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Pediasure vs. Ensure: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Published on February 22, 2024
PediaSure is a nutritional supplement designed for children, focusing on growth and development, while Ensure is aimed at adults, offering nutritional support and strength maintenance.

Key Differences

PediaSure is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children aged 2 to 13, focusing on growth and balanced nutrition. It contains essential vitamins and minerals tailored for children. In contrast, Ensure is designed for adults, particularly seniors, offering a range of products to support muscle health, immune system, and overall strength.
PediaSure products are known for their role in supporting a child’s growth, especially for those who are picky eaters or have nutritional gaps. They come in child-friendly flavors. On the other side, Ensure provides a solution for adults needing balanced nutrition, especially those recovering from illness, surgery, or struggling with malnutrition.
In terms of ingredients, PediaSure includes nutrients such as DHA for brain development, and prebiotics for digestive health, suitable for a child’s developing body. Ensure, however, contains higher levels of protein and often includes ingredients like HMB and vitamin D to support muscle health in adults.
PediaSure is often recommended by pediatricians as a supplemental nutrition source for children. Its formulation is gentle and suitable for daily consumption by children. In contrast, Ensure is often used under medical advice for adults who require extra nutrition or are on specialized diets due to medical conditions.
The packaging and marketing of PediaSure are child-friendly and appealing to younger audiences. Conversely, Ensure is marketed towards adults and seniors, with a focus on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle during the later stages of life.

Comparison Chart

Target Age Group

Children aged 2-13
Adults, mainly seniors

Nutritional Focus

Growth, brain development, and balanced nutrition
Muscle health, immune support, and strength maintenance

Key Ingredients

DHA, prebiotics
High protein, HMB, vitamin D

Recommended Usage

Supplemental nutrition for children
Nutritional support for adults, especially during recovery


Child-friendly designs and flavors
Adult-oriented, focuses on active lifestyle

Pediasure and Ensure Definitions


PediaSure contains essential vitamins and minerals for kids.
PediaSure is a great way to ensure my picky eater gets enough nutrients.


Ensure is a nutritional supplement aimed at adults and seniors.
My grandmother drinks Ensure daily for better strength and energy.


PediaSure supports brain and physical development in children.
I give my child PediaSure to support her brain development.


Ensure contains high protein and other vital nutrients.
After my surgery, Ensure provided the extra protein I needed.


PediaSure is suitable for children aged 2 to 13.
As my son is 5, he has been enjoying PediaSure every day.


Ensure supports muscle health, immune system, and strength.
Ensure helps me maintain muscle mass as I get older.


PediaSure is a nutritional drink designed for children’s growth.
My pediatrician recommended PediaSure to help with my child’s growth.


Ensure assists in maintaining an active lifestyle in later life.
Drinking Ensure supports my active lifestyle as a senior.


PediaSure offers balanced nutrition for growing children.
PediaSure helps fill the nutritional gaps in my child's diet.


Ensure is often used for nutritional recovery in adults.
Ensure has been crucial in my recovery from illness.


To make sure or certain; insure
Our precautions ensured our safety. See Usage Note at assure.


(transitive) To make a pledge to (someone); to promise, guarantee (someone of something); to assure.


(intransitive) To make sure or certain of something (usually some future event or condition).
I use an alarm clock to ensure that I get up on time.


To make sure. See Insure.


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Make certain of;
This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us
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Control the quality of the product


Is Ensure suitable for diabetic patients?

Ensure has specific formulations for diabetic patients.

Can PediaSure be used as a meal replacement?

No, PediaSure is a supplement and should not replace meals.

Can PediaSure help with weight gain in children?

Yes, PediaSure can support healthy weight gain.

Does Ensure aid in muscle recovery?

Yes, Ensure can aid in muscle recovery, especially post-surgery.

Is Ensure good for weight management in adults?

Yes, certain Ensure products can assist in weight management.

Is PediaSure gluten-free?

Most PediaSure products are gluten-free.

At what age can a child start drinking PediaSure?

PediaSure is suitable for children aged 2 to 13.

Can lactose-intolerant individuals consume Ensure?

Some Ensure products are suitable for those with lactose intolerance.

Does PediaSure come in different flavors?

Yes, PediaSure is available in various kid-friendly flavors.

Does Ensure have a vegetarian option?

Some Ensure products are suitable for vegetarians.

Is PediaSure good for children with food allergies?

Parents should check PediaSure's ingredients for potential allergens.

Can Ensure be consumed by pregnant women?

Pregnant women should consult a doctor before consuming Ensure.

Is Ensure a source of complete nutrition for adults?

Ensure can provide complete nutrition but should be part of a balanced diet.

Does Ensure help in improving digestion?

Certain Ensure products contain fiber that aids digestion.

Does PediaSure contain sugar?

PediaSure contains sugar; check labels for specific amounts.

How often can a child consume PediaSure?

PediaSure should be consumed as directed by a healthcare professional.

Can PediaSure be mixed with other foods?

Yes, PediaSure can be mixed with certain foods for variety.

Can Ensure replace a meal for an adult?

Ensure can be used as a meal replacement or supplement as advised.

Is Ensure beneficial for heart health?

Some Ensure products support heart health with low-fat content.

Is PediaSure covered by insurance?

Coverage depends on individual insurance plans.
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