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Kiddish vs. Kiddush: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Updated on March 3, 2024
Kiddish refers to being childlike or immature, while Kiddush is a Jewish ritual blessing over wine.

Key Differences

Kiddish describes qualities or behaviors reminiscent of a child, focusing on innocence or immaturity. Whereas Kiddush is a sacred Jewish ceremony that sanctifies the Sabbath and holidays, involving a blessing recited over wine or grape juice.
Kiddish often implies a lack of sophistication or depth, suggesting naivety or simplicity in actions or thoughts. On the other hand, Kiddush embodies religious significance and communal unity, marking the beginning of Sabbath and festive meals.
While kiddish behaviors may be seen in various social or personal contexts, reflecting a playful or undeveloped nature. Kiddush, conversely, is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, symbolizing holiness and the act of setting apart the Sabbath and holy days.
Kiddish can sometimes carry a negative connotation, hinting at a need for growth or maturity. In contrast, Kiddush is revered, embodying spiritual elevation and the sanctification of time according to Jewish law.
The term kiddish might be used colloquially to describe someone's actions or demeanor, lacking formality or religious context. Kiddush, however, is a formal ritual, integral to Jewish religious practices, and performed with specific prayers and procedures.

Comparison Chart


Childlike, immature
Jewish blessing over wine


Social, personal
Religious, ceremonial


Often negative
Positive, sacred


Reflects personal growth stage
Marks Sabbath, holidays


Colloquial, descriptive
Formal, ritualistic

Kiddish and Kiddush Definitions


The kiddish pranks were amusing but out of place in a professional setting.


Sabbath Observance.
Kiddush marked the beginning of their Sabbath meal.


Her kiddish trust in strangers worried her friends.


Jewish Ritual.
They performed Kiddush to welcome the Sabbath with reverence.


His kiddish understanding of the subject was evident in his basic questions.


Blessing Over Wine.
The head of the household recited Kiddush over a cup of wine.


His kiddish laughter filled the room, reminiscent of simpler times.


Holy Ceremony.
Kiddush on festivals adds a layer of sanctity to the celebration.


The kiddish joy in their eyes made the game more enjoyable for everyone.


Spiritual Significance.
The Kiddush brought a sense of peace and spirituality to the evening.


(informal) Childish; immature.


The traditional blessing and prayer recited over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or a festival.


(informal) Of, like, or suitable for a child.


A blessing recited over wine or grape juice in commemoration of the sanctity of the Shabbat or other Jewish holy day.


Is Kiddush only performed on the Sabbath?

No, Kiddush is also performed on Jewish festivals and holidays.

Can Kiddish behaviors be beneficial?

In some contexts, kiddish innocence or playfulness can be refreshing and positive.

How important is Kiddush in Jewish tradition?

Kiddush is very important, marking the beginning of Sabbath and holiday observances.

Can Kiddish have positive connotations?

Yes, kiddish can imply innocence or playfulness positively.

Do you need wine to perform Kiddush?

Traditionally, wine or grape juice is used, but accommodations are made if these are not available.

Is Kiddish ever used in formal contexts?

Kiddish is generally more colloquial and less formal.

Can adults be described as Kiddish?

Yes, adults can exhibit kiddish behaviors, implying immaturity or playfulness.

Does Kiddish imply a lack of intelligence?

Not necessarily; it often refers more to behavior than intellect.

What is the main difference between Kiddish and Kiddush?

Kiddish refers to childlike immaturity, while Kiddush is a Jewish blessing ritual.

What does Kiddush symbolize?

Kiddush symbolizes the sanctification of the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

Can Kiddish be seen as endearing?

Yes, kiddish traits can be endearing, reflecting innocence or simplicity.

Is Kiddish a formal term?

No, kiddish is more informal and descriptive.

Can Kiddush be done alone?

While Kiddush is often communal, it can be performed alone if necessary.

What preparations are needed for Kiddush?

Preparations include having wine or grape juice and knowing the specific blessings.

Who can perform Kiddush?

Any adult in the Jewish faith can perform Kiddush, though traditionally the head of the household does.

Is there a specific prayer for Kiddush?

Yes, there are specific prayers recited during the Kiddush ceremony.

What is the role of Kiddush in Jewish life?

Kiddush plays a central role in marking the holiness of the Sabbath and festivals.

Is Kiddush only about wine?

Wine is a key element, but the essence of Kiddush is the prayer and sanctification.

Can Kiddish attitudes change over time?

Yes, people can outgrow kiddish behaviors as they mature.

Does being Kiddish affect professional life?

Being kiddish in a professional setting might be viewed negatively, suggesting immaturity.
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