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Champions League vs. Europa League: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 15, 2024
The Champions League is Europe's top-tier club football competition, while the Europa League is the secondary competition, featuring teams that don't qualify for the Champions League.

Key Differences

The Champions League is the premier European club football competition, featuring the top teams from European leagues. It's known for high levels of competition and prestige. The Europa League, while also a significant tournament, is considered a step below the Champions League in terms of prestige and features teams that did not qualify for the Champions League.
Teams qualify for the Champions League based on their performance in their domestic leagues, usually the top teams in each league. The Europa League primarily includes teams that finished just below the Champions League qualification spots in their domestic leagues, along with cup winners from each country.
Both the Champions League and the Europa League have group stages followed by knockout rounds. However, the Champions League typically features more elite teams, and its format is designed to showcase the highest level of club football. The Europa League has a larger and more diverse group of teams, reflecting a broader representation of European football.
The Champions League commands higher television rights, sponsorships, and prize money due to its elevated status and global appeal. The Europa League, while still lucrative, generates less revenue in comparison.
The Champions League attracts a massive global following, with finals often viewed by millions worldwide. The Europa League also has a significant audience but does not quite match the global impact and viewership of the Champions League.

Comparison Chart

Competition Level

Top-tier European club competition
Secondary European club competition

Team Selection

Top teams from domestic leagues
Teams finishing below Champions League spots

Format and Structure

Group stage followed by knockout rounds
Larger group stage, followed by knockout rounds

Financial Rewards

Higher revenue and prize money
Less revenue compared to the Champions League

Global Impact and Viewership

Very high, with massive global audience
Significant, but less than the Champions League

Champions League and Europa League Definitions

Champions League

The Champions League is a tournament of high prestige.
Lifting the Champions League trophy is a symbol of football excellence.

Europa League

Winning the Europa League is an important achievement.
Victory in the Europa League can elevate a club's status.

Champions League

The Champions League features top European clubs.
The Champions League brings together the continent's elite football clubs.

Europa League

The Europa League is a significant European football event.
The Europa League final is a highlight in the European football calendar.

Champions League

The Champions League is a major global football event.
Fans worldwide eagerly await the Champions League final.

Europa League

The Europa League is Europe's secondary club football tournament.
Teams compete in the Europa League for European glory and recognition.

Champions League

The Champions League is Europe's premier club football tournament.
Winning the Champions League is every European club's dream.

Europa League

The Europa League features a diverse range of European clubs.
The Europa League showcases a wide variety of European football styles.

Champions League

The Champions League showcases elite-level football.
The quality of play in the Champions League is unmatched.

Europa League

The Europa League is a competitive football platform.
The Europa League offers clubs a chance to prove themselves on a European stage.


Is the Champions League more prestigious than the Europa League?

Yes, it's considered more prestigious and elite.

How many teams compete in the Champions League?

The number varies, but typically around 32 teams enter the group stage.

What is the Champions League?

It's Europe's top-tier club football competition.

Can Europa League winners play in the Champions League?

Yes, the winners automatically qualify for the next season's Champions League.

How do teams qualify for the Europa League?

Teams qualify based on their domestic league performance and cup victories.

What is the format of the Europa League?

It has a group stage followed by knockout rounds.

Are the financial rewards different in these tournaments?

Yes, the Champions League offers higher financial rewards.

Do national league performances affect Europa League qualification?

Yes, teams qualify based on their national league standings.

What is the prize for winning the Champions League?

Apart from the trophy, it includes substantial prize money and prestige.

Does the Champions League have more viewership?

Yes, it generally attracts a larger global audience.

Can teams be in both tournaments in the same season?

Teams can transfer from the Champions League to the Europa League after the group stage.

How do fans view the Europa League?

It's highly regarded, though not as prestigious as the Champions League.

Is the Champions League older than the Europa League?

The Champions League, in its current format, began in 1992, evolving from the European Cup.

Can clubs from all European countries enter the Europa League?

Yes, clubs from UEFA member countries can qualify.

Is there a third European club tournament?

Yes, the UEFA Conference League, introduced as a third tier below the Europa League.

Are there play-offs in the Europa League?

Yes, there are play-offs before the group stage.

Which tournament has a wider range of teams?

The Europa League typically has a more diverse range of teams.

How does the Champions League impact a club's reputation?

Success in the Champions League significantly boosts a club's prestige.

Do Europa League games attract large audiences?

Yes, especially in later stages, it attracts significant viewership.

What is the significance of the Champions League anthem?

It's a symbol of elite European club football, played before each game.
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