Difference Between Hobby and Interest


Main Difference

The main difference between the hobby and interest is that hobby is an activity that is done regularly for pleasure, particularly during one’s leisure time and interest is the desire or curiosity to learn about something or someone not only in spare time but in working hours too.

Hobby vs. Interest

A hobby is something that a person does for relaxation and enjoyment, and that is actively pursued. Interest is something that a person might be curious or concerned about and merely wish to know or learn. Hobbies do not have any monetary rewards. Interests of a person can be various and may lead to his generating an income or making a living out of it. Hobbies are usually done during free time or during times that a person does not have to work. Interests can be done during free time or while working too as in the case of having your interest as a source of your income. A hobby is an activity done regularly in leisure time for pleasure. It mainly includes playing sports, collecting items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, etc. The hobby involves an active pursuit of interest and action. Interest is a feeling to learn or know about something. If one has a strong interest in some subject, he or she may turn it into a hobby. But interest is not necessarily a hobby. Hobbies like stamp and flowers collecting may not be a source of income for a person, but at times the things collected can be sold as well. Hobbies often lead to discovery and invention. Interests may be a source of income or maybe a thing done without compensation. If a person is interested in cooking or likes to create dishes, he can either cook at home or he can make it a source of income by becoming a chef.


Comparison Chart

something that a person does for relaxation and enjoyment and that is actively pursuedsomething that a person is curious or concerned about and wish to know or learn
Active Pursuit
Pursued activelyNot actively pursued
Driven by an interestNot necessarily lead to a hobby
Pleasure and relaxationCuriosity and concern
Monetary Rewards
Do not haveMay have
Done in
Free and spare time onlyFree time or while working too

What is a Hobby?

Hobbies are the active pursuit of an interest that could involve collecting, cataloging, building, or creating something. It is a thing that you do when you are not working or studying. If someone is significantly interested in a particular hobby, then he is a hobbyist. In simple words, a hobby is an activity that you love doing in your spare time. It is a recreational pursuit. Hobbies can be direct but not necessarily associated with your profession. A person can gain a wealth of skills and knowledge through a hobby by engaging in it for a long period. Some hobbies have become less popular, and some new hobbies, like video gaming, surfing the internet have been created with the advent of technology. Hobbies need devotion; it is something that needs to be done systematically not occasionally. It is an action that one does on one’s own will not by the order or suggestion of someone else. If a person devotes his time into doing something that he loves, then that activity becomes a hobby. The hobby must be done systematically and not just once or occasionally. Hobbies are something sentimental that involves passionate feelings coupled with dedicated actions.



  • collecting stamps, sea-shells, coins
  • embroidery
  • fishing
  • gardening
  • car restoration, singing
  • hiking
  • reading, writing

What is Interest?

Interests are pursuits that do not evoke the same strong dedication that hobbies do. If a person is interested in something, it does not mean that he needs to pursue it actively. You want to do it sometimes or sometimes not, but you are just interested in the subject or thought of it. Interest is a broad term including hobbies but not all the interests are hobbies. Interests refer to things or activities about what you are curious or concerned. If a person is interested in some field or subject, he/she may not pursue it actively. Like a person who has a passing interest in music may listen to music, but does not necessarily learn to play a musical instrument or to sing. Also, interest does not inspire the same level of dedication that hobbies do. Interest has a larger scope which includes hobbies. Interest is the desire of a person whose concern, attention and curiosity are particularly engaged by something that involves, concerns, draws the attention of or arouses the curiosity of a person. An interest is something one feels good to do or something for which one has a positive feeling.


  • interest in poetry
  • watching games or seasons
  • singing
  • cooking

Key Differences

  1. A hobby is an activity that a person regularly does in his leisure time for pleasure whereas interest is an urge to want to learn more about something or to be involved in something.
  2. Hobbies inspire the dedication level conversely do interests do not inspire the same level of dedication.
  3. A hobby is an activity that one pursues pleasure and fun on the other hand interest is a broader area than this.
  4. A hobby is an activity done in one’s free time for enjoyment while interest is a desire to learn more about something or to be involved in something.
  5. Hobbies may be driven by interest on the flip side interest may not necessarily lead to a hobby.
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