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JSP vs. JavaScript: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 8, 2024
JSP (Java Server Pages) is a server-side technology for web page creation, while JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used for interactive web pages.

Key Differences

JSP is used for creating dynamic web content on the server side, meaning it runs on the web server. JavaScript, however, is executed on the client side, within the user's web browser.
JSP, part of the Java technology family, is a server-side scripting language. JavaScript is a standalone programming language that can interact with HTML and CSS to enhance web pages.
JSP allows the embedding of Java code in HTML pages for server-side processing. JavaScript is used to add interactivity, animations, and user interface enhancements to web pages on the client side.
In JSP, code is executed on the server to generate HTML, which is sent to the client. JavaScript code is sent as part of the web page and executed by the browser.
JSP is typically used for accessing server resources, database interactions, and rendering complex web pages. JavaScript is used for client-side validations, dynamic content changes, and improving user experience.

Comparison Chart

Execution Environment


Main Purpose

Dynamic page generation
Web page interactivity

Language Family

Part of Java
Independent scripting language

Execution Process

Generates HTML on server
Executed in browser

Typical Use

Server interactions, database access
UI enhancements, validations

JSP and JavaScript Definitions


JSP allows embedding Java code in HTML.
We implemented a login feature using JSP.


JavaScript is used for client-side web development.
We use JavaScript to validate user inputs on the client side.


JSP is a part of Java EE for web development.
JSP and servlets are key components of our Java EE web application.


JavaScript interacts with HTML and CSS.
JavaScript made the website's interface more responsive.


JSP is a server-side technology for dynamic web content.
The website uses JSP to pull user data from the server.


JavaScript is a scripting language for enhancing web pages.
We added interactive forms to our website using JavaScript.


JSP generates HTML dynamically on the server.
The server uses JSP to create personalized pages for each user.


JavaScript enables interactive web applications.
Our online game is built primarily with JavaScript.


JSP is used for database interaction in web applications.
Our shopping cart's backend is powered by JSP.


JavaScript runs in the user's web browser.
The page’s dynamic features are enabled through JavaScript.


Misspelling of JavaScript


Do JSP pages contain HTML?

Yes, JSP pages can contain HTML along with Java code.

What is JSP mainly used for?

Generating dynamic web content on the server side.

Can JavaScript run outside a browser?

Yes, with environments like Node.js, it can run server-side.

How does JSP handle database connectivity?

JSP can connect to databases through JDBC for data-driven web applications.

Can JavaScript manipulate web page content?

Yes, it can dynamically change HTML and CSS.

Is JSP dependent on Java?

Yes, it’s part of the Java server technology suite.

Does JavaScript require a web server to run?

No, JavaScript runs in the client's browser, not on a web server.

Can JSP work independently of Java Servlets?

JSP is typically used in conjunction with Java Servlets.

Does JavaScript support object-oriented programming?

Yes, JavaScript supports object-oriented concepts.

Can JSP be used for frontend development?

JSP is mainly for backend development; it generates HTML for the frontend.

Is JavaScript easy to learn for beginners?

It's considered one of the more beginner-friendly programming languages.

Can I use JSP for real-time web applications?

JSP isn’t typically used for real-time functionality; technologies like WebSockets are better suited.

Is JSP still relevant in modern web development?

JSP is still used, but newer technologies like JavaServer Faces (JSF) are gaining popularity.

Is JavaScript only used for web development?

Primarily, but it's also used in other applications like server-side scripting.

How does JSP compare to PHP?

Both are server-side scripting languages, but JSP is Java-based, while PHP is a standalone scripting language.

Are there any alternatives to JavaScript for client-side scripting?

While JavaScript is dominant, HTML5 and CSS3 provide some interactive features.

What is Node.js in relation to JavaScript?

Node.js is a runtime environment that lets JavaScript run on the server side.

Can JavaScript interact with server-side scripts?

Yes, JavaScript can make requests to server-side scripts using AJAX.

Can JavaScript be disabled in the browser?

Yes, users can disable JavaScript, which may affect web page functionality.

Is JSP compatible with all web servers?

JSP is compatible with servers that support Java, like Apache Tomcat.
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