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WWE vs. WWF: What's the Difference?

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WWE is "World Wrestling Entertainment," the current name for the professional wrestling organization, while WWF was its previous name, "World Wrestling Federation."

Key Differences

WWE, standing for World Wrestling Entertainment, is the modern branding and name for the professional wrestling organization formerly known as the WWF, World Wrestling Federation.
The rebranding from WWF to WWE occurred in 2002 following a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund, which also uses the abbreviation "WWF."
While both WWE and WWF represent the same wrestling entity across different time periods, WWF is often nostalgically associated with the wrestling of the 80s and 90s. WWE, on the other hand, reflects the evolution of the brand into the 21st century.
Wrestlers, events, and moments from the WWF era are frequently celebrated and remembered by long-time fans, but new and contemporary stories are crafted under the WWE banner.
Marketing, merchandise, and digital presence have changed in the transition from WWF to WWE, with WWE embracing newer media platforms and expanding its global reach.

Comparison Chart

Full Name

World Wrestling Entertainment
World Wrestling Federation

Time Period


Lawsuit Related

Changed name due to lawsuit
Name used until lawsuit by World Wildlife Fund

Era Association

Modern professional wrestling
Classic wrestling mostly from the 80s and 90s

Brand Evolution

Embraces digital platforms and global expansion
Predominantly TV-focused with limited global reach

WWE and WWF Definitions


WWE is a professional wrestling organization.
Many aspiring wrestlers dream of joining the WWE.


WWF faced a lawsuit over its name.
The WWF had to change its branding after a legal dispute with the World Wildlife Fund.


WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.
The WWE Network offers access to a vast collection of wrestling content.


WWF was a professional wrestling federation.
During the '90s, the WWF was immensely popular worldwide.


WWE evolved from the WWF in 2002.
The rebranding signified a new era in WWE history.


WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation.
The WWF era is fondly remembered by many wrestling enthusiasts.


WWE produces regular weekly shows and pay-per-views.
She bought tickets to the next WWE SmackDown event.


WWF had its own iconic events and shows.
The WWF Royal Rumble was an annual highlight for fans.


WWE has its own digital streaming service.
Fans can watch past and live events on the WWE Network.


WWF was the predecessor to WWE.
Before there was WWE, there was the iconic WWF.


Why did WWF change to WWE?

WWF changed its name to WWE due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund over the "WWF" abbreviation.

Were the same wrestlers in WWF also in WWE?

Yes, many wrestlers from the WWF era continued wrestling into the WWE era.

Which is more popular, WWE or WWF?

Both had their peak moments, but WWE has a more global and digital presence due to technological advancements.

How can I watch old WWF matches?

Old WWF matches are available on the WWE Network streaming service.

Which name do older wrestling fans prefer?

Many long-time fans have nostalgic feelings for the WWF era but opinions vary.

What does WWE stand for?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Is WWF still in operation?

No, WWF rebranded to WWE in 2002 and operates under that name now.

Does WWE acknowledge its history as WWF?

Yes, WWE often celebrates and references its history from the WWF era.

What are some famous events from the WWF era?

WWF had many iconic events like WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and the Royal Rumble.

Were the same championships used in both WWF and WWE?

While some titles have lineage through both eras, there have been new championships introduced and some old ones retired.

Was WWF popular worldwide?

Yes, during its time, WWF was popular both in the United States and internationally.

Is the wrestling style different between WWF and WWE?

While the core of professional wrestling remains, WWE has seen various stylistic and thematic evolutions from the WWF era.

How long did the WWF exist before becoming WWE?

WWF existed under that name from 1979 to 2002 before transitioning to WWE.

Are WWF and World Wildlife Fund the same?

No, WWF for wrestling stands for World Wrestling Federation, while the World Wildlife Fund is an environmental conservation organization.

Who were some top stars in WWF?

WWF had numerous stars like Hulk Hogan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and The Rock.

Can I buy WWF merchandise?

While original WWF merchandise might be rare, WWE often releases retro-themed items celebrating the WWF era.

What triggered the WWF to WWE name change?

A lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund over the "WWF" abbreviation led to the rebranding.

Did the logo change from WWF to WWE?

Yes, the logo evolved with the rebranding from WWF to WWE.

Is WWE the same company as WWF?

Yes, WWE is the rebranded name for the company previously known as WWF.
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