Difference Between Gorgeous and Beautiful


Main Difference

The main difference between the adjectives gorgeous and Beautiful is that Gorgeous means very beautiful or attractive to sight and beautiful means pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Gorgeous vs. Beautiful

The adjective gorgeous emphasizes the strikingly attractive, wonderful, and delightful feeling regarding someone. The adjective Beautiful is used to describe someone or something aesthetically pleasing. The difference between gorgeous and beautiful lies mainly in the degree of beauty. Gorgeous is more complimentary than beautiful. Gorgeous deals only with the physical attribute, meaning the good looking aspects. Beautiful means that a person or item can please the mind, senses, and the eyes too. Gorgeous refers to something or someone who is strikingly stunning, good-looking, or wonderful from the outside. Gorgeousness is, particularly about physical attributes. However, the person who is called as beautiful is often based on some combination of inner beauty, including psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, grace, charm, and elegance. Hence, a person is beautiful inside out. The meaning of gorgeous is very beautiful or attractive. Beautiful is mostly associated with the beauty of women, not men. Gorgeous is almost used to describe the people, the physical features of people, or objects. Beautiful is used to describe places, people, objects, and phenomena. Gorgeous means are delightful or excellent in informal English. Beautiful refers to the status or standard of something, in Standard English. The word Gorgeous etymologically relates to showiness, delightfulness, fashion, splendor, elegance, and physical attributes. The word beautiful etymologically relates to goodness, generosity, courtesy, seductiveness, and physical attractiveness. Gorgeous means possessing such elements that are pleasing to the eye. Beautiful means to possess beauty qualities with aesthetic pleasure to the soul, senses, and mind.


Comparison Chart

Very beautiful or attractive to the sightAppealing to the senses or mind aesthetically
Associated with
Men and womenwomen
Outer beautyOuter as well as inner beauty
etymologically related to splendor, elegance, fashionetymologically related to physical attractiveness, goodness, and courtesy
good-looking, charismatic, winning, arresting, bewitching, stunning, striking, pretty, irresistible, beguiling, handsomeglamorous, attractive, astonishing, lovely, gorgeous, pleasing, alluring, delightful, engaging, appealing, winsome
Appeals the sightappeals aesthetically

What is Gorgeous?

Gorgeous is an adjective that means very attractive and beautiful. It is usually used to describe the physical attributes of a person or a thing. Gorgeous may mean the beauty that surpasses beautiful. Dictionaries define gorgeous as “dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent. The synonyms for gorgeous are, good-looking, charismatic, winning, arresting, bewitching, stunning, striking, pretty, irresistible, beguiling, and handsome. The word Gorgeous may also be taken in a sarcastic or exaggerated point of view. It gives the message of anyone being amazingly attractive in all perspectives. Gorgeous is more reflective than beautiful and only relates to the outer appearance of an individual. This adjective describes something or someone very attractive, good-looking, striking, or stunning to the eye. The weather, A color, or photo could be gorgeous too, meaning it’s pleasant and enjoyable. Gorgeous can also be the same as excellent, wonderful, or delightful In informal English. For example, It was a gorgeous summer vacation. Gorgeous may also be used to describe a delightful feeling usually regarding or towards a being, to describe the physical features of people, places, and objects. One thing is noted that gorgeous focuses on the physical attributes only.



  • Her sister is gorgeous.
  • The color combination of your dress is gorgeous.
  • He has a gorgeous voice; why doesn’t he become a singer?

What is Beautiful?

Anything with the qualities that delight or appeal to the senses is termed as beautiful. This adjective beautiful is used to describe people, places, and objects. Beautiful qualifies the outer as well as the inner beauty of a being. The outer beauty comprises of the physical factors, such as health, youth, symmetry, averageness, and complexion. Beautiful is synonymous with terms such as glamorous, attractive, astonishing, lovely, gorgeous, pleasing, alluring, delightful, engaging, appealing, heavenly, and winsome. Moreover, The adjective beautiful can also be used for both living and non-living things. Beautiful is mostly used to express the beauty of scenarios, like for describing the natural beauty, beautiful sunset/sunrise, etc. The word Beautiful is used to describe places, objects, people, or phenomena. As the word beautiful not only refer to the outer beauty or physical attraction, but also something pleasing to the mind and senses, so this is used to refer to something, someone, place, or an aesthetically appealing idea. The adjective beautiful is used on women more often. A woman may be beautiful based on her character, and the way she interacts with people and they will say she is beautiful and that she has a beautiful heart. Also, Beautiful is sometimes also used to refer to the standard or quality referring to them as excellent.


  • They have a beautiful garden in their house.
  • Your little one daughter is very beautiful.
  • Yesterday, I read a beautiful poem.
  • Her beautiful, emerald eyes never noticed me.
  • The sunset is always beautiful.

Key Difference

  1. The adjective gorgeous describes someone who is strikingly splendid, fashionable, sumptuous, or magnificent in appearance, whereas the adjective Beautiful indicates an extremely attractive face.
  2. The adjective gorgeous gives the message of anyone being amazingly attractive in all perspectives, while the adjective beautiful suggest nobility and elegance, apart from attractive physical appearance.
  3. Gorgeous only relates to the outer appearance of an individual. On the other hand, beautifully reflects the inner as well as outer beauty.
  4. Beautiful means something pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically on the flip side gorgeous means something that pleases the sight only.
  5. Beautiful is associated mainly with the women conversely Gorgeous is used to describe both men and women.


Beautiful and gorgeous are the adjectives used to appreciate the physical appearance of someone or something. They are interchangeable terms, But both are different from each other in the degree of their beauty and their usage.

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