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Pets vs. Domestic Animals: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 24, 2024
Pets are animals kept primarily for companionship or pleasure, while domestic animals are tamed and bred by humans for work, food, or as pets.

Key Differences

Pets are animals kept primarily for companionship or pleasure. They are often considered part of the family and are cared for on a personal level. Domestic animals, on the other hand, include a broader category of animals bred and kept by humans, which encompasses pets but also includes animals raised for work, food, or other utilitarian purposes. While all pets are domestic animals, not all domestic animals are pets.
The relationship between humans and pets is often based on affection and emotional connection. People usually keep pets for the joy and companionship they offer. In contrast, domestic animals may not have this same level of emotional bond with humans, as many are raised for practical purposes like farming, transportation, or security. Pets typically have names and receive individual attention, whereas domestic animals are often part of a larger group managed collectively.
The care and maintenance of pets usually involve a significant amount of attention, including regular feeding, grooming, and medical care. Domestic animals, while also receiving care and management, often have their needs met in a more utilitarian manner, focusing on health and productivity rather than personal comfort or entertainment. Pets often live inside homes with their owners, whereas many domestic animals live outdoors or in designated animal housing.
The variety of animals kept as pets can vary widely, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and exotic animals. Domestic animals encompass a broader range, including livestock like cows, pigs, and chickens, and working animals such as horses and oxen. Pets are often chosen for their temperament and compatibility with indoor living, while domestic animals are selected for traits like strength, endurance, or productivity.
Legal and social perspectives also differentiate pets from domestic animals. Pets often have more legal protections regarding their welfare and may be subject to different regulations than domestic animals used for labor or production. Societal attitudes also vary, with pets commonly viewed as individuals with certain rights and domestic animals often seen in terms of their economic or functional value.

Comparison Chart


Animals kept for companionship or pleasure
Animals tamed and bred by humans for various purposes

Emotional Connection

High emotional value and companionship
Utilitarian relationship, often less emotional

Care and Living Space

Individual care, often inside homes
Group management, often in outdoor or animal housing

Typical Examples

Dogs, cats, birds
Cows, pigs, horses, oxen

Societal Perspective

Viewed as family members
Viewed for functional or economic value

Pets and Domestic Animals Definitions


Pets are often domesticated animals like dogs or cats.
Her pet rabbit is very tame and friendly.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are bred and kept by humans for various purposes.
Domestic animals like cows and sheep are essential for agriculture.


Pets are not typically used for work or production.
Unlike farm animals, pets are primarily for companionship.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are often part of a larger managed group.
The farmer takes care of his domestic animals, including cattle and chickens.


Pets are cared for in a family setting.
Their pet parrot is considered part of the family.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals include livestock and working animals.
Horses and oxen have been domestic animals used for labor.


Pets are kept for companionship and emotional support.
She has an emotional support pet to help with her anxiety.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are cared for their productivity or utility.
Domestic animals on the farm are essential for their milk and eggs.


Pets are companion animals kept for pleasure.
Many people find great joy in having pets like dogs or cats.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals can be pets, but also serve utilitarian roles.
In addition to pets, domestic animals include those raised for wool or meat.


An animal kept for enjoyment or companionship.


Can domestic animals be pets?

Yes, some domestic animals can also be pets.

Are pets legally protected?

Yes, pets often have legal protections regarding their welfare.

Are farm animals considered pets?

They are generally considered domestic animals unless kept for companionship.

What qualifies as a pet?

An animal kept primarily for companionship or pleasure.

What are domestic animals?

Animals that are tamed and bred by humans for various purposes.

How are pets cared for compared to domestic animals?

Pets receive individual care and attention, while domestic animals are often managed as a group.

What is the main difference between pets and domestic animals?

Pets are kept for companionship, while domestic animals may have utilitarian purposes.

What are some common types of pets?

Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are common pets.

How do domestic animals contribute to human society?

They provide food, labor, materials, and in some cases, companionship.

Can pets serve functional roles?

Some pets, like dogs, can serve functional roles but are primarily for companionship.

Do domestic animals live in human homes?

Typically, domestic animals live outdoors or in specific animal housing.

Why do people keep pets?

For companionship, pleasure, and emotional support.

Do domestic animals include wildlife?

No, domestic animals are those bred and raised in human care.

Are pets considered family members?

In many cultures, pets are indeed considered part of the family.

Do domestic animals have emotional bonds with humans?

While some do, particularly pets, others may have a more utilitarian relationship with humans.

What is the purpose of domestic animals in agriculture?

For production purposes like food, labor, and materials.

Can pets be trained for specific tasks?

Yes, some pets, like dogs, can be trained for tasks like assistance or therapy.

Are domestic animals used in sports or entertainment?

Yes, some domestic animals are used in activities like racing or shows.

Do pets require special care?

Yes, pets often require specific care, including regular feeding, grooming, and veterinary visits.

Are pets allowed in public places?

This depends on local regulations and the type of pet.
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