Difference Between Muffin and Cupcake


Main Difference

The main difference between Muffin and Cupcake is that Muffin is baked bread cake served without frosting, whereas Cupcake is a small sweet cream cake.

Muffin vs. Cupcake

Muffin is a leavened bread cake. Cupcake is one person served, the small cream cake. The muffin shape is overflowing from mushroom to dome shape. The cupcake has a flat peak. Muffins have a rigid porous texture, whereas cupcakes have light crumbs. The taste of the muffin is sweet and salty. The taste of the cupcake is sweet. Muffins serve without topping. Sometimes it possesses a thin glaze of sugar. Cupcakes serve with cream frosting.


The batter of the muffin is thick and nonuniform and mixed for a brief duration. Cupcake batter is smooth and thin. Muffin recipe constitutes more wheat flour and less sugar and butter; on the other hand, cupcakes batter prepares with less wheat flour and more eggs and sugar. The fat content of muffins is less as compared to cupcakes. Muffin offers more health benefits. Cupcake maintains fewer health benefits. Muffin bakes well at a higher temperature, but for the soft texture of cupcake, less temperature is attained. Muffins provide fewer calories as compared to a cupcake.

Comparison Chart

Muffin is a baked cake bread, originated in AmericaCupcake is a small cake, and it originated in America in the 18th century
More dome-shaped topSmooth and flat top
Heavier crumbsLighter crumbs
Sweet or savorySweet
May have a thin glaze or no toppingCreamy frosting
Soft, lumpySmooth, foamy
Butter and sugar is lessButter and sugar is high
More health benefitsFewer health benefits
125 calories/serving292 calories/serving

What is Muffin?

Muffin is quick bread cakes originated in America. Muffins recipe is present in cookbooks of the 19th and 20th centuries in the United States. The recipe for muffin includes flour, sugar, salt, egg, leavening agent, vegetable oil, butter, and milk. In preparation for muffins, a large quantity of flour and fewer eggs are used. The addition of oil gives its more liquid appearance. The batter of muffins mixed roughly for a short time, therefore it is lumpy. The taste of the muffin is sweet and sometimes savory.

The filling of candy, chocolate chip, dried fruits, nuts, and cheese adds excitement in it. The texture of the muffin is generally rigid. Muffins serve without frosting; therefore, it is a healthier choice. People eat muffins in the breakfast. If we form a muffin, but its length is more than 8-inch, this means it’s a cake, not a muffin. Muffin’s appearance is overflowing, mostly mushroom or more dome-shaped. For baking of muffin, higher temperature provides the rigid texture of the surface.

Muffins supply 125 calories of energy in one serving. The calories from fat are 11. It’s one serving supplies 1.3g of fat, 2.9 mg of cholesterol, 151mg of sodium, 22.5g carbs ( 12% dietary fiber of daily recommended values), and 4.9 g proteins. Muffins are gluten-free. The oatmeal muffins contain dietary fibers that lower cholesterol in the body. Chocolate muffins help to boost immunity because these are rich in antioxidants. Blueberry muffins contain b-vitamins, which improves memory and intelligence.

What is Cupcake?

A cupcake serves one person. It is a small cake baked in small is also called as pretty cakes, and patty cakes. It originated in America in the 18th century. If the amount of fat, butter, and sugar double with a constant ratio of wheat in the recipe of muffins, then cake forms. Its ingredients include eggs, butter, milk, wheat flour, and sugar. For its decoration purposes, chefs use frosting or icing techniques. The batter of cupcakes mixes after continuous stirring and form a uniform mixture.

The mixture of a cupcake is thin and lighter. Cupcakes have a pure sweet taste. Its flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Cupcake serves as the delicious creamy topping. People eat cakes on events and special occasions, not served daily at breakfast. The peak of the cupcake is a plane or often less dome.

One serving of cupcake supplies 292 calories of energy. One serving offers 15g fat, 17mg cholesterol, 261mg sodium, 40g carbohydrates, and 2.6g protein. It also contains iron and calcium. Cupcakes provide energy to the body via carbohydrates. Eggs and milk are major sources of protein which makes the body strong and healthy. Cupcakes with fruit toppings improve digestion, reduce the effects of cardiovascular diseases, and supplies more fiber in the body. Cupcakes are healthier choices for the diet, but its consumption should be in a limited range, as excess consumption leads to health risks.

Key Differences

  1. Muffin is a bread cake, while cupcake is miniature cream cakes.
  2. Muffin is mushroom-shaped and overflowing, whereas the top of the cupcake is less dome-shaped. Cupcake is smooth and has a plane apex.
  3. Muffin has coarse crumbs; conversely, cupcake crumbs is light and soft.
  4. Muffin varies from sweet to the salty taste; on the flip side, the cupcake has a pure sweet taste.
  5. Muffin serves without frosting; on the other hand, cupcake serves with a delicious topping of cream.
  6. The batter of a muffin is soft and bumpy, whereas the batter of the cupcake is smooth and fluffy.
  7. Muffin has less sugar and butter, and vegetable oil gives it more liquid shape, while cupcake prepares with more butter and sugar.
  8. Muffin is more healthy; conversely, cupcakes can be health risks because cream topping adds in it.
  9. Muffin serves fewer calories in one serving, while cupcake serves more in one serving.


Muffin and the cupcake both are types of cake, but muffin sweet to salty baked bread cake, and cupcake is a small cream cake topped with yummy cream.

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