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iTunes vs. Apple Music: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 15, 2024
iTunes is a media player and library for buying and organizing digital media, while Apple Music is a streaming service offering access to a vast music library.

Key Differences

iTunes is a software application developed by Apple for purchasing, downloading, and organizing digital media, including music, movies, and TV shows. Apple Music, on the other hand, is a subscription-based music streaming service that offers users access to a vast library of songs without the need for individual purchases.
iTunes allows users to own their media by purchasing and downloading files, whereas Apple Music operates on a streaming model, where users pay a monthly fee for access to music but do not own the tracks.
With iTunes, users can create personal libraries, manage playlists, and sync media to Apple devices. Apple Music provides features like curated playlists, radio shows, and integration with users' existing iTunes libraries.
iTunes has been a cornerstone of Apple's digital media strategy for years, serving as a comprehensive media platform. Apple Music, launched in 2015, represents a shift towards the growing trend of streaming media, focusing specifically on music.
iTunes includes a broader range of media types, while Apple Music is exclusively focused on music, offering additional features such as personalized recommendations and live radio stations.

Comparison Chart

Primary Function

Media player and library for purchasing and organizing digital media
Music streaming service with access to a vast music library

Ownership Model

Purchase and download to own media
Subscription-based access without ownership

Media Types

Music, movies, TV shows, and more
Exclusively music

User Features

Personal libraries, playlist management, device syncing
Curated playlists, radio shows, personalized recommendations

Launch Year


iTunes and Apple Music Definitions


ITunes is a media player and library application by Apple.
She used iTunes to organize her extensive music collection.

Apple Music

Apple's answer to streaming, providing users with millions of tracks at their fingertips.
He switched to Apple Music for its exclusive album releases.


It supports a range of media, including music and movies.
They downloaded a movie from iTunes for their movie night.

Apple Music

A digital music streaming service developed by Apple Inc.
I discovered my new favorite band on Apple Music.


ITunes provides tools for managing and organizing digital libraries.
She created a new playlist in iTunes for her workout.

Apple Music

A subscription-based media service offering personalized music recommendations.
My morning run is always energized by the Apple Music recommendations.


ITunes can sync content across Apple devices.
I synced my iPhone with iTunes to update my playlist.

Apple Music

An online platform for accessing a vast library of songs, albums, and playlists.
She spends hours curating her playlists on Apple Music.


It allows for purchasing and downloading digital media.
He bought his favorite album on iTunes.

Apple Music

A part of the Apple ecosystem, integrating music streaming with other Apple devices and services.
Syncing my playlist across devices is seamless with Apple Music.


What is Apple Music?

A streaming service offering access to a vast music library.

How do I purchase movies on Apple Music?

Movies are not available on Apple Music; they can be purchased on iTunes.

Does Apple Music have a free version?

Apple Music offers a trial period, but full access requires a subscription.

Does iTunes offer streaming?

iTunes primarily focuses on purchases and downloads, not streaming.

Can I buy songs on Apple Music?

No, it's for streaming music with a subscription.

Can I access Apple Music without a subscription?

No, a subscription is required for full access.

Is Apple Music integrated with Siri?

Yes, Apple Music can be controlled using Siri commands.

Can I keep the music I download on iTunes?

Yes, purchased content is yours to keep.

Does iTunes still exist?

Yes, though its functionalities have been integrated into Apple's Music, TV, and Podcasts apps.

What is iTunes?

A media player and marketplace for buying digital content.

Does Apple Music offer high-quality audio?

Yes, it offers high-quality streaming options.

Can I use iTunes gift cards for Apple Music?

Yes, iTunes gift cards can be used for Apple Music subscriptions.

Are there parental controls on iTunes?

Yes, iTunes offers parental control settings.

Can I import my iTunes library to Apple Music?

Yes, Apple Music integrates with your existing iTunes library.

Is iTunes available on non-Apple devices?

iTunes is available on some non-Apple platforms like Windows.

Can I still buy and download music from iTunes?

Yes, you can still purchase and download music from the iTunes Store.

Is there a difference in music selection between iTunes and Apple Music?

Apple Music offers a larger selection of streaming music, while iTunes has a vast catalog of purchasable content.

Can I share my iTunes purchases with family?

Yes, using Family Sharing, you can share purchases with family members.

How do I cancel my Apple Music subscription?

You can cancel through your account settings on your Apple device or iTunes.

Does Apple Music offer exclusive content?

Yes, it sometimes offers exclusive music, videos, and artist content.
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