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Losartan vs. Diovan: What's the Difference?

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Losartan and Diovan are both angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) used to treat high blood pressure; however, they are different medications.

Key Differences

Both are medications primarily prescribed for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). These drugs belong to the class of medications known as angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs).
While both effectively lower blood pressure, their chemical structures and formulations are different. This means that even if they achieve similar results, the compounds themselves are not identical.
Both drugs can be used for conditions other than hypertension. For example, losartan can be prescribed for stroke prevention, while Diovan might be used to treat heart failure.
Potential side effects may vary between the two. While some patients may tolerate one better than the other, it's essential to monitor any adverse reactions closely under a physician's guidance.
Both medications can interact with other drugs. Therefore, it's crucial for patients to inform their doctors of all medications they are taking, ensuring no harmful drug interactions occur.

Comparison Chart

Generic Name

Losartan potassium


Angiotensin II receptor blocker
Angiotensin II receptor blocker

Primary Use

Hypertension, stroke prevention
Hypertension, heart failure

Common Brand Name



Multiple (generic versions exist)
Novartis (generic versions exist)

Losartan and Diovan Definitions


Also known by its brand name, Cozaar.
My pharmacist said that Cozaar is the brand name version of losartan.


Known generically as valsartan.
I was looking for a cheaper alternative and found the generic version of Diovan, called valsartan.


An angiotensin II receptor antagonist used to treat high blood pressure.
The doctor prescribed losartan to help control my hypertension.


Often prescribed in fixed-dose combinations with other drugs for more effective treatment.
My doctor switched me to a combination pill that included Diovan and a diuretic.


A medication that can reduce the risk of stroke in specific populations.
After evaluating my risk factors, I was put on losartan for stroke prevention.


A drug that can also be prescribed for heart failure treatment.
Post my heart event, the cardiologist started me on Diovan for better heart function.


A drug that can be prescribed in combination with other medications for comprehensive hypertension management.
I take losartan in conjunction with a diuretic for better blood pressure control.


A medication that can sometimes cause dizziness or fatigue as side effects.
I was advised to monitor for dizziness after starting Diovan.


A medication with potential side effects like dizziness or kidney problems.
After starting losartan, I felt a bit dizzy but was assured it's a common side effect.


An angiotensin II receptor antagonist utilized for hypertension management.
Diovan has been effective in keeping my blood pressure within normal ranges.


What is losartan used for?

Losartan is primarily used to treat high blood pressure and can also be prescribed for stroke prevention.

Can losartan be used for heart failure?

Yes, losartan can be prescribed for heart failure, though Diovan is more commonly associated with this use.

Are there generics available for both losartan and Diovan?

Yes, both medications have generic versions available.

Can I take other medications with losartan or Diovan?

Always consult your doctor before combining any medications, as there might be drug interactions.

How is Diovan different from losartan?

While both are ARBs, Diovan is the brand name for valsartan, and losartan is a different medication, often known by the brand name Cozaar.

What class of drug is losartan?

Losartan belongs to the class called angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs).

Do losartan and Diovan offer cardiovascular protection beyond lowering blood pressure?

Both medications can provide additional cardiovascular benefits, such as stroke prevention (losartan) or heart failure treatment (Diovan). However, individual benefits should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Is Diovan a brand or generic name?

Diovan is the brand name. The generic name is valsartan.

Are losartan and Diovan safe for pregnant individuals?

Neither drug is typically recommended during pregnancy. It's crucial to discuss medication options with a doctor if pregnancy is planned or occurs.

How long do losartan and Diovan take to start working?

Both medications generally begin to work within hours of the first dose, but the full effect might take weeks.

Does Diovan have any side effects?

Yes, like all medications, Diovan can have side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue, and more.

What are common side effects of losartan?

Common side effects of losartan include dizziness, fatigue, and potential kidney issues.

How often should I take losartan or Diovan?

The dosage and frequency depend on the specific prescription and the condition being treated. Follow your doctor's instructions.

Can losartan or Diovan cause weight gain?

Weight gain is not a common side effect of either medication, but individual reactions can vary. Discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Are there any dietary restrictions when taking losartan or Diovan?

It's essential to avoid excessive potassium intake while on these medications, but always consult with your healthcare provider about specific dietary considerations.

Can I drink alcohol while on losartan or Diovan?

Alcohol can enhance the blood pressure-lowering effect of these drugs and increase the risk of side effects. It's best to discuss alcohol consumption with your doctor.

Is losartan the same as Cozaar?

Cozaar is the brand name version of losartan.

Why would a doctor prescribe Diovan over losartan or vice versa?

The decision depends on the individual patient's needs, potential drug interactions, and other medical considerations.

Do losartan and Diovan have similar mechanisms of action?

Yes, both losartan and Diovan work as angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) to lower blood pressure.

Can I switch from losartan to Diovan without consulting my doctor?

No, always consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your medication regimen.
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