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Jumpstyle vs. Hardstyle: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson || Updated on May 22, 2024
Jumpstyle is a dance style characterized by rapid leg movements and jumps, while Hardstyle is a genre of electronic dance music known for its hard-hitting bass and fast beats.

Key Differences

Jumpstyle originated in Belgium and the Netherlands as a form of dance associated with hard electronic music, characterized by high-energy jumping and kicking moves. It is often performed to upbeat music with a moderate tempo, emphasizing rhythm and synchronization of jumps and kicks. Hardstyle, on the other hand, emerged from the Netherlands as a distinct genre of electronic dance music. It features hard-hitting basslines, distorted kicks, and fast-paced beats, usually around 140-150 BPM.
Jumpstyle dancers typically perform solo or in small groups, focusing on synchronized leg movements and jumps. The choreography often includes repeated patterns of jumps, kicks, and spins. Whereas, Hardstyle music is designed for large rave environments, with DJs playing extended sets that build up energy through intense beats and bass drops.
While Jumpstyle places emphasis on the dance moves themselves, often performed to various electronic tracks, Hardstyle is more about the auditory experience with its powerful and driving sound designed to keep large crowds moving.
Jumpstyle's dance-centric nature means that it is accessible to individuals looking to engage physically with the music, whereas Hardstyle's intense sound and rave culture cater more to listeners seeking an immersive, high-energy auditory experience.

Comparison Chart


Belgium and the Netherlands

Primary Focus

Dance movements with jumps and kicks
Hard-hitting electronic dance music


Moderate tempo
Fast-paced (140-150 BPM)


Solo or small group dances
DJ sets at large raves

Cultural Impact

Dance competitions and social media showcases
Major electronic dance music festivals

Jumpstyle and Hardstyle Definitions


A dance style featuring jumps and kicks.
He showed off his Jumpstyle moves at the dance battle.


A genre of electronic dance music with hard bass and fast beats.
The Hardstyle track had the crowd jumping all night.


Originated in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Jumpstyle became popular in European clubs in the early 2000s.


Originated in the Netherlands.
Hardstyle festivals are huge in the Netherlands.


Focuses on rhythm and synchronization.
Jumpstyle dancers synchronized their jumps perfectly.


Known for its distorted kicks and energetic beats.
She loves the powerful beats of Hardstyle music.


Often involves solo or group performances.
The Jumpstyle crew won the dance competition with their routine.


Typically played at raves and large festivals.
The Hardstyle DJ's set was the highlight of the festival.


Typically performed to electronic music.
The DJ played a Jumpstyle track, and everyone hit the dance floor.


Has a tempo of 140-150 BPM.
Hardstyle music is perfect for high-energy workouts.


A European genre of frenetic electronic music accompanied by a jumping dance.


(music) A genre of electronic dance music that combines elements of trance, techno, and hardcore.


(sports) In contrast to sports style, a specifically intensive workout exercise, such as a swing squat.


Where did Hardstyle originate?

Hardstyle originated in the Netherlands.

Where did Jumpstyle originate?

Jumpstyle originated in Belgium and the Netherlands.

What is Jumpstyle?

Jumpstyle is a dance style characterized by energetic jumps and kicks.

Is Jumpstyle more focused on the dance or the music?

Jumpstyle is more focused on the dance moves themselves.

What type of music is associated with Jumpstyle?

Jumpstyle is typically performed to various forms of electronic dance music.

What is Hardstyle?

Hardstyle is a genre of electronic dance music known for its hard-hitting basslines and fast tempo.

What are the key elements of Hardstyle music?

Hardstyle music features distorted kicks, hard basslines, and energetic beats.

What is the main difference between Jumpstyle and Hardstyle?

Jumpstyle is a dance style with specific moves, while Hardstyle is a genre of music with a distinct sound.

What kind of environment is Hardstyle music designed for?

Hardstyle music is designed for high-energy environments like raves and festivals.

What is the typical tempo of Hardstyle music?

Hardstyle music usually has a tempo of 140-150 BPM.

Is Hardstyle more focused on the dance or the music?

Hardstyle is more focused on the intense and aggressive sound of the music.

What kind of events feature Hardstyle music?

Hardstyle music is commonly featured at raves and large electronic dance music festivals.

Are there any famous Jumpstyle tracks?

There are many popular tracks that Jumpstyle dancers use, often shared in dance communities and social media.

How is Jumpstyle performed?

Jumpstyle is performed through synchronized jumps and kicks, often in solo or small group settings.

Do Jumpstyle dancers compete?

Yes, Jumpstyle dancers often compete in dance battles and competitions.

What attracts people to Hardstyle?

The powerful and driving beats attract fans to Hardstyle music.

Can Jumpstyle be performed to any music?

Jumpstyle is typically performed to electronic dance music but can adapt to various tracks with a suitable beat.

What attracts people to Jumpstyle?

The energetic and rhythmic dance moves attract people to Jumpstyle.

Can Jumpstyle be performed alone?

Yes, Jumpstyle can be performed solo or in small groups.

Is Hardstyle music suitable for casual listening?

Hardstyle music is more suited for high-energy events rather than casual listening due to its intensity.
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