Difference Between Cat and Dog


Main Difference

Cat and Dog are two most commonly known pet animals. All around the world people prefer either the cats or the dogs as their pets depending on their personal choice and preference. Cats belong to the family of wildlife big cats such as lion, tiger, etc. Dogs, on the other hand, belong to the family of wild wolves; it is genetically proved that wild wolves were the ancestors to the dog. Although besides being pet cats and dogs are also found living independently as wild animals or stated as street cats and dogs. The major difference between cat and dog is of their shape, size, and attitude (nature). Cats, as compare to the dog, are smaller in size, they have independent sort of nature and does not bother much about attention. On the other hand, dogs are larger in size and different in shape as compare to cats. They are more loyal and attention seeking animals.

Comparison Chart

Cats have bossy nature as compare to dogs. They like to live independently and doesn’t bother much about attention.Dogs are quite generous and down to earth. They are the most loyal animals. The require more attention and care.
The average size of cats is between 2 to 8 inches in Height.Depending on breed it ranges from 2.5 to 14 inches in height.
F.statusCanis Lupus Familiaris
Average Speed
30 mph20 mph
Average Life Span
Depends upon the kind and species but averagely it is between 12-25 years.It also depends on the dog’s breed but the average ranges from 12 to 18 years.
Favorite Food
Favorite food for the domestic cats includes the cat food, meat, and milk. Wild and domestic both sort of cats likes to hunt and kill rats.Domestic dogs usually eat the special dog food, meat, and milk. Wild dogs being carnivore hunt and eat the flesh of their prey.
Special Abilities
Cats possess extremely higher level hearing and night vision. They can see clearly in darkness even and can hear sounds of minor pitch coming from a large distance.Dogs possess an extremely higher level of smelling and sniffing sense. The dogs due to their smelling abilities are widely used for hunting purposes and catching criminals etc.

What is Cat?

Cats are one of the world’s famous and most widely preferred domestic animals. People from every part of the world like cats a lot and prefer a cat as their pet animal. The cat belongs to the family of big wild cats which includes lions, tigers, etc. So it is good to have a cat when one can’t possess and pet a lion. Cats have different kinds and breeds depending on the geographical area they are found. Wildcats and domestic cats are the two big classifications of cats. Wildcats live in the jungle, dens, mountains, etc. They prefer to hunt, kill and then eat their prey. Their favorite food is rats, rabbits and other wild animals including lizards, etc. Domestic cats found in the populated areas are then further divided into two categories. One is the free-roaming street cats, and other are the pet cats. Free roaming street cats are found everywhere in the market, near meat shops, etc. They are totally independent and eat whatever they get going from house to house and from streets etc. On the other hand, the pet cats are the cats with owners. They live in their specific houses. They eat the meat, milk and special cat food provided by their owners. Pet cats are vaccinated and are kept clean by their owners. Cats usually possess bossy nature and like to be independent. The average size of the cats ranges from 2 to 8 inches in height depending on their age and kind of breed. Cats have strong night vision and extraordinary hearing sense. The average speed of cats is 30 mph.


What is Dog?

The dog is another famous and most widely known animal all around the world. The dog is the most common and one of the most preferred pet animal. Dogs possess various breeds and kinds depending on the geographical region of their origin. Wolves are regarded as ancestors of dogs. Dogs are considered as most loyal pet animals of all. They require much more love, care and attention as compare to cats and other pet animals. The average size of the dogs by their age and breed ranges from 3 to 14 inches in height. Dogs possess very strong sniffing and smelling sense. Their nose is quite sensitive and possesses the ability to recognize the smell. Many dogs are kept as hunters and catchers as well due to their smelling ability.

Cat vs. Dog

  • Cats are the famous pet animals.
  • Dogs are also kept as pets.
  • Both of them are domestic animals.
  • Cats are independent and bossy in nature
  • Dogs are extremely loyal and seek more attention.
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