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Red Tiger Balm vs. White Tiger Balm: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 8, 2024
Red Tiger Balm is stronger, with warming ingredients for muscle pain relief, while White Tiger Balm has a cooling effect, used for headache and nasal congestion relief.

Key Differences

Red Tiger Balm contains a higher concentration of menthol and is infused with cinnamon oil, making it effective for deep muscle pain relief. White Tiger Balm has a lower menthol concentration and contains eucalyptus oil, making it suitable for headaches and nasal congestion.
The warming sensation provided by Red Tiger Balm is beneficial for relieving muscular aches and arthritis pain. In contrast, the cooling sensation of White Tiger Balm is soothing for tension headaches and minor respiratory issues.
Red Tiger Balm's formulation is aimed at increasing blood flow to alleviate muscle stiffness and soreness. White Tiger Balm, with its milder formula, is preferred for relieving itchiness from insect bites and reducing discomfort from sinus issues.
The distinct red color of Red Tiger Balm comes from its added ingredients like cinnamon oil, while White Tiger Balm is non-staining and clearer, suitable for application on the forehead and temples.
Red Tiger Balm is known for its strong scent and intense warming effect, whereas White Tiger Balm has a milder scent and cooling properties, making it less intense and more suitable for mild pain and congestion.

Comparison Chart

Main Use

Muscle pain, arthritis
Headaches, nasal congestion



Key Ingredients

Higher menthol, cinnamon oil
Lower menthol, eucalyptus oil

Ideal For

Deep muscle pain, increasing blood flow
Tension headaches, minor respiratory issues

Color and Scent

Red color, strong scent
Clear, milder scent

Red Tiger Balm and White Tiger Balm Definitions

Red Tiger Balm

Ideal for treating muscular aches and increasing blood flow.
Applying Red Tiger Balm helped ease the stiffness in his back.

White Tiger Balm

A cooling ointment for headache and nasal congestion relief.
She applied White Tiger Balm on her temples to relieve her headache.

Red Tiger Balm

Contains higher menthol and cinnamon oil for deep penetration.
The Red Tiger Balm's heat helped alleviate her arthritis pain.

White Tiger Balm

Non-staining and clear, it's often applied to the forehead and temples.
He gently rubbed White Tiger Balm on his forehead to ease the tension.

Red Tiger Balm

Often used in sports for muscle recovery and pain relief.
The athlete applied Red Tiger Balm to recover from muscle soreness.

White Tiger Balm

Has a milder scent, preferred for less intense pain and discomfort.
She preferred the mild scent of White Tiger Balm for her slight neck pain.

Red Tiger Balm

A warming ointment for relieving muscle pain and stiffness.
He used Red Tiger Balm to soothe his sore leg muscles after the marathon.

White Tiger Balm

Contains eucalyptus oil and a lower concentration of menthol.
The cooling effect of White Tiger Balm helped clear his nasal passages.

Red Tiger Balm

Known for its strong, invigorating scent and red color.
The distinctive scent of Red Tiger Balm filled the room as he opened the jar.

White Tiger Balm

Suitable for relieving itchiness from insect bites and mild pains.
White Tiger Balm provided quick relief from the mosquito bite itch.


What is the primary use of Red Tiger Balm?

Red Tiger Balm is primarily used for deep muscle pain relief and arthritis.

Can White Tiger Balm help with nasal congestion?

Yes, White Tiger Balm's cooling effect can help alleviate nasal congestion.

Are there any side effects of using Red Tiger Balm?

Side effects are rare but can include skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Is White Tiger Balm suitable for children?

It's advised to use it cautiously with children and consult a doctor beforehand.

Can White Tiger Balm be used for headaches?

Yes, White Tiger Balm is effective for relieving tension headaches.

Is Red Tiger Balm stronger than White Tiger Balm?

Yes, Red Tiger Balm has a stronger formula compared to White Tiger Balm.

Is White Tiger Balm effective for sinus headaches?

Yes, White Tiger Balm can be effective for sinus headaches due to its cooling effect.

Does White Tiger Balm contain any synthetic fragrances?

White Tiger Balm may contain fragrances; it's best to check the ingredients.

How often can I apply Red Tiger Balm?

Red Tiger Balm can be applied 3-4 times daily, but not excessively.

Is White Tiger Balm good for joint pain?

It can provide temporary relief, but Red Tiger Balm is more effective for joint pain.

Can Red Tiger Balm be used before exercising?

Yes, Red Tiger Balm can be used before exercise to warm up muscles.

Should White Tiger Balm be applied on open wounds?

No, avoid applying White Tiger Balm on broken skin or open wounds.

How long does the effect of Red Tiger Balm last?

The effect can last several hours, but it varies from person to person.

Does Red Tiger Balm have a heating effect?

Yes, Red Tiger Balm produces a warming sensation on the skin.

Can Red Tiger Balm stain clothing?

Yes, due to its color, Red Tiger Balm can potentially stain clothing.

Can I use White Tiger Balm for a sunburn?

It's not recommended; the menthol may cause irritation on sunburned skin.

Can Red Tiger Balm be used for chronic pain?

It can help manage symptoms, but it's not a cure for chronic pain conditions.

Is White Tiger Balm vegan?

You should check the product's ingredients, as formulations can vary.

Does Red Tiger Balm help with sports injuries?

Red Tiger Balm can provide temporary relief for minor sports injuries.

Can White Tiger Balm be used during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should consult a healthcare provider before using White Tiger Balm.
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