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Golden Globes vs. Oscars

Golden Globes are the special performance and honor-based awards given to the film (Cinema) industry and Television industry. These include both domestic and foreign workers in the field of TV industry and film. Oscars are also known as Academy Awards; these are the most prestigious performance-based awards which are given in 24 different categories on an annual basis to appreciate their work in cinema and film. It only counts the work for the films and cinema.

Key Differences

Golden Globes are the showbiz performance awards given to the outstanding performers in the film and television industries both. On the other hand, the Oscars or Academy Awards are the words most precious film industry awards.
Golden Globes are usually awarded to the American film and television industry but also include international work too. Oscars are given globally, but the priority is the American film industry.
Golden Globes include the film and television industries both. On the flip side, Oscars are for the only film industry.

Comparison Chart

Awarded For

Excellence in Television and Film both
Excellence in Cinematic successes


United States
United States


Film and TV both
Only Film (Cinema)

Presented By

Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science

First Awarded

January 20, 1944
May 16, 1929
Samantha Walker
Aug 29, 2017

Golden Globes and Oscars Definitions


Plural of oscar

What are Golden Globes?

Golden Globes are the showbiz performance-based awards given to the outstanding performers in recognition of their excellence in the film industry and as well as in the TV industry. Golden Globes are worlds one of the most famous and most desirable awards as they are given for the last 73 years and possess a great honor historically.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association gives these awards. It includes stuff from all around the world, but mostly preference is given to the Hollywood film and TV industry. Hollywood Foreign Press Association was established in 1943 by a group of creative writers, who came across the idea of Golden Globe awards.

The first-ever Golden Globe Awards were held in the United States on January 20, 1944. Currently, there are 93 jury members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who nominates the performers in a variety of categories. The Golden Globe award ceremony is live telecasted all around the world in more than 167 countries.

What are the Oscars?

The Academy Awards, more famous as the Oscars are the merit awards given to the excellent performers in the film industry. The awards are given among twenty-four different technical and artistic categories. Although it includes a wide proportion of the American Film Industry (Hollywood), the best work regarding films all around the world is considered and appreciated.

These awards are given annually by the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). Oscars are considered the world’s number one and most precious awards as they are the oldest ones and are followed up the great elegant history.

The very first Academy Award was presented on May 16, 1929, Whereas the very first official live broadcast of the awards was in 1930 on the radio. For the first time on TV, the awards were broadcasted in 1953. At the present time, these awards are broadcasted live and are seen in more than 200 countries of the world.

The winner of the award is given a copy of the golden statuette which is commonly known as the Oscar. The official name of the trophy is ‘Academy Award of Merit.’ Up till now, almost 3,048 Oscars are awarded from its beginning.

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