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POSB vs. DBS: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on June 25, 2024
POSB is a banking brand in Singapore, primarily focusing on consumer banking, while DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) is a larger, global financial institution offering a wide range of banking services.

Key Differences

POSB, originally known as the Post Office Savings Bank, has a strong heritage in Singapore, rooted in serving the savings needs of individuals and families. In contrast, DBS, or the Development Bank of Singapore, was established to support industrialization in Singapore and has evolved into a full-service bank with global operations.
POSB is widely recognized for its consumer banking services and accessibility to everyday customers, while DBS offers a broader range of services, including corporate banking, wealth management, and investment banking, catering to a more diversified clientele.
POSB, known for its extensive network of branches and ATMs in Singapore, has a strong focus on community banking, providing essential banking services to the local population. DBS, on the other hand, has a significant international presence, offering services across Asia and beyond, reflecting its status as a major Asian bank.
In terms of digital innovation, DBS has been a frontrunner in embracing technology and digital banking solutions, whereas POSB, while also adopting digital platforms, primarily serves as a traditional, community-focused bank.
POSB has a historic and sentimental value to Singaporeans as a trusted local bank, while DBS is recognized globally for its financial strength, comprehensive services, and as a leader in Asian banking.

Comparison Chart


Started as a savings bank for the Singaporean public.
Established to support Singapore's industrial development.

Client Focus

Primarily serves individual consumers and families.
Offers services to a wide range of clients, including corporations and investors.

Service Range

Mainly consumer banking services.
Broad spectrum including investment, corporate, and wealth management.


Predominantly Singapore-focused with extensive local networks.
Global presence, particularly strong in Asia.

Brand Perception

Seen as a community bank with a strong local heritage.
Viewed as a leading global financial institution.

POSB and DBS Definitions


POSB operates as a subsidiary of DBS Group Holdings.
POSB has been part of DBS Group since its merger.


DBS provides a wide range of banking and financial services.
DBS offers everything from personal banking to investment management.


POSB offers basic banking services geared towards the general public.
For everyday banking needs, many Singaporeans prefer POSB.


DBS, as a global bank, caters to both individual and corporate clients.
DBS provides tailored solutions for businesses and individual customers.


POSB has a history of serving the savings needs of Singaporeans.
POSB has been a trusted savings bank for generations in Singapore.


DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia.
DBS has won numerous awards for being Asia's best bank.


POSB is a well-known consumer bank in Singapore.
I opened my first savings account at POSB.


DBS has a significant international presence, especially in Asian markets.
DBS operates in key Asian markets, including China and India.


POSB is recognized for its accessibility and community banking.
POSB branches are conveniently located across Singapore.


DBS is known for its strong emphasis on digital banking innovations.
DBS's mobile banking app is highly user-friendly and feature-rich.


What does POSB stand for?

POSB stands for Post Office Savings Bank.

Can I access DBS services overseas?

Yes, DBS has a significant international presence.

Who primarily uses POSB?

POSB primarily serves individual consumers and families.

What is DBS known for globally?

DBS is known for its financial strength and leadership in Asian banking.

Is POSB available outside Singapore?

POSB primarily operates within Singapore.

Is POSB a part of DBS?

Yes, POSB operates as a subsidiary of DBS.

What type of services does DBS offer?

DBS offers a wide range including consumer, corporate, and investment banking.

Is DBS involved in corporate social responsibility?

Yes, DBS actively engages in various CSR initiatives.

Are POSB and DBS the same?

POSB is part of DBS, but they cater to different market segments.

Does DBS offer wealth management services?

Yes, DBS provides comprehensive wealth management services.

Are there exclusive products offered by DBS?

DBS offers exclusive products, especially in wealth and investment management.

Does POSB have a mobile banking app?

Yes, POSB offers mobile banking through the DBS mobile app.

Does POSB offer digital banking?

Yes, POSB offers digital banking services, though it's known more for traditional banking.

How does DBS contribute to technological innovation in banking?

DBS is a leader in digital banking innovations and technology adoption.

What makes POSB unique in Singapore?

POSB's extensive network and focus on community banking make it unique.

What is the global reach of DBS?

DBS has a strong presence in Asia and operates in key global markets.

What awards has DBS won?

DBS has won several awards, including for best bank in Asia.

Can businesses bank with POSB?

POSB primarily focuses on consumer banking, but businesses can use some services.

How does POSB cater to the local community?

POSB caters to the local community through accessible banking services and community programs.

Is it easy to switch between POSB and DBS accounts?

Yes, it's generally easy for customers to manage accounts across both POSB and DBS.
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