primary goal is to serve the public interest, ensuring that governmental policies are efficiently implemented and that public services are delivered effectively. Public Administration involves bureaucracy, which can make its processes more rigid, often with the intention of maintaining fairness, transparency, and accountability.
On the other hand, Private Administration pertains to the activities of private sector entities, including corporations, NGOs, and private institutions. These entities are primarily driven by profit motives or specific organizational goals. Private Administration is characterized by its flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to market dynamics. In Private Administration, decision-making processes might be swifter than in public sectors, primarily because they are less entangled in bureaucratic red tape.
One might think of Public Administration as the machinery that ensures societal well-being and the fair distribution of public goods and services. From social welfare programs to infrastructure development, Public Administration plays a pivotal role. Conversely, Private Administration is like the engine of economic growth and innovation in the private sector, driving efficiency and profitability in competitive markets.
Another noteworthy distinction is the source of accountability. Public Administration is accountable to the general public and operates under public scrutiny. It must ensure the optimal use of taxpayer dollars and safeguard public interests. In contrast, Private Administration is accountable to its stakeholders, be it shareholders in a company or members in a private institution. Here, performance is measured by profitability, growth, and other business metrics.

Comparison Chart



Primary Objective

Serve public interest
Profit-driven or organizational goals


Often less flexible due to bureaucracy
More agile and responsive to market dynamics


To the general public
To shareholders or specific stakeholders

Decision-making speed

Generally slower due to checks and balances
Typically faster, less bureaucratic

Public Administration and Private Administration Definitions

Public Administration

Ensuring the public interest through governance and bureaucracy.
The core objective of Public Administration is to serve the broader community.

Private Administration

Overseeing business strategies and achieving organizational objectives.
The company's Private Administration launched a new product to expand its market share.

Public Administration

The process of executing public policies and delivering public services.
Good Public Administration ensures citizens have access to essential services.

Private Administration

Managing resources and operations in non-public entities.
Effective Private Administration can be a competitive advantage in the business world.

Public Administration

The management and operation of government agencies and programs.
The city's Public Administration efficiently managed the new healthcare initiative.

Private Administration

Management activities of private sector organizations.
The company's Private Administration worked tirelessly to increase profits.

Public Administration

The organization and management of public agencies.
Effective Public Administration minimizes wastage of taxpayer dollars.

Private Administration

The operational activities of non-governmental entities.
The NGO's Private Administration ensured that donations were used effectively.

Public Administration

Activities undertaken by government to implement policies.
Public Administration plays a pivotal role in social welfare programs.

Private Administration

Guiding and controlling private corporate functions and processes.
Good Private Administration is often marked by efficiency and innovation.


How does Private Administration differ from Public Administration?

Private Administration manages non-governmental entities, often driven by profit or specific goals, while Public Administration serves the public interest.

What does Public Administration focus on?

Public Administration focuses on implementing government policies and delivering public services.

What drives Private Administration?

Profit motives, organizational goals, and stakeholder interests primarily drive Private Administration.

Can someone work in both Public and Private Administration?

Yes, many professionals transition between the two, leveraging their administrative skills in both sectors.

What's a key benefit of Private Administration?

Private Administration often offers more flexibility and agility compared to its public counterpart.

Can Private Administration entities be non-profit?

Yes, NGOs and certain institutions are examples of non-profit entities in Private Administration.

What skills are essential for Public Administration?

Policy analysis, public relations, budgeting, and governance are key skills in Public Administration.

How is innovation viewed in Private Administration?

Innovation is highly valued in Private Administration as it drives growth, competitiveness, and market leadership.

Are Public and Private Administration taught differently in schools?

While foundational administrative skills overlap, specialized courses address the unique challenges of each domain.

Do Private Administration entities work internationally?

Yes, many private entities, especially corporations, operate globally and manage international operations.

Is Public Administration only about bureaucracy?

While bureaucracy is a part, Public Administration encompasses policy implementation, service delivery, and more.

Which is more accountable, Public or Private Administration?

Both are accountable but to different entities. Public Administration is accountable to the public, while Private Administration is to stakeholders.

How do profitability and efficiency play into Private Administration?

In Private Administration, profitability and efficiency are often primary goals, driving decision-making and operations.

Who oversees Public Administration?

It's overseen by elected officials, governmental bodies, and ultimately, the public.

Why is Public Administration important?

It ensures the effective implementation of public policies and delivery of essential services to citizens.

Are there overlaps between Public and Private Administration?

Yes, in areas like public-private partnerships or when private entities undertake public service roles.

How does transparency play into Public Administration?

Transparency is crucial in Public Administration to maintain public trust and ensure accountability.

Is Public Administration always slow and bureaucratic?

While bureaucracy can slow processes, it's a mechanism to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability in Public Administration.

Do Public Administration officials always work for the government?

Generally, yes. Public Administration primarily concerns governmental entities and their operations.

Can Private Administration influence Public Administration?

Yes, through lobbying, partnerships, or collaborations, private entities can influence public policies and decisions.
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