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Mice vs. Mouse: What's the Difference?

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"Mice" refers to the plural form of small rodents, while "mouse" denotes a single individual of the species.

Key Differences

"Mice" is commonly used to depict more than one small rodent belonging to the Mus genus. In contrast, "mouse" singularly illustrates just one of these creatures, which can be domestic or wild.
When discussing mice, it encompasses a group that can exhibit various colors and behaviors collectively. A "mouse" may be spoken of to describe its individual characteristics, such as its color, size, or any unique trait it might have.
"Mice" can be utilized to detail collective behaviors or tendencies seen in groups of these rodents. Conversely, when detailing the habits or attributes of a "mouse," it pertains to specifics about a lone individual within the species.
In scientific contexts, “mice” might be referred to when discussing experiments or genetic trends observed within groups. The term "mouse" might be used to describe a specific subject or an individual used within controlled studies.
"Mice" frequently elucidate scenarios or issues where multiple rodents are present or involved. Whereas a "mouse" would be described when referencing a singular instance involving only one of the small rodents.

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Mice and Mouse Definitions


Plural form of mouse.
The mice scurried away when they heard a noise.


A computer input device.
He moved the mouse to click on the icon.


Small rodents often found in homes.
Mice can sometimes be heard moving within walls.


A timid or quiet individual in figurative speech.
She was as quiet as a mouse during the meeting.


Rodents that can be domesticated as pets.
The children enjoyed playing with their pet mice.


A small rodent, singular form of mice.
The mouse nibbled cautiously on the cheese.


Animals often used in scientific research.
The laboratory uses mice for various medical studies.


A small mammal with a pointed snout and long tail.
The mouse hid under the cabinet to escape notice.


Creatures known for their quick, elusive movements.
The mice evaded the cat by darting into a small hole.


A creature often depicted in popular media.
Mickey Mouse is an iconic character in animation.


Plural of mouse.


Any of numerous small rodents of the families Muridae and Cricetidae, such as the house mouse, characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears, and a long naked or almost hairless tail.


To be distracted or inattentive (possibly alluding to a cat being distracted by a mouse).


Any of various similar or related animals, such as the jumping mouse, the vole, or the jerboa.


Is "mousey" a correct spelling?

The common spelling for resembling a mouse is "mousy," though "mousey" is also accepted.

Can "mice" refer to different species?

Yes, "mice" can refer to various species of small rodents.

What's a synonym for "mouse" (rodent)?

A synonym might be "rodent," though it's more general.

What is a baby mouse called?

A baby mouse is typically called a "pup."

What is an example of "mouse" in a sentence?

"She moved the computer mouse to click on the icon."

Can "mouse" be used as a verb?

Yes. "Mouse" can be a verb, meaning to move stealthily or to use a computer mouse.

Is "mices" a correct word?

No. The correct plural form of "mouse" is "mice."

What is an example of "mice" in a sentence?

"The farmer found mice in the barn."

Is "mice" singular or plural?

Plural. "Mice" is the plural form of "mouse."

Can "mice" refer to computer devices?

Yes, "mice" can also refer to multiple computer mice.

What is a synonym for "mice" in the context of rodents?

"Rodents" or "vermin" can be used contextually as synonyms.

How is "mice" pronounced?

"Mice" is pronounced as /maɪs/.

What is the origin of the computer term "mouse"?

The computer "mouse" was named for its resemblance to the rodent, with a cord resembling a tail.

What does "mouse" mean in computer terms?

A "mouse" is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion.

How do you pronounce "mouse"?

"Mouse" is pronounced as /maʊs/.

Does "mice" have a different meaning in scientific research?

In research, "mice" are often specifically referred to as lab animals used in experiments.

Is "mouse" used in any idiomatic expressions?

Yes, e.g., "as quiet as a mouse" or "play cat and mouse."

What is the origin of the word "mice"?

It comes from the Old English word "mūs," with "mice" as its plural form.

**Is it correct to say “three mice”?

Yes, "three mice" is correct.

Is "mouse" singular or plural?

Singular. "Mouse" refers to one small rodent or one computer pointing device.
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