Difference Between Perfume and Body Spray


Main Difference

The main difference between perfume and body spray is that Perfume is a combination of unlike aromatic oils and extracts that provide lovely fragrances, whereas a Body Spray is simply a softer kind of perfume; it is a combination of alcohol and water, as well as a variety of extracts.

Perfume vs. Body Spray

Perfume is a blend of various aromatic abstracts and oils that offer lovely, and pleasant fragrances. On the contrary, body spray is merely a type of perfume; body spray is a blend or combination of ethanol, alcohol, and water together with a range of extracts.

Perfume is not applied to the body; however, just on the fabric or cloth. On the other hand, body spray is applied to different parts of the body precisely similar to a deodorant. Perfumes stay longer as compared to body sprays, while a body spray does not remain for a long time, as well as they diminish at a higher rate. Thus, an individual utilizing a body spray needs to use it at many intervals.


The perfume contains large quantities of aromatic abstracts plus oils; on the other side, a body spray comprises only a smaller amount.

Perfumes are expensive; on the flip side, body sprays are less expensive as compared to perfumes. Perfumes are extremely condensed, which offers a pleasing odor; on the other hand, the body sprays are much like fragranced alcohol are slightly condensed and softest. The perfumes are heavier and more durable than body sprays, while body sprays are much, softer and lighter.

Comparison Chart

PerfumeBody Spray
The perfumer is a combination of fragranced compounds or vital aromatic oils.The body spray is a vibrant or energetic assemblage of droplets scattered in a gas.
Perfumes are prepared with more condensed compounds or materials and are highly concentrated.The body sprays that are much like fragranced ethanol are slightly concentrated and are lightweight.
Perfumes possess a large amount of scent Oil and, after that, some ethanol or alcohol.The body sprays typically contain a higher proportion of alcohol reduces or diluted in water.
Perfumes are far more high-priced.The body sprays are cheaper than perfumes.
Perfumes are usually in a liquid state.The body sprays are vaporous fog.
It is a heavier type of scents.It is a softer and lighter type of perfume.

What is Perfume?

Perfumes were primarily utilized by the Egyptians for their spiritual ceremonies and rituals – there is proof of perfume convention in earliest Egypt dating reverse to 3500 BC. The term “perfume,” though, emerges from the Romans. It was utilized for traditional burnings, or else “per fumum,” that meaning is “across smoke,” Thus, this Latin term provides perfumes their admired and trendy name.

Greeks are the earliest to manufacture fluid perfumes, although they were very dissimilar from the perfumes we utilize these days – back after that, they consisted of very weighty and heavy oils and scented powders. Not including religious ceremonies, perfumes were employed to cover up awful body smell.

Present perfumes are extremely unlike their ancestors. Nowadays, they are a combination of solvents, fixatives, and essential oils. These days, these materials might also be unnaturally formed or extracted from various plants.

Types of Notes of Perfumes

  • Top Notes– these are the perfumes that you stench exact after you apply the perfume on your body skin. They regularly fade away very rapidly; however, as they create the first feeling of a particular perfume, they are incredibly significant.
  • Middle Notes– just as their name suggests, these are the fragrances that open out subsequent to the top notes fade away. These are the “spirit” of the perfume.
  • Base Notes– these are the notes you stench following the middle notes have gone. Together with the middle notes, they shape the on the whole idea of the perfume. Base notes are better-off and deeper, and they frequently open up regarding 30 minutes after use.

What is Body Spray?

Body spray is a scent manufactured goods, like to vaporizer deodorant, which is planned to be utilized somewhere else on the body in addition to the underarms. Bodysprays are softer in potency than perfume, usually less costly, and twice as a deodorant. Some well-liked and famous body spray brands consist of “Impulse” Unilever’s “Axe,” Gillette’s “Tag, Procter,” Dial’s “RGX,” & Gamble’s “Old Spice Body Spray,” “and A.P. Deauville’s “Power Stick.” filled with crucial oils, body-sprays are soft perfumes that might be spouted straight onto clothes or your pelt for a explode of tempting scent. Each one is wonderfully mixed with a hydrating —glycerine, plant-based component that helps to lock fragrance and moisture, so you are gone with a slight fragrance and smoothness all over.

Most body spray consumers are obliged to leave the house with their sprays in their luggage since regular duplication is wanted if you desire to stay defending its aroma all day stretched as body sprays have typically consisted of a better proportion of alcohol thinned in water, with just as modest as two to three percent of scent oil.

Key Differences

  1. Perfumes are a blend or combination of several aromatic abstracts and oils that supply pleasing odors; on the other hand, body spray is a blend of alcohol and water beside a variety of extracts.
  2. Perfumes are generally used on clothes just as the deodorants; on the contrary, body sprays are only used on different parts of our body.
  3. Perfumes are expensive and much costlier; on the flip side, body sprays are cheaper than perfumes.
  4. Perfumes comprise of the extreme quantity of aromatic abstracts and oils; on the contrary, a body spray consists of a lower quantity of aromatic extracts.
  5. Perfumes are long-lasting; on the other side, body sprays are faded away very quickly.
  6. Perfumes are extremely compressed, which run out a pleasing aroma; on the converse side, body sprays are much like fragrant ethanol and are less intense and softer.
  7. A perfume is of high quality and long-lasting kind of fragrance; on the other hand, a body spray is just a softer and lighter kind of perfume.


It is to be concluded that, perfumes have high amounts of aromatic abstracts besides oils, whereas a body spray has a less amount of aromatic extracts. A body spray will stay for less duration than a perfume; they still diminish at a faster rate.

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