Difference Between Jeans and Denim


Main Difference

The main difference between the two terms is very simple, jeans are actually the primary product which is obtained after all the processes are completed, and people can wear it as a dress. On the other hand, Denim is the raw material which is used to make jeans and is available in different forms. It is actually the type of Denim used which results in the kind of jeans which is produced.

Comparison Chart

It is the end product which is produced by using Denim.It is the raw material which is used to make jeans.
Very hard materialVery sensitive material
Slim Jeans, Skinny Jeans, Blue Jeans, Black Jeans, Bottom Jeans, Narrow Jeans, Even Low Wait, Anti-Fit Jeans.Dry Denim, Wet Denim
Any color of choice such as black, red, blue, gray and brown.Specifically, blue in color with the outer edges after stitching showing white or gray looks.

What is Jeans?

These are a type of garment which is very famous among people and perhaps the most used product in the world for the lower body. It is made with the help of fibers that are made from denim or dungaree cloth. The term is particular to the type of blue colored pants which were first brought to the market by Jacob W. Davis in 1871. It is therefore considered one of the oldest form of wear in the modern society. This type of wear is mostly famous among young people who like to wear it for a different type of activities such as going to the university, for a party or even at formal events within an organization. That said, they are not just restricted to young people, but old people also have different varieties to choose from. Initially, they were famous among men, but now women are the biggest wearer of this product. There are different types that have been introduced in the market for people so that they have various options to choose from. These include slim jeans, skinny jeans, blue jeans, black jeans, bottom jeans, narrow jeans and even low wait and anti-fit jeans. They all have their properties and class of people which wear them, but the most famous ones are the skinny and slim jeans. The first type is more famous among women while the second category is more famous among men. There is no particular color for this kind of dressing now, although initially the grayish blue was considered the main ones, now all kinds such as blue, black, gray, green and even orange color are used for the manufacturing.


What is Denim?

The best way of explaining this product is the fact that it is used to make jeans. The actual raw material which helps in sewing the jeans is known as Denim. It Is a cotton based product which is warp faced and has required two or more threads. It can easily be separated from others based on the color and provides the most stylish dressing among people. There are different types of denim which are present as the raw material, but the most famous one is the indigo denim. The best feature about it is that although it is different in color when it is sewn the outer or top color stays white which gives it a distinguish feature that other type of clothes lacks. It is strong, and therefore jeans are considered as dressing which can remain intact for a long time. The word itself has been derived from the French language and originally comes in the blue color. There are different types under which it is prepared. The first one is the wet denim which is used for jeans such as skinny jeans or the softer ones since they are made wet they have a smoother feel about them. The next one is the dry one which is not washed after it has been dyed and that is for the type of jeans which is harder, this type can sustain itself for a long time and therefore is more common among guys who do not like to change clothes often. There are different patterns under which they fade in color which include honeycombs, whiskers, stacks, and trainers.

Key Differences

  1. Jeans are actually the hard-wearing casual pants which are famous all over the world while Denim is the actual raw material which is used to make jeans.
  2. The main types of jeans include slim jeans, skinny jeans, blue jeans, black jeans, bottom jeans, narrow jeans and even low wait and anti-fit jeans. On the other hand, denim is available in two forms called wet and dry denim.
  3. If the denim is dry, then the jeans will be hard, and if the denim is wet, then the jeans will be softer.
  4. Jeans can be made into any color of choice such as black, red, blue, gray and brown while denim is available in the natural color and has a white texture on the top.
  5. Denim on its own is a very sensitive material which can quickly corrode while, on the other hand, jeans is a hard product which can stay intact for years.
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