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Note vs. Notice: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 4, 2024
Note is a brief written record for aid in memory or for future reference. Notice is the act of observing or paying attention, or a formal announcement.

Key Differences

A note is generally a short piece of writing used to remind, inform, or record information. Notice, in contrast, refers to the act of observing or becoming aware of something, often used in contexts requiring attention or acknowledgment.
Notes are typically personal and can be informal, like a jotting on a sticky note or a diary entry. Notice is more formal and public, like a legal announcement or a posted warning sign.
The purpose of a note is often to assist memory or organize thoughts, such as in meeting notes or study guides. Notice usually aims to inform or alert a wider audience, as in a public notice or an eviction notice.
In terms of format, notes can be written, digital, or even auditory, while notices are often written and displayed publicly or sent officially.
A note can be something taken during a lecture or a brief record of a transaction, whereas a notice often implies a need for action or awareness, such as a notice of termination or a notice to vacate.

Comparison Chart


A brief written record for reminders or information.
The act of observing or a formal announcement.


Can be personal, informal, written, or digital.
Usually formal, written, and intended for public or official display.


To aid memory, inform self, or organize thoughts.
To inform, alert, or demand attention or action from others.

Usage Context

Personal reminders, study aids, or informal communication.
Legal announcements, public warnings, or formal notifications.


Generally informal and private.
Often formal and public.

Note and Notice Definitions


A symbol representing a musical sound.
The composer arranged the notes to create a melody.


A public or official declaration.
The company issued a notice of the meeting.


A comment or explanation added to a text.
The student added notes to her textbook for clarity.


The act of observing or paying attention to something.
He took notice of the new policy changes.


A written expression of gratitude.
She sent a thank you note after the interview.


An announcement alerting to a situation or hazard.
A notice was posted about the construction work.


A brief written prompt to remember something.
She left a note on the fridge to buy milk.


A formal declaration to vacate premises.
The tenant received an eviction notice.


A short documentation of an event or transaction.
He made a note of the meeting's key points.


Recognition or awareness of something.
She finally took notice of his efforts.


A brief record, especially one written down to aid the memory
Took notes on the lecture.


The act of noting or observing; perception or attention
That detail escaped my notice.


Respectful attention or consideration
Grateful for the teacher's notice.


What is a musical note?

A musical note is a symbol that represents a sound in music.

What is a note?

A note is a brief written record, reminder, or annotation.

What does notice mean?

Notice refers to the act of observing or a formal announcement.

What is an eviction notice?

An eviction notice is a formal declaration asking a tenant to vacate a property.

Can a note be digital?

Yes, notes can be in digital form, like in apps or on computers.

Can a note be informal?

Yes, notes are often informal, like a scribble on a sticky note.

What is a notice period?

A notice period is a set time before a contract or agreement ends.

Are notes used in education?

Yes, notes are commonly used in education for studying or recording lectures.

How do public notices work?

Public notices are displayed or announced to inform a wide audience about something important.

Is a notice always formal?

Typically, notices are formal, especially in legal or public contexts.

Can notices be ignored legally?

Ignoring formal notices, especially legal ones, can have consequences.

Can anyone issue a notice?

Notices can be issued by authorities, companies, or individuals, depending on the context.

Are thank you notes still common?

Yes, thank you notes are a popular way to express gratitude.

Do notices require action?

Some notices require action, like eviction notices, while others are just informational.

What’s the difference between a notice and a warning?

A notice is a formal announcement, while a warning specifically alerts to danger or consequences.

How long can a note be?

Notes are generally brief, but there's no strict length limit.

How are notices delivered?

Notices can be delivered via mail, email, or posted in public places.

Is a note always written?

Primarily, but notes can also be auditory, like voice notes.

Can a note be a form of art?

Yes, particularly in the form of calligraphy or creative journaling.

Can notes be part of official records?

Yes, in some contexts, notes can be part of official documentation.
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