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Gourmand vs. Gourmet: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Harlon Moss || Updated on May 23, 2024
A gourmand enjoys consuming large quantities of food, while a gourmet appreciates high-quality, finely prepared dishes.

Key Differences

A gourmand is someone who loves to eat and often enjoys consuming large amounts of food. This term carries a slight connotation of overindulgence, as a gourmand may not be particularly discriminating about the quality of food they consume. Their primary pleasure comes from the act of eating itself. A gourmet, on the other hand, is a person with a refined palate who appreciates high-quality, well-prepared food. Unlike a gourmand, a gourmet is discerning about what they eat and often seeks out the best ingredients and culinary experiences. They are known for their sophisticated tastes and culinary knowledge.
While a gourmand might indulge in a large feast without much concern for the culinary excellence, a gourmet would prefer a smaller, exquisitely prepared meal. The gourmand's pleasure is more about quantity and the act of eating, whereas the gourmet's focus is on quality and the culinary artistry involved.
Gourmands might be more interested in the abundance and variety of dishes available to them, whereas gourmets would be more interested in the meticulous preparation and presentation of fewer, high-quality dishes. This difference highlights the gourmand's broad appetite and the gourmet's refined taste.
Both terms share a love for food, but a gourmand's approach is more about enjoying food in abundance, whereas a gourmet is about savoring the quality and the dining experience. A gourmand's pleasure is often straightforward and less critical, while a gourmet's pleasure is detailed and discerning.

Comparison Chart


Enjoys consuming large quantities of food
Appreciates high-quality, well-prepared food


Slightly negative, implies overindulgence
Positive, implies refinement and expertise


Quantity and variety
Quality and culinary excellence

Eating Habits

Indulges in large feasts
Prefers smaller, exquisite meals

Culinary Knowledge

Less discerning
Highly discerning and knowledgeable

Gourmand and Gourmet Definitions


A food enthusiast who enjoys abundant and varied meals.
As a gourmand, she loved the diversity of street food.


A connoisseur of excellent food.
The restaurant was frequented by gourmets who valued its quality.


A person with a strong interest in eating.
His gourmand tendencies led him to explore many different cuisines.


An expert in selecting high-quality foods.
As a gourmet, she only chose the finest ingredients.


A person who indulges in eating to excess.
Being a gourmand, he often hosted lavish dinner parties.


Someone who enjoys and knows a lot about fine food and drink.
The gourmet's knowledge of wine was impressive.


Someone who enjoys eating large amounts of food.
The gourmand couldn't resist sampling every dish at the buffet.


A person with refined taste in food and drink.
The gourmet appreciated the subtle flavors of the dish.


Someone who takes great pleasure in eating.
The gourmand savored each bite of the elaborate meal.


A person who seeks out and savors fine cuisine.
The gourmet traveled extensively to find the best restaurants.


A lover of good food.


A connoisseur of fine food and drink.


A person who often eats too much.


Being of a standard suitable for or characteristic of a gourmet
A gourmet meal.
A gourmet kitchen.


A person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink; a greedy or ravenous eater.


(of food and drink) Fine; of superior quality.
We need to go to the gourmet grocery store to get the exotic ingredients for this recipe.
The restaurant offered gourmet coffee and cigars after the meal.


A person who appreciates good food.


A connoisseur in eating and drinking; someone who takes their food seriously.


A greedy or ravenous eater; a glutton. See Gormand.
That great gourmand, fat Apicius.


A connoisseur in eating and drinking; an epicure.


A person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess


A person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)


Does a gourmet have more refined tastes than a gourmand?

Yes, a gourmet has more refined and discerning tastes.

Can someone be both a gourmand and a gourmet?

Yes, one can enjoy both large quantities of food and have refined tastes, though it is less common.

Is being a gourmand considered negative?

It can be slightly negative, implying overindulgence in food.

Which term implies better culinary knowledge?

Gourmet implies better culinary knowledge and expertise.

Is the term 'gourmand' used positively?

It can be neutral or slightly negative, depending on context.

Which term is more associated with indulgence?

Gourmand is more associated with indulgence.

What is the main difference between a gourmand and a gourmet?

A gourmand enjoys large quantities of food, while a gourmet appreciates high-quality, well-prepared dishes.

Do gourmands care about the quality of food?

Gourmands may not be as concerned with quality as they are with quantity.

Are gourmets typically more selective about their food?

Yes, gourmets are more selective and seek out high-quality, well-prepared food.

Is gourmand a commonly used term?

It is less common than gourmet but still used.

Do gourmets enjoy exploring new cuisines?

Yes, gourmets enjoy exploring new and high-quality cuisines.

Is gourmet food always expensive?

Not always, but gourmet food often involves high-quality, sometimes costly ingredients.

Can a gourmand appreciate fine dining?

Yes, but their primary focus may still be on the quantity rather than the finesse.

Is a gourmet likely to appreciate culinary artistry?

Yes, a gourmet highly appreciates culinary artistry.

Do gourmets prefer smaller, refined meals?

Yes, gourmets prefer smaller, refined meals.

Can a gourmet be considered a food critic?

Yes, a gourmet can often be a food critic due to their refined tastes.

Which term suggests a love for all kinds of food?

Gourmand suggests a love for all kinds of food.

Which term indicates a focus on the culinary experience?

Gourmet indicates a focus on the culinary experience.

Are gourmands more interested in the act of eating?

Yes, gourmands are more interested in the act of eating itself.

Which term might be associated with lavish feasts?

Gourmand is associated with lavish feasts.
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