Difference Between Lenin and Stalin


Main Difference

The predominant between Lenin and Stalin is that Lenin allowed some personal enterprise whereas Stalin created a command financial system.

Comparison Chart

Russian communist revolutionary chief who served as head of the federal authorities than USSR from 1917 to 1924Soviet Union chief all through 1928 to until his dying in 1953
Chief Goal
Overthrow the provisional authoritiesMove the Soviet Union into a up to date industrialized nation
Standard of Living
Standard of residing rises for works and peasantsStandard of residing falls for workers and peasants
Introduced communismSpread communism
Life Under Both
Word World I to Rev 1917 and Civil War, famine, cheka, of us made good sacrificesCensorship, eradicated all opponents, secret police, propaganda used to handle the parents
Complete Name
Vladimir LeninJoseph Stalin
Bolshevik Revolution
Political Theory
Russian EmpireSoviet Union, Georgian
Political Party
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, Russian Communist PartyCommunist Party of the Soviet Union
Nor atheist nor critic of religionAtheism, earlier Georgian Orthodox

What is Lenin?

Lenin, full title Vladimir Lenin, was a Russian communist revolutionary chief who served as head of the federal authorities than USSR from 1917 to 1924. He was the first head of presidency of Russia who formed a one-party communist state by the title of Russian Communist Party. Lenin was influenced by the political thought of Karl Marx. Along with Marxism and his insurance coverage insurance policies, he primarily based a model new political thought Leninism. Leninism incorporates socialist political and monetary theories. Lenin born to a wealthy middle-class family and embraced revolutionary socialist politics following his brother’s execution in 1987. His authorities was led by the Bolsheviks which were shortly renamed as Communist Party. His chief targets have been to overthrow the provisional authorities. According to some historians, the same old of residing rises for works and peasants. His religion beliefs have been light. He was neither atheist nor critic of religion. His interval of presidency was from 1917 to 1924.


What is Stalin?

Stalin, the entire title Joseph Stalin, was the Soviet Union chief all through 1928 to until his dying in 1953. His political occupation was appropriately started from holding the put up of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and was the extremely efficient dictator of the Russian State. After the dying of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin managed to consolidate vitality by bypassing some ideologies of Lenin and rising the options of his place and eliminating all type of opposition. His attitudes within the course of his opponents have been very harsh. Under his regime, the concept of Socialism in One Country grew to change into a central tenet of Soviet society. He commonly modified the financial system protection system launched by the Lenin with a extraordinarily centralized financial system. Stalin in Russia first launched the concept of collectivization and industrialization. The predominant goal of Stalin was to maneuver the Soviet Union into trendy industrialization nation. According to some historians, the same old of residing falls for workers and peasants.

Key Differences

  1. The rights of girls weren’t equal throughout the interval of Lenin, nonetheless, Stalin in his interval mad the rights of girls nearly equal.
  2. Lenin created a socialist financial system with conditions of monumental firms solely managed by the federal authorities. Stalin tried to assemble an industrial powerhouse forgetting regarding the major needs of the parents.
  3. Lenin redistributed the land whereas Stalin took land and launched collectivization.
  4. Lenin created an inside security energy to assemble intelligence and arrest opponents whereas Stalin used terror to annihilate event opponents.
  5. Lenin sought a gradual transition to a command financial system whereas Stalin pursued a three-part monetary revolution.
  6. Stalin could not proceed the progress path launched by Lenin by means of life-style. The interval of Lenin was increased in bettering the same old of residing.
  7. Lenin was further of a socialist dictator, and his ideology was further socialist than Stalin who was the chief of the communist event.
  8. Lenin was the founding father of america whereas Stalin dominated over the readymade system.
  9. Lenin was further liberal than Stalin who allowed some of us in enterprise to have their personal enterprise.
  10. In Lenin interval, farmers have been allowed to have their lands whereas Stalin compelled farmers to work on state farms.
  11. Lenin was a revolutionary chief whereas Stalin was further of a politician.
  12. Lenin insurance coverage insurance policies and attitudes within the course of his opponents have been trustworthy to some extent whereas Stalin had merely crushed the opponents of his event.
  13. Lenin adopted the Marxism as political thought and carried forward it as Leninism. Stalin’s insurance coverage insurance policies and ideology primarily based totally on totalitarianism, centralization and the pursuit of communism.
  14. Lenin was a laws graduate. The tutorial background of Stalin should not be clear; nonetheless, he purchased admission in Tiflis Orthodox Theological Seminary.
  15. Lenin was born in a wealthy middle-class family whereas Stalin was the son of a poor cobbler.
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