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Primary Difference

Wrestling may not be a traditional sport but has a big audience and is watched by people all over the world on television screens. This is a relatively new entry in the entertainment market and has become one of the most watched shows. It did start as a sport but then quickly turned into reality drama based on the feedback from the people who wanted to watch their favorite players and some added drama in between the fights which used to build up the main event with the help of short directed scripts based on discussion between the wrestlers. World Wrestling Entertainment and World Wrestling Federation are two terms associated with this industry and usually, create confusions about them within people. To end this confusion this article will be useful in many ways. There are not many differences between the two since both are the same forms of wrestling in which two people or groups participate in a battle with each other and in the end the winner is decided when one of them cannot stand up on the count of three. The main difference is the name itself with WWE and WWF both standing as World Wrestling Entertainment and World Wrestling Federation respectively. The main reason for this change was the court case filed by the WWF (World Wild Fund) with the point that the wrestling is using their name and creating confusions among the people. Since World Wild Fund was originated long before the World Wrestling Federation they had the strong case which they won at the end and World Wrestling Federation had to change their name to World Wrestling Entertainment. So the main difference is that that WWF was the first name of the wrestling industry and WWE was the new name. The WWF was originated in 1998 and then stayed the same name until 2002. After that year the name was changed to WWE. Another reason argued by some people is that there were many complaints of violence and racism along with harassment so the company decided it will be a good decision to make the name change in order to show that the industry exists just for the sake of entertainment of people and therefore introduced acts like dramas and skits in between to develop interest in this industry as a reality television show. There are other ways of showing the difference as well but a brief explanation of both these types of wrestling game will be given in the next two paragraphs while differences, in a nutshell, will be given at the end of this article to clarify how they differ.

Comparison Chart

ExplanationIn 2002, World Wrestling Federation decided to change their name as World Wrestling EntertainmentThe main idea of this game was originated by the Spartans of the roman era and therefore the sport was initially named as Titan Sports
Full NameWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWorld Wrestling Federation
Period2002 – Present1998 to 2002
FocusFocuses more on the full entertainment package including wrestling and other activities.focused just on the wrestling area

Definition of WWF

The main idea of this game was originated by the Spartans of the roman era and therefore the sport was initially named as Titan Sports with the name of the same company. In 1998 though the name was changed to World Wrestling Federation to give it a more professional look and make it suitable for people to view on the television. In 1999 it made its first appearance on the terrestrial television and the first program was called the SmackDown. Before this, it was only played in different parts of the United States and had a very big audience who turned up to view this sport. The reason to bring it on TV was, therefore, successful. It did have a rival in WCW and even ECW but the company bought both these to end the competition and also to expand their business at a high level. In 2000 the World Wide Fund for Nature lodged a complaint that the company is using their acronyms to expand themselves and is harming their aim of saving animals by promoting violence and therefore the name WWF had to be changed.


Definition of WWE

In 2002, World Wrestling Federation decided to change their name as World Wrestling Entertainment and overnight the name of the website and the company was changed due to the pending court case by WWF Nature. Although the ruling was full of disputes they decided to change the name in order to protect the brand which was gaining popularity all over the world. Another reason for changing the name was that some of the people had blamed them for promoting violence and there were also some cases pending in the court regarding sex harassment and other similar ones, they were of the view that adding the world entertainment will make sure that people change their view and see this as a source of entertainment for everyone. In 2011 the WWE corporate announced that they would stop using the name World Wrestling Entertainment and will only be called as WWE so that they can focus more on obtaining different industries and also make sure people don’t just focus on wrestling. They introduced their own network with 24 hours streaming and obtained different companies in relation to the expansion.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. World Wrestling Federation is the full name of WWF while World Wrestling Entertainment is the full name of WWE.
  2. World Wrestling Federation ran from 1998 to 2002 while World Wrestling Entertainment was taken as a name in 2002.
  3. World Wrestling Federation had to change the name because of the conflict with World Wide Fund for Nature.
  4. World Wrestling Federation focused just on the wrestling area while World Wrestling Entertainment focuses more on the full entertainment package including wrestling and other activities.
  5. World Wrestling Entertainment was abandoned as a name and was taken over by WWE only.
  6. World Wrestling Federation was known as a long form of WWF.


There are many terms in sports which we get confused because they mean similar but in reality are very different from each other. WWE and WWF Weather are two such terms which have been explained in this article in detail so that people are able to get a good idea about what are the main differences between them and how they are used.

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