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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on November 16, 2023
Hard Skills: Specific, teachable abilities. Soft Skills: Interpersonal qualities and behaviors.

Key Differences

Hard Skills are quantifiable and teachable abilities. Soft Skills encompass personal traits and interpersonal skills.
Hard Skills include technical knowledge. Soft Skills involve emotional intelligence and people skills.
Hard Skills are often job-specific. Soft Skills are universally applicable across various fields.
Hard Skills can be certified or measured. Soft Skills are more subjective and harder to quantify.
Hard Skills are acquired through formal education. Soft Skills are developed through experiences and interactions.

Comparison Chart


Teachable, measurable
Interpersonal, subjective


Coding, machine operation
Communication, leadership


Through education, training
Through experiences, interactions


Certifiable, quantifiable
Harder to quantify


Universally applicable

Hard Skills and Soft Skills Definitions

Hard Skills

Teachable proficiencies.
She enhanced her hard skills in data analysis through training.

Soft Skills

People skills.
Effective leadership is one of the key soft skills.

Hard Skills

Job-specific competencies.
Hard skills like coding are essential for software developers.

Soft Skills

Personal traits.
Adaptability, a soft skill, helped her succeed in diverse environments.

Hard Skills

Technical abilities.
Her hard skills in graphic design impressed the interviewers.

Soft Skills

Interpersonal attributes.
His soft skills in communication made him an excellent manager.

Hard Skills

Measurable qualifications.
His hard skills in accounting were backed by certifications.

Soft Skills

Emotional intelligence.
Her soft skills helped resolve conflicts at work.

Hard Skills

Certified expertise.
Hard skills often require formal certification.

Soft Skills

Behavioral competencies.
Soft skills in teamwork are crucial for collaboration.


What are hard skills?

Specific, teachable abilities or knowledge.

Are soft skills quantifiable?

They're more subjective and harder to quantify.

Where are hard skills acquired?

Through formal education and training.

Can hard skills be certified?

Often, through exams or practical tests.

Do employers value soft skills?

Yes, they're crucial for teamwork and leadership.

Is empathy a soft skill?

Yes, it's part of emotional intelligence.

What are soft skills?

Interpersonal qualities and behaviors.

Can hard skills be easily measured?

Yes, they are often quantifiable.

Is coding a hard skill?

Yes, it's a technical, teachable skill.

How are soft skills developed?

Through experiences and social interactions.

Are hard skills important for job applications?

Yes, they're often essential for specific roles.

How can one improve soft skills?

By practicing empathy, communication, and adaptability.

Do hard skills change with technology?

Yes, they often evolve with technological advancements.

Can soft skills lead to better teamwork?

Yes, they're crucial for effective collaboration.

Are soft skills universal across jobs?

Generally, as they relate to human interaction and behavior.

Are soft skills timeless?

Largely, as they relate to human interaction.

Is proficiency in a foreign language a hard skill?

Yes, it's a specific, learnable ability.

How do soft skills impact leadership?

They're essential for effective, empathetic leadership.

Do hard skills require constant updating?

Often, to stay relevant in one's field.

Do industries vary in hard skill requirements?

Yes, each industry has its specific skill needs.
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