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Helmsman vs. Steersman: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 22, 2024
A helmsman operates the helm of a ship, guiding its course, while a steersman generally refers to anyone who steers a vessel.

Key Differences

A helmsman is specifically tasked with managing the helm, the mechanism for steering a ship, such as a wheel or tiller. A steersman, more broadly, refers to any individual who steers a vessel, which could include boats, rafts, or even non-maritime vehicles.
The helmsman is integral to a ship's navigation, often following the captain's orders for direction. A steersman's role, while similar in steering, can extend to less specialized vessels and may not always involve following strict navigational commands.
Helmsmen often require formal training, especially on large ships or in challenging maritime environments. Steersmen, depending on the context and vessel type, might not need formal training and can operate smaller or simpler vessels.
In maritime history, the helmsman has been a crucial role on ships, symbolizing skill and authority on the seas. The steersman, though also important, is a more general term and doesn’t carry the same specific maritime heritage.
In literature, the term "helmsman" is often used metaphorically to signify guidance or leadership. "Steersman" is used more literally for the act of steering and less often in metaphorical or symbolic contexts.

Comparison Chart

Specificity of Role

Operates the helm of a ship
Any person who steers a vessel

Training and Skills

Often requires formal training
May not require formal training

Type of Vessel

Typically large or complex ships
Can include boats, rafts, or other vessels

Historical Significance

Strong maritime tradition
Broader, less specific maritime role

Usage in Language

Used metaphorically for guidance
Used literally for the act of steering

Helmsman and Steersman Definitions


Navigator of a maritime vessel.
As helmsman, he was responsible for the ship's course.


An individual guiding a vessel's course.
The steersman adjusted the rudder to avoid obstacles.


A person who operates a ship's helm.
The helmsman steered the ship through the storm.


A person who steers a boat or vessel.
The steersman navigated the boat through narrow channels.


One who guides a ship’s direction.
The captain relied on the helmsman for precise navigation.


Operator of any steering mechanism.
The steersman skillfully managed the raft’s direction.


A role symbolizing leadership at sea.
He was the helmsman, the ship's guiding force.


A role in controlling a vessel’s path.
He acted as steersman during their river expedition.


A sailor in charge of steering a ship.
The helmsman took control during the difficult maneuver.


One responsible for steering.
As steersman, her focus was on maintaining a steady course.


A man who steers a ship.


(nautical) A member of a ship's crew who is responsible for steering.


What skills are essential for a helmsman?

A helmsman needs navigational skills and knowledge of maritime operations.

What does a helmsman do?

A helmsman operates the helm to steer a ship.

Is training necessary for a helmsman?

Formal training is often required for helmsmen, especially on large ships.

Do steersmen need specialized knowledge?

It depends on the vessel; steersmen on simpler vessels may not need specialized knowledge.

Can a steersman be on a non-maritime vehicle?

Yes, a steersman can steer any kind of vessel, including non-maritime ones.

Can a helmsman make navigational decisions?

Generally, a helmsman follows navigational commands but may make decisions in emergencies.

What's the historical significance of a helmsman?

The helmsman has been a key figure in maritime history, symbolizing skill and guidance.

Is a helmsman a leadership position?

While a helmsman has authority over steering, they typically follow the captain's orders.

What kind of vessels does a steersman handle?

Steersmen can handle a range of vessels, from small boats to rafts.

Can a steersman operate solo?

Yes, a steersman can operate a vessel solo, especially in smaller boats.

What equipment does a helmsman use?

A helmsman typically uses a ship's wheel or tiller, along with navigational instruments.

Do helmsmen work on military ships?

Yes, helmsmen are integral crew members on military ships.

What are the responsibilities of a steersman in a team sport?

In team sports like rowing, the steersman coordinates steering and sometimes pacing.

Are helmsmen part of the modern navy?

Yes, helmsmen are crucial in the operation of modern navy ships.

How does one become a steersman?

Becoming a steersman can vary from informal experience to formal training, depending on the vessel.

Are steersmen found in modern shipping?

Yes, steersmen are present in various types of modern vessels.

Can the role of steersman vary by culture?

Yes, the role and perception of a steersman can vary in different cultural and historical contexts.

How is a steersman’s role different in rowing?

In rowing, a steersman controls the boat’s direction, often in smaller crews.

Is the steersman role gender-specific?

No, the role of steersman is not gender-specific and can be filled by anyone qualified.

What kind of training does a helmsman undergo?

A helmsman typically undergoes maritime navigation and vessel operation training.
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