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Difference Between Hotel and Resort


Main Difference

While you are on the move, away from home, you need to stay at the places like hotel and resort for the lodging and meal purposes. Both the places are quite the same when the main purpose is nothing more than lodging. But when we look deeply into both these terms, they are easily differentiable. The hotel is the place which provides facilities like accommodation and meals for the travelers or tourists, whereas the resort is the holiday or the recreational spot that provides much more than the lodging and meals. The resorts are super luxury and come up with facilities like gym, shopping centers, spa and much more.

Comparison Chart

Lodging and on-time meal purpose.It is linked with factors like relaxation and recreation, other than lodging.
WI-FI, in room service, and laundry services.Gym, spa facilities, and shopping centers.
Near the popular destinations like railway stations, airports, and markets.They are mainly situated in the picturesque surroundings like beach, mountains, and forests.

What is Hotel?

Hotels are the places where tourists or travelers used to book while on the move, away from home. The basic purpose of getting a hotel room book is to get lodging and the meal. Keeping in view, the comfort of the travelers, hotel administrations across the globe have tried their very best to provide the home-like atmosphere. The people with or without family opt the hotels when away from home to take a nap or sleep at night in the home. The tourist or traveler spend most of their time outside the hotel room as they are usually away from home due to the purposes like attending a function, a conference or meeting someone. People usually have a short-stay at hotels as they are mainly for the purpose of lodging and getting meals on time, while they are away from home. The modern hotels are up with the facilities like laundry, Wi-Fi, on room services and much more. In different parts of the world, hotel rooms are available as in categories like single, duplex room, master bed, single bed and many others. The hotels are available both at the center of the cities and on the side way at some historical or the tourist spot. Living up to the demand of the customer’s hotels nowadays are enormous buildings with hundreds of facilities on the go. But the thing which is made sure at all the hotels around the globe is that home-like atmosphere is given to the customer.


What is Resort?

The resorts is a super-luxury place that is situated in the huge area it comes up with all the facilities that grab the attention of tourists and visitors. People often book the resorts for the relaxation and recreation purposes. Therefore, the resorts are beyond the concept of just getting meals or looking for the place for lodging purpose. The entertainment and recreational factor is a must for the person who books resort other than just going to the hotel room. The resorts are situated near some natural and picturesque surrounding which made them a must go for the travelers looking for a place to have fun in vacations. The resorts are up with facilities like gym, spa, scuba diving, fishing boating and many others. There are several types of resorts mainly; one is the beach resort and the other island resorts. The classification of resorts is done according to the place they are situated. A misconception regarding the hotels and resort prevails in the minds of people due to the term ‘hotel resort’ people think that both are the similar places for the accommodation purpose. The ‘hotel resort’ is the term for the hotel situated within the resort. It will be pertinent to mention here that resort comprises of huge areas and they have various hotels, cinemas, shopping centers and other recreational sports situated within them.

Hotel vs. Resort

  • The hotel is the place mainly for lodging and on-time meal purpose. Contrary to this, the resort is a place which is linked with factors like relaxation and recreation other than just accommodation to their customers.
  • The hotel provides facilities like WI-FI, in room service, and laundry. On the other hand, resorts provide a gym, spa facilities other than the basic facilities like room service and others.
  • Mainly hotels are situated in the center of cities near the popular destinations like railway stations, airports, and markets. Conversely, resorts are mainly situated in the picturesque surroundings like beach, mountains, and forests.
  • People live in resorts for a longer time than in the hotels.
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