Difference Between Makeup and Makeover


Main Difference

The main difference between Makeup and Makeover is that Makeup refers to the use of cosmetics, whereas Makeover refers to changing the whole personality.

Makeup vs. Makeover

Makeup is the cosmetic or anything that you put on your face, while the makeover is the overall appearance, including new haircuts, new clothes, etc. Makeup can be a product; on the other hand, and the makeover is a talent for changing the personality of a person. Makeup is applied to the face to enhance the features, whereas the makeover is to change the whole person. Makeup is any cosmetics used for the face like eyeliner, lipstick, powder, etc.; on the flip side, the makeover is the alteration of someone’s appearance. Makeup gives beautiful looks for a person for a short time, whereas makeover gives looks and charming appearance for a long time.


The word makeup was originated in 1805; on the other hand, the word makeover was originated in 1981. There are different advantages of makeup like makeup enhances the face looks, hide the scars and other imperfections, can change the age appearance and looks become more professional. On the other hand, the makeover has its own advantages include it to get confidence in the person; the person can get the attention of the audience by changing personality. It can also be said that makeup is a temporary change. However, the makeover is a permanent change.

Makeup also has some disadvantages e.g., it can irritate the skin because some products contain chemicals, take away the natural beauty of face, some makeup products are not easy to remove, and skin gets damaged. The makeover also has some drawbacks e.g., a makeover is much more expensive and makes you overconfident. Makeup is only related to products that use on the face only, while the makeover is also related to hairstyles, dresses, etc.


Comparison Chart

Uncountable items composition is makeup.Radical transformation is a makeover.
Related To
Skin and cosmeticsAll the things that are involved in personality e.g., shoes, hair, clothes, etc
Enhance the personalityOverall change the personality
Using cosmetics on the skinChanging the appearance

What is Makeup?

Makeup is an alternative term that is also used for cosmetics products like lipstick, concealer, eye shadows, etc. These makeup products are used to enhance the feature of the face. Such makeup products are applied to all the visible parts of the face to make a face more attractive and more beautiful. Makeup is also used to hide the birthmarks and other scars. Professional makeup artists charge a high amount to apply makeup on customer’s faces. We can also say that makeup is a slang word for cosmetics that are used to enhance the appearance of a person.

Some makeup products are made up of natural products, but some products are made up of chemicals. According to the American Food Drug Administration, makeup cosmetics are allowed to use on a human’s body for beauty and to make attractive the appearance without causing any harmful effects and functions. Makeup products are used thousands of years ago. Some cheap makeup products can cause side effects. For instance, in the early 20th-century, lash mascara cause blindness as a side effect.

From 3000 BC to 1500 BC, ancient women start to use tinted lipstick as makeup. Egyptian men are also interested in the use of makeup to enhance their features. About 5000 years ago, Sumerian men and women invented some makeup and lipsticks to wear. They make makeup products by crushing the different gemstones to form different color tint as a makeup product. Ancient Egyptians make red dye form iodine, and bromine. Makeup is usually used by women and now used by men.

What is a Makeover?

Makeover changes someone’s appearances. When a person is done his makeover, his personality is completely changed. Artists who are professional in makeover change the whole look of a person by change the dress, hairstyle, style of carrying accessories, etc. Only a style can give a new and fresh look to a person. The boys and girls eagerly appreciate different makeovers. It is a trend of change makeover nowadays. The makeover is associated with cosmetics and hair accessories and clothes. Makeover changes the entire looks of a person.

The makeover is known as the complete transformation of someone or something. The makeover is a type of reformation and a revolutionary change in appearance. Term makeover is used to describe any physical change in human appearance. This physical change may be in clothes, haircuts, or the use of makeup products. Sometimes, any type of dental surgery, use of contact lenses any plastic surgery also counts in the change in appearance. The makeover also refers to other non-physical things such as personality, attitude, etc.

From a dramatic point of view, the makeover can be changed in the whole set, building, etc. Re-construction and renovation is a type of makeover. The makeover is a positive type of change in anything to start a new, fresh, and better life. The makeover usually refers to your new looks. The makeover has the potential to change totally how a person looks like. The makeover is not a temporary change; it is a permanent change in the personality.

Key Differences

  1. Makeup refers to cosmetic products, whereas makeover refers to hairstyles, clothes, shoes, etc.
  2. Makeup enhances features; on the other hand, makeover enhances personality.
  3. Makeup is just an art; conversely, a makeover is a talent and transformation.
  4. Makeup is for the small duration; on the flip side, the makeover is for a long time.
  5. To do makeup, it takes a few minutes. However, transformation takes a few hours.
  6. Word makeup is also used for cosmetics; although word makeover is not used for just cosmetics products, it used for the overall personality.
  7. Makeup is less expensive, contrarily to the makeover, which consumes more money.
  8. Makeup is temporarily changing in an appearance; on the other side, a makeover is a permanent change in appearance.
  9. Makeup is normally applied on the face, though makeover includes the style, dresses, etc.
  10. Makeup is a transformation for a short time, whether a makeover is a transformation for a long time.


It is concluded that makeup is the use of cosmetics, and makeover is the transformation of the personality.

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