Difference Between Pretty and Gorgeous


Main Difference

The main difference between Pretty and Gorgeous is that Pretty deals with the overall appearance, assuming it to be good and better, and Gorgeous deals only with the overall physique and stunning beauty.

Pretty vs. Gorgeous

The word ‘pretty’ refers to the sweet and beauty or good looks of a being. It is used to show a good sensation when someone appearances good, and this word also being used for developing pleasure and gratitude or appreciation. Whereas the word ‘gorgeous’ denotes to the inclusive or overall look, which consists of the body structure and appearances of a person. The word pretty defines the face attractiveness of the delightful things that an individual is having. While the word gorgeous expresses the provoking nature of an individual, it states the good looks in a fabulous, sizzling, and incredible style. The word pretty is used to define an individual in the perspective of looking good, but these praises are very much friendly or welcoming, and the word gorgeous assumed or used to describe for the internal magnificence or beauty of an individual. Pretty is an adjective which often used, especially in the context of women; on the other hand, gorgeous is an adjective used in the context of men and women.


Comparison Chart

It is attractive in a gentle way, deprived of being good-looking really.It is used to define someone or something that has outstanding or unusual physical features.
It generally used on females.It used on both males and females.
It’s a weaker adjective as compared to gorgeous.It’s a strong adjective as compared to pretty.
Pretty refers to outer appearance.Gorgeous refers to inner appearance.

What is Pretty?

When somebody is pretty, they have a respectable or good look. A rapid circumstantial check on “pretty” will specify that this word is very, very ancient and has taken some radical and extreme centers and inclines since its initiation. It either states the good looks or beauty of an individual or an adequate common feeling of a being. Pretty is used to moderate or soften a declaration and is in extensive use along the entire spectrum or range of English. It is ordinary in casual speech or talking and writing but is neither infrequent nor incorrect in serious speech. We frequently associate this word with children, young girls, and also for definite things. For example, the girl in the pink frock looks very pretty, or it was a pretty place. The word pretty is far better dedicated to admiring the outer look. Being pretty is more common.


What is Gorgeous?

Gorgeous is an adjective used to refer something or somebody very eye-catching, good-looking, prominent, or magnificent to the eye. The person’s apparent look could be tempting and hence stated as gorgeous. A color, the weather conditions, or photograph could be gorgeous too, meaning it’s enjoyable, lovely, and pleasant. The adjective is used to define or give emphasis to outstanding attraction, wonderfulness, superb abilities, or a good-looking look. It can even be used to define a wonderful sensation generally about or towards an individual. The word gorgeous can used on both men and women. Gorgeous is used to define the physical attribute or features of people, positions, locations, and things.

Key Differences

  1. The word ‘pretty’ means beautiful, attractive or tempting skillfully and elegantly. While the word ‘gorgeous’ means extremely stunning or wonderful.
  2. Pretty means beautiful but gentle or soothing to the eyes, whereas gorgeous means are distinctly striking.
  3. If a girl is pretty, she is good-looking. This word generally used for girls, but sometimes it is used to precise a feminine or ladylike attractiveness in boys. While if someone is gorgeous, they are incredible-looking, fabulous, and divine. They provoke a confident, positive, expressive reaction.
  4. Pretty is a weaker, soft or gentle adjective, whereas gorgeous is a solid or strong adjective in comparison to the pretty.
  5. The word pretty is used for women, and the word gorgeous used for both men and women.


The two conditions, pretty and gorgeous, are adjectives whose leading uses are to define and value the appearance or aspect of someone or something. The word pretty emphases on the outer look, gorgeous emphasis on the physical features only.

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