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Magners vs. Bulmers: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on June 25, 2024
Magners is a brand of Irish cider popular internationally, known as Bulmers in Ireland. Bulmers is the original name of the same cider in Ireland; a different brand, Bulmers UK, exists in Britain.

Key Differences

Magners is a well-known brand of Irish cider sold outside of Ireland, famous for its crisp, fruity taste. Bulmers, while the same product, is the name used exclusively in Ireland, not to be confused with a separate British cider brand also named Bulmers.
Both Magners and Bulmers refer to the same cider produced by the same company, with the only difference being the name under which it is marketed. Magners is branded for the international market, whereas Bulmers is specifically for the Irish market.
Magners cider, known for its distinctive branding and packaging, is marketed globally, often in green bottles. Bulmers Irish Cider, despite being the same product, has different branding tailored to the Irish consumer, often presented in brown bottles.
The history of Magners and Bulmers is intertwined; both originate from the same Irish company founded in the 1930s. However, the name Magners was adopted for the international market in the late 1990s to avoid confusion with the British Bulmers brand.
Both Magners and Bulmers offer a variety of cider flavors, with the taste and production process remaining consistent across both brands. The distinction lies solely in the branding and marketing strategy for different regions.

Comparison Chart

Market Name

International markets
Irish market


Green bottles, "Magners" label
Brown bottles, "Bulmers" label


Same Irish company
Same Irish company

Market Introduction

Used outside Ireland since late 1990s
Original name in Ireland

Confusion with Other Brands

No confusion
Confused with British Bulmers

Magners and Bulmers Definitions


Cider known for its crisp, apple taste, marketed outside Ireland.
Magners is my go-to drink on a hot summer day.


A popular Irish cider brand with a distinct brown bottle.
You can recognize Bulmers by its unique bottle design.


A popular choice among cider lovers outside Ireland.
For the party, we're stocking up on Magners.


A leading cider brand in Ireland, distinct from British Bulmers.
Irish Bulmers should not be confused with the British brand.


A brand of Irish cider sold internationally.
Let's get a bottle of Magners to enjoy with dinner.


The name used for Magners cider within Ireland.
I was surprised to find Bulmers is actually Magners abroad.


Internationally recognized Irish cider brand.
Magners has become popular at our local pubs.


The original Irish cider brand, known as Magners abroad.
In Ireland, we prefer Bulmers over other ciders.


A synonym for Bulmers cider in international markets.
In Ireland, Magners is known as Bulmers.


Irish cider sold under the Bulmers name in Ireland.
Bulmers is the best-selling cider in Ireland.


What is Magners?

Magners is a brand of Irish cider popular in the UK and Ireland.

Are Magners and Bulmers the same product?

Yes, the product is the same but marketed under different names in different regions.

Where is Magners cider produced?

Magners cider is produced in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Is Bulmers a different company from Magners?

No, both are owned by the same company, C&C Group, but branded differently.

What is Bulmers?

Bulmers is the name of an Irish cider brand in Ireland and is known as Magners outside of Ireland.

What flavors are available in Magners cider?

Magners offers various flavors, including original, pear, and berry.

Why are there two names for the same cider?

The name difference is due to branding strategies in different markets.

Is Bulmers cider available outside Ireland?

Outside Ireland, Bulmers cider is branded as Magners.

What distinguishes Magners from other ciders?

Magners is known for its traditional Irish recipe and natural fermentation process.

What type of drink is Magners?

Magners is an alcoholic cider made from fermented apple juice.

What is the alcohol content of Magners cider?

The alcohol content of Magners cider typically ranges around 4-5%.

Is Bulmers considered a premium cider in Ireland?

Yes, Bulmers is considered a premium cider brand in Ireland.

Is Bulmers/Magners cider gluten-free?

Magners cider is generally considered gluten-free, but those with gluten sensitivities should check specific product details.

How long has Magners cider been in production?

Magners cider has been produced since 1935.

How should Magners be served?

Magners is best served over ice.

Is there a non-alcoholic version of Magners?

As of my last update, Magners did not offer a non-alcoholic version.

Can Magners be used in cocktails?

Yes, Magners can be mixed in various cider cocktails.

Are there seasonal varieties of Magners?

Magners occasionally releases limited edition or seasonal flavors.

What is the best way to store Magners cider?

Magners should be stored in a cool and dark place, preferably refrigerated.

Can you find Bulmers cider in the UK?

In the UK, the cider is known as Magners, not Bulmers.
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