Kids vs. Children

Main Difference

The main difference between Kids and Children is that word Kids used for baby girls or baby boys, and word children used for any male or female under the age of ten.

Kids vs. Children — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Kids and Children

Kids vs. Children

Word kids is a slang word; on the other hand, word children is simply a plural of child meaning more than one child.

Kids vs. Children

kids refer to the infant kids; on the flip side, children refer to the newborns to teenagers

Kids vs. Children

The kids is not a professional term; conversely, children are a professional term.

Kids vs. Children

Word Kids is mostly preferred to address an immature person; on the contrary, the word children directs a mature person.

Kids vs. Children

Kids are less developed; inversely, children are more developed.

Kids vs. Children

Kids are babies below 10, while children lie between 10-16 years of age.


Kids vs. Children

The word kids originated in the 16th; on the other side, word children have an ancient origin

Kids vs. Children

Kids can be a demeaning term; on the other hand, children is always a polite term.

Kids vs. Children

The kids mostly used for the personally known personalities on the converse children is used to unknown personalities.

Kids vs. Children

Word kids do not require any specific age to call; in contrast, the word child is ideally for the teenagers.


plural of kid




Comparison Chart

Kids Children
Slang term Formal term
Young ones (baby to teenagers) Under the age of 19
Usually informal Both formal or informal
Familiar people Both familiar and unfamiliar people
Old Norse Old English

Kids vs. Children

The term kids is an informal term usually used for the offspring less than the age of 18. Term Children are a general term used for the offspring of a parent, also including all adults. The plural term of the kid is kids’. Children are the plural term of the child. Term kids can be used as a dishonoring and in an insulting manner also. Term children cannot use it in an offensive or derogating way.

The Word kids is an affection term for the people to whom you are close. The use of the word ‘children’ is for both buddies and for strange. The word kids derive during the 16th century. Children is a word of Old English and have a Germanic origin. In the beginning, kids word used for the babies of the goat. Over time, it refers to human offspring. However, word children always used to call human babies.

Word kids is not for any specific group of age. Word child (plural of children) is ideally for the age of 13 and also extends from 13years age. At the very first-time word, the kids is used to calling to make a joke. Biologically, every person and his siblings are the children of their parents; it means that every person is a child of someone, even a grandparent is someone’s child.

What is Kids?

Kids could be any child, either a baby girl or a baby boy. The origin of this world is very interesting to note, until the end of the 16th-century word “kid” is used to call the offspring of goats. As a slang word, it is first used to refer to the human babies in the 1590s. From this time onwards, the word kid slowly came into being and accepted for usage. The word ‘kids’ generally used in spoken English language. It is preferred when we talk about more familiar people or in an informal context. The use of the word ‘kids’ mostly avoided in academic and professional writing.

Usage of this word is also considered as insulting or derogatory manner sometimes, for example, usage of word kids to address the mature and adult person. If a teacher calls the youngsters by word “Kids,” they dislike it but are happy enough to call “guys.” So, never use word kids to youngsters who are dealing with teenagers.

Kids are also known as informal versions of the children. Although kid is a cutest polite term for the children of fewer than 12 years, so that’s why reserve this term for them. For your friend’s or cousin’s children, you like to prefer the term kids. This means that we prefer to use term kids when they are more familiar or affectionate to someone’s children.

What are Children?

Children are those humans that not yet hit their puberty. Term children have a Germanic origin; it is an old term of the English language. When we call the term children, it means that we are referring to the human offspring. It has both formal and informal usage and mainly preferred in academic, professional writings. According to the context and the structure of the sentence, we adjust the usage of term children. It is a plural possessive form that means the child (biological offspring of a human being). Term children can use as a formal or as an informal term. It also plays a negative suspicion while calling or taunting someone immature.

If a human being has only one baby, it is said to be a child of this human, when many human beings are together, their abbacies collectively said as Children. Depending upon context and sentence word, children have different usage. It is mainly used for teenagers or for under eighteen generations. In some cases, this word refers to the adults, we will understand by the structure of the addressing sentence.

Different Contexts of Word Children

  • Legal: In a legally context word, children refer to the boys or girls under the age of eighteen.
  • Biological: According to the biological point of view, children’s word refers to the humans that are not still hit their puberty.
  • Social: Any person who was born socially is a child to someone. Word children include every person in aspects of social life.

Kids and Children are the two different words with different origins. Kids refer to the babies, and word Children referred to the young ones who haven't yet reached their puberty.